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Friday, October 9, 2009

~40th Class Reunion and Some Tweaking~

Hi everyone,
I've been gone I know just didn't feel good, then Wednesday came down with a sore throat...just run down I guess, I wasn't sick just no energy. I feel better today thank goodness !

Last Saturday I went to my 40th class reunion, yes, 1969 was a longggggggg time ago.LOL But I had so much fun and got to see classmates that I haven't seen in years, literally 40 years! This is the girl that I ran around with since 7th grade on, she lives in New Jersey and boy, it was so nice to finally see her again and everyone else. Wish we had had more time to talk:) Maybe in five years when we will be having our next and having it for two days that year:) That morning Michele and I tried another craft show we only had Samantha with us so we got to look but as far as craft show go it was terrible but I did manage to buy this cabinet for $15.00, it's actually lighter then what the picture shows. I'm painting it black of course.LOL
Here is a closer look I'm going to put a hanger on the back and hang it on the wall in the bedroom or bath, I think the black will look good on it!

Remember when I bought this picture with the Declaration of Independence from The Country Store? well, I hung it here above my PC and moved the flag one under the bowl rack, like it better:)

This is my entryway wall and those branches are old bittersweet, I hate to throw it away so I stuck it up there on my peg board:)

Got my paycheck today and of course The Country Store is on my way... so I stopped and only had about 15 minutes to look because I had to pick up Sam at preschool. I found this garland of bittersweet she had it laying on a table but I thought right away about my mantel and how it would lighten it up more. Love it and I'll have it for some years to come!

Here is another pic sorry it's blurry... I don't realize it until I post them but I think you get the idea:)

I'll be back, I have more pics to share, TGIF hey? I have Monday off from everything, LOL with nothing planned, Michele is off work so no kids to pick up or get on the bus and I can also sleep later. I work tomorrow 9 to 2:30 then nothing planned there either, I need a weekend of doing nothing:)


  1. I'm glad you had a great time at your class reunion, Rondell! I love the cupboard and that bittersweet garland looks perfect on your mantel.
    Enjoy a very relaxing weekend!

  2. I enjoyed my visit as usual...I absolutely love your home and goodies!!!...Enjoy your weekend and relax!!~~hugs,Jen

  3. wow 40 years!! and I wasn't looking to my 20 coming up next spring! LOL
    Love all your goodies! I love fall!

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better Rondell!....what a great pic you posted of you enjoying your reunion!....have a lovely weekend!


  5. Rondell, I love the cabinet you found and I know you'll make it even better but I must say something......
    You DO NOT look old enough to have a 40th reunion!!!!! Are you sure it wasn't your 20th????

  6. Glad you went to your reunion - wasn't it fun? You and your friend look like you are having a great time.
    Wow, what a wonderful cabinet.

  7. Hey Rondell, love that cabinet! A piece that could be used anywhere and in any colour! Just went to our 40th reunion, 3 weeks ago also. It was our first time.... fun, fascinating and.... made me fell very appreciative for everything that I have. Glad to see you had a great time at yours!

  8. Love, love, love your cupboard! Can't wait to see the transforamtion. Your bittersweet looks nice on your mantle.
    Glad you had a good time at your reunion.
    Have a relaxed weekend!

  9. Glad you're feeling better! Class reunions are fun - you ladies both looked very pretty in that photo! Also - love that cabinet you picked up - can't believe it was only $15!

  10. Glad you had fun at your reunion. My 40th was this month sometime. With hubby recuperating still...didn't go.
    I love that cupboard, and such a great price! Yep...black will look fantastic!
    The bittersweet looks great on the mantle too.
    Hope your throat feels better soon!

  11. The cupboard is wonderful! Sounds like you got the best thing there! Remember to show us "after" pics! All your decorating looks so nice!

  12. Love the things you purchased and love how you have it decorated.have a wonderful weekend..:)

  13. Now how can it be your 40th reunion when you don't even LOOK 40? Brush up on your math there, girl! lol!

    I LOVE that cabinet. $15 was a steal!

  14. OMG I also had my 40th class reunion
    Proud to be a member of the class
    of 1969. I had a blast at my reunion!!

    Pamela in NE Ohio

  15. How wonderful to have a friend for that many years ROndell! That is so cool!!

    That little cabinet is adorable! Black sounds like the perfect choice. And that bittersweet is some of the best faux I have ever seen!! Really nice. Don't you love the warmth it adds??!

    I am glad you are feeling better. Make sure to take care fo yourself!! You are on busy lady with work and the grands and life!!

  16. Love that little cupboard! Enjoy your weekend Rondell and get plenty of rest! You are always on the go!

  17. Love that cabinet, and what a great price! It will look great painted black, and go just about anywhere!
    The bittersweet looks great on your mantle!
    Have a great weekend.

    Prim Blessings,

  18. Love the little cupboard. It will look way good black. It is fun to see an old friend huh! I LOVE YOU BOWL RACK! ( lol and the pictures do look nice where you moved then too.) Get some relaxing time in this week end K? ♥

  19. Rondell............I really like that cupboard too. Isn't it amazing when you go to those reunions how many OLD people show up. They all turned into their parents, didn't they?

  20. I really like the cupboard you got and the price was great too Rondell! Black ~ PERFECT! Most of my furniture is black, which is usually the color that I think about when painting or buying.

    The bittersweet is beautiful! I wish I could find some. I only have a dinky bit. Hey, I guess that gives me reason enough to go shopping! :) Yeah!!!

    Have a great weekend and rest up. I know how it feels to finally get a day off, however, I usually spend it cleaning and redecorating stuff like crazy! Oh well, It is what I love to do.

    Old friends are great, I often think of different classmates from my class. We will be having our 15 year reunion next year. Looking forward to getting to go.

    Glad your feeling better and hope that it continues, I know it is no fun being sick. I totally hate when I am sick.

    Blessings and Perfect Prims,

  21. I love that garland, gotta love weekends when you can sleep in and enjoy the cozy home that you've worked hard to create.


  22. I love your new cabinet and your bittersweet garland. It adds just the right touch to your mantel.

    How fun to spend time with your high school friends and classmates! I hope your restful weekend is equally enjoyable. It sounds like you could use a little R&R...

  23. Well ya certainly don't look like ya should be havin your 40th reunion, girl! You look GREAT! ;)
    ...how wonderful to meet up with old friends. Love the cabinet and the bittersweet looks great!
    Glad you're feeling better :)

    Have a wonderful week

  24. So glad you had a nice reunion! But from the looks of that first picture, are you sure it wasn't your 30th reunion! Those two ladies looked WAY too young to have graduated in '69!! :) Enjoy your Monday! ~~Annie

  25. I enjoyed catching up, love the goods, garland and aren't reunions the best! Happy Monday!

  26. Rondell I haven't been over to your blog in a while now.. Loved reading about your class reunion..
    Love that cabinet! I will have to remind myself to come back so i can see what you do with it!

    have a great day sweetie!

  27. So glad you had a nice time at your re-union...I graduated in '69 also..Those were the BEST years!!!
    I love all of your Fall decorating...everything looks so nice and prim. The cabinet will look great when you put your special touches to it. Hope you are having a great day to yourself. It is raining here in S.C. and I have my 2 grands but I love a rainy day every now and then.Naptime for them so I hope to get some things done. Good week my friend! Sherrie


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