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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

~Pictures of the Outside of My Home~

Hello blogging friends!
Yes, it's finally Indian summer here in Western Pa and it's about time...so far no snow for us:)

I've been waiting for the sun to come out so that I could take pictures of the outside of my home. No cornstalks or hay bales this year, Stush's truck was broke down so couldn't haul any home from the farm he gets them from and I told him never mind... I'll survive without them this year! So I did the best that I could and I'm happy!
This is our home an 80's long ranch, I would have did some things different if I had built it with him but that wasn't meant to be so I'm thankful for how it is now! With my camera I couldn't get a close up of the whole place there are two bedrooms to the right that I couldn't fit in. Stush put window boxes up for me a couple springs ago:)
This is a closer look at one...the orange looks great against the brown brick and don't pay attention to me there with my bathrobe on, good thing we don't have close neighbors I'm sure they would think I was crazy unless she was a prim lover too:)

For the newbies on my blog...Stush built this for me to have them put the newspapers instead of the green plastic that was there. The stars are really getting rusty aren't they?

I found this nice sized rusty tin pumpkin at GW for maybe .59 and hung it by the garage door.

Yes, summer is officially over, the boat is out of the dock, so sad especially after such a nasty summer, we didn't get much use of it this year hopefully next summer will be better! This is also a picture of the beginning of the driveway...

and this is the very beginning of the road to get to the driveway:) We are up in the wooded area and own two acres of it...I love it here, it's beautiful in any season!

I hope everyone is having wonderful fall weather today, I work 2 to 7:30 but that's okay I enjoy it!
Sunday Michele and I are going to a craft show at the Washington County Fair Grounds...Michele said the first day it was so crowded you couldn't move so hopefully it will have thinned out by this Sunday:) I'll be sure to show you my prim finds!


  1. Hi Rondell!....I enjoyed seeing pics of your home, it's lovely!....I would LOVE to own a two acre wooded lot, that's actually our dream we are working towards....I can't stand living in this subdivision because the houses are only twenty feet apart, UGH!

    I especially like the display you have at the beginning of your driveway with the bittersweet sign, it's very cute!

    Have a great day at work!


  2. It looks just wonderful! I guess racking leaves can be a little time consuming. We have enough on just our one acre! But doesn't it just look magnificent in the fall!

  3. Everything looks great, Rondell! I also want to thank you for your words of encouragement during my rought time. I am feeling some better and hope to be back to my old self soon.
    Have a great week!

  4. Your home is lovely and I love the paper box with the rusty stars:) Have fun at the craft show!

  5. Hey Rondell:) Your home is absolutely adorable with your personal touches surrounding it. I love your blog. You've got Primitive skillz gal:) Hey, my Halloween surprise box arrived and I've posted pics on my blog. C'mon over see all the excellent goodies Teresa so generously gifted me with. Carol

  6. Rondell............Your house and surrounding areas are very pretty and inviting. I'll have to show my husband that big boat.........he will be drooling! His little fishing boat can be the life boat for yours!

  7. You have beautiful property and a beautiful home!!!...All your Fall touches are perfect..I especially like how you decorated around your mailbox!~~Enjoy your autumn day!!!~~hugs,Jen

  8. What a lovely country home, Rondell! I like the dark trim around your windows. And, that woodland setting! So beautiful! One can tell how much time, love and creativity your put into decorating it.

  9. You have such a nice home and such beautiful surroundings. I'm sure it is perfect at any season! Especially fall :)
    Love the color of your door with the brick and nice flower boxes!
    It is beautiful here in Central Pa...enjoying every minute of it!

    Have a great Fall day!

  10. Love your house!! So cute! And you have a boat!!! OMG! Weather here beautiful also-- 2 nor'easters back to back was something, yes? What a weekend!

  11. Everything looks so nice. You are ready for fall. I just love the wooden house for the newspaper. That looks great!!

  12. Rondell, I love your home and surrounding area.
    You have it 'sitting pretty' and prim.
    Enjoy your day at the craft fair!
    Best wishes

  13. Everything looks perfectly prim and ready for fall, Rondell. I'm glad you're enjoying some temperate weather this week. Winter has been in the air here in Maine. Yikes!

  14. I love your home! And the fall decorations look amazing against the brick!
    I can just see your acreage covered with snow...Sorry, I'm rushing it!

  15. Fun decorations, Rondell! The weather looks absolutely gorgeous.
    Have a great day! :)

  16. Rondell, everything looks so pretty and fallish!!


  17. I love your yard Rondell, looks so peaceful!

  18. Everything is so pretty at your home! Love those window boxes and your mailbox!

  19. Rondell,
    Everything looks so nice. Taking advantage of this weather and going outside in your bathrobe!!!!Enjoy the weather.


  20. What a wonderful home you have. Your fall decorating looks great. Glad you are enjoying your autumn days!

  21. Love the pics of your home...it is very pretty where you live!!
    Hope you have fun at the craft show!!

  22. your home is beautiful..I have one of those tiller like things too in my front yard...yeah my neighbors are used to seeing me in my pajamas..I am always in them if I am at home..;) have a great rest of your week..;)

  23. Your outside is as pretty as your inside Rondell. Thanks for sharing. We are having fabulous weather here in Northeastern Ohio as well. I'm lovin it!
    Enjoy your week,

  24. Loved all the pictures. Thanks for sharing .
    Cute bathrobe...lol!

  25. Your home is beautiful Rondell, I love the paper box Stush made. Have fun at your craft show.
    Jen :)

  26. Your home look so inviting and warm! You look ready to welcome fall with open arms... I really hope the snow stays in the cloud sfor now:)
    Stush made you a prize to keep your papers dry!

  27. I love your outdoor decor Rondell! Your property is just gorgeous!
    There is no way I could go out in my bathrobe. We have old bachelors that live on both sides of us! lol!
    That newspaper box Stush made is awesome, and the rusty stars are perfect!
    Enjoy the indian summer days! I sure am!

  28. You have such a beautiful property!!! I think your house looks wonderful even though no corn stalks or hay bales. I really like the newspaper box and bittersweet sign.


  29. Hi Rondell,

    Love the brick exterior of your home. What a nice guy Stush is to already have a nice big home for you to move into when you got married. Love the fall decor too! So warm and inviting.

    Does the boat go into storage or get moved for the winter?

    You look fine in your jammies - no explanation needed - we bloggers totally get it! LOL

  30. what a beautiful home you have Rondell! love the way youve decorated it with love!

    krissie at winterwood

  31. Oh how beautiful, Rondell!
    Beautiful home and location!
    Looks so peaceful :)

  32. I love your place.A wonderful memory of my staying in Pennsylvania last Summer.hugs

  33. Great pics and great decorations! Your corner of the world looks restful.


  34. Your home is lovely!!! All the pretty colors and the picture of the gorgeous tree in the later post - so very pretty. You are right-they do seem to turn overnight. And that big AWESOME boat - well, it is gorgeous to - my hubby would LOVE that. Right now, our lil' basstracker will have to do -hehe. Happy Fall! Cathy


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