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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Hi Friends,
What a cold, rainy day ... I picked Samantha up at preschool and had a sweatshirt on but really should have had a coat too, I was froze, I do not like this type of weather at all, although I do like to wear my boots and jeans. LOL

Well, this is what I've been working on, the little cabinet/cupboard that I bought at a craft show. Yep, I painted it black, distressed it and applied the brown shoe polish, I was going to use the walnut stain but it's to cold for me in the garage and it wouldn't have been dry enough to post today so I went the shoe polish route!
I love it alot better black and looks great in my bedroom with the crocks on top!

Here's another pic of it, the larger crock I won on a forum and the smaller one I had bought at The Country Store.
I even applied the shoe polish to the tin and it sure made a difference, made it look alot more aged then it was.

This is what it looked like before I started...black paint, isn't it wonderful:)

I had redid this find from that consignment shop across from my hairdressers and finally got it hung beside the black shelf above my couch...love it!

I was just sitting here thinking...the shelf cost me $8.00 and the wood pineapple $2.00 ( that I painted) total...$10.00 for both, what an inexpensive prim display!!!
Leslie from My Country Home hosts WWW so stop on over to see what other prim lovers are doing!


  1. Rondell I luv your makeovers. That cabinet is awesome and luv where you have it displayed.

  2. I love how your cabinet turned out and I LOVE using shoe polish too, so much you can do with it, I've never tried it on tin before but it looks great!!!

  3. Rondell the cupboard came out great!! It looks great in your room too!! It was cold here today as well in fact we had some wet snow showers!! YUK!! So not ready for that!! Have a great rest of your week!!:0)

  4. Great work Rondell! Yes i like that little cupboard much better black!

  5. Great job and it looks good where you have it hanging.

    Keep warm over the next couple of days.


  6. I love that tin cabinet. The crocks look just right on top! And the wee pineapple is just too cute, at $2 what a steal.

  7. I love the cabinet. It looks incredible. The pineapple looks good. What a great deal!!

  8. rondell, i love all your goodies!! i have been using the brown shoe polish for a couple years now, its easier for me to find in a small town and less odor. :)
    i also want you to know i love your header!! very cool pic!!!
    the bigger font is a hit too- i need new glasses. :)

  9. You are right! It looks much better black. I would have never thought of putting the polish on the tin! Great idea. I love it in your bedroom. Gotta love a bargain, huh?

  10. Your little cupboard turned out wonderful Rondell - I'm surprised that someone from the thrift shop didn't take it before it even got on the floor for sale. Glad you ended up with it.

  11. Never thought to use shoe polish on wood. Looks awesome. You did a great job. I will have to remember that idea. Hope you had a great Wednesday!

  12. You did a great job restoring the cabinet. I really like it. The small shelf w/ pineapple was certainly a great buy!
    LUV your blog!

  13. Hi Rondell...........both the cupboard and the shelf are great re-dos. I love that tin insert in the cupboard.
    That shoe polish is a whole lot cheaper than the BriWax too!

  14. What a great find and what a difference painted black! Great job, Dawn

  15. Love how your make-overs turnd out. You do a great job and they look so nice in your home. Thanks for sharing!! Have a good week!

  16. Rondell you crafty hands have worked their magic again! LOVE the cupboard now black and if you ever see another one please send it my way!!!
    Best wishes

  17. Black did the trick Rondell. It looks great! I use Minwax water based stains and they dry in no time. And for small things, I use the stain from the craft store in the little squirt bottles. That dries even quicker!!

  18. me too me too!! LOL I also love your little black cupboard. I have to agree with you, black paint is wonderful. I have a 70 hutch that i sanded and painted and distressed black. I have enjoyed it much more black than before. I enjoyed seeing your re-do's. Thanks :-) ♥ Mercy

  19. I knew it would look amazing painted black! Great job, Rondell!
    Love the liitle shelf and pineapple, and all for $10.00! You can't beat that. Have a great day!

    Prim Blessings,

  20. I LOVE how your cabinet turned out. It looks great hanging in your bedroom. The shelf with the pineapple looks great also. Stay warm!

  21. You've surly been busy...
    You did a great job on your 'New' cupboard...
    Some 'Wonderful' finds...Keep us informed with your new 'do-overs'

  22. Oh Rondell, I love everything! You did a great job on it all. That cupboard is so cute!


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