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Monday, October 12, 2009

~Tweaking Again, Pinkalicious & 1st Hockey Game~

Hi blogging friends!
I hope your Monday is being a good one, mine is, I'm off from everything soooo I'm doing laundry...all the bedding and blankets because it's quite chilly here in Western Pa. we had a frost warning last night but when I got up this morning I didn't see any...it will be here soon enough though! I see that Denver Colorado got some snow, Michael will be going there to visit friends and to go to the Steeler game so I hope it's nicer weather there that weekend.

I wanted to show you the top of my fridge, I know you have seen it before but not with this fabric that Lisa from Blacksheep Prims sent me, I had admired it and so she surprised me with two and said she was leaving it up to me to stitch the date on like hers or not...so I did and I love it! It looks so primitive there, thanks again Lisa:) This is in my entryway, I love white pumpkins!
I also bought another battery candle light, I just love them, I buy one everytime I go to The Country Store and I hope to get enough to help with the Christmas decorating around here. So far I have four!

Sunday I went with Michele and the girls to see a play called Pinkalicious Sydney and Samantha never moved the whole show they were so interested in it, they have the book and Michele says it's about worn out and that she knows it off by heart! A cute play!

You can see how crowded it was with mom's, little girls and Grammy's:)

Now last Wednesday I went to my first Penguin hockey game and I so loved it! My daughter, hubby and Sydney went plus Uncle Chris, Stush and I.
It was also Sydney's first time there too, she was so excited as you can tell by the pics!

This picture is right before it started and I love the music they play for the opening of the game!

Here she has the tickets!

Grammy and Sydney!

We caught the mascot as he was going to the elevator and he stopped to take a picture with Syd. Of course we didn't want that man in there but what are you going to do,LOL

Well, I'll be back for WWW... tomorrow I work then not again till Saturday, I'll be working more starting the beginning of November, hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next month. Yikes!!!


  1. What a great time it looks like you guys had.
    The picture of Sydney and the mascot is too cute-I would be photoshopping that guy out and enlarging the photo, it's adorable Rondell!

    Have a great week!


  2. Hi Rondell!....the top of your fridge looks prim perfect!....and I love white pumpkins too!


  3. Looks like you've been having lots of fun lately. I love to go to children's plays with my grandchildren, it's just the best. Keep warm and keep your fingers crossed that snow doesn't come for a little while longer! Have a great week, Dawn

  4. Hi Rondell, everything looks beautiful, love the fridge top! Sydney is so cute, specially with the " GREEN COOKIE MONSTER????"" What IS that mascot, LOL?!!!!!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun with the play - I can't wait to do that will Lili! And that picture with the hockey msacot is swo sweet Rondell! If you email me the picture, I can crop it and get rid of thaty guy and sent it back to you. Won't take but a minute!!

    Love the tweaking as well.

  6. The top of your fridge looks great. I can't have too much up there b/c DH has to move it when he needs his popcorn popper. I'm like you--love the battery candles and white pumpkins. Everything looks so nice. Glad you have had such fun with your family. Take care!!

  7. I Love white pumpkins Too!! Your new candle looks so nice .
    Glad you got a day at home to catch up on "life's chores" but looks like you have been really having alot of fun with the grand children. :)

  8. My daughter LOVES the Penguins. She keeps saying her future husband is going to be Crosby! I laugh at her all the time...Kim is 20 and her dream is to go to one of their games. What a day that was for you guys...Lisa

  9. I love hockey in Salt Lake City Utah we had a hockey team and loved going to the games..looks like you all had a great time..have a great week ahead..they also got snow in Idaho too..can't believe this early..makes me cold to the bone just thinking about it..going to go and light a fire...;)

  10. Hi Rondell,
    The top of your fridge looks great and I just love the battery candles that you've been getting.

    Looks like you all had fun at the game.

    We got some frost here in Ohio on Saturday night, but not a hard freeze just yet.


  11. Believe it or not I got several really nice white pumpkins from the Dollar Tree store and of course, they were just $1 each!

  12. Oh how I love the Pens! Too bad they didn't win that night, but I'm sure you had a great time anyway. We went to our first game a few weeks ago during preseason. It was interesting to see all the things that you don't see while watching on tv. I just found out that if you have a phone or an ipod that picks up the internet, you can connect while there in the "Igloo" and get different camera angles during the game. I wish I'd known that when we were there!

  13. Hi Rondell I am loving all your tweaking!! Your home is looking so wonderfully prim and inviting!! It looks like you all really love hockey and enjoy it together, which is wonderful!! Your granddaughters are so adorable!! Have a wonderful week!~hugs~

  14. White pumpkins are a favorite of mine too! The hockey game looked fun!!

  15. Hi Rondell!
    I love the top of your fridge, and your new candle. White pumpkins are my favorite too.
    I've never been to a pro hockey game, but we've gone over to the college and watched. Very exciting!
    That pic of Sydney with the green guy is great!

  16. Hey Rondell,
    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back in touch! Syd is growing so much!She is beautiful! I always love seeing pics of the ideas you come up with decorating. Especially your entryways. These are the hardest for me. I will be sharing a few pics in the next coming days of mine. Hope all is well your way and Have a blessed day!

  17. How nice of Lisa to do that for you. Like the fabric myself. It looks like you had a fun time on your adventures.

  18. Where do you find those candle lights, they are too cute? Everything looks good and cozy!


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