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Monday, August 4, 2008

~What a Busy Weekend!~

I had a busy one that's for sure...two graduation parties, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, plus my sister Judy's birthday Sunday evening.whew! Sunday about 12:30 in the afternoon I ran to the Country Store in Brownsville, she has one in Belle Vernon too but the one near me is at her home which is just so country prim, of course I forgot my camara, I'm sure I'll be going again next week so I'll take it then. Anyway, this place smells so good and I asked her once what candle she was burning and she said that it was just the smell of the store, just everything combined made it smell so good:) Of course I was in prim heaven while there wanting everything but I tried to remember what I really needed plus I was there to buy my sister a gift:) I'd been wanting a runner for my table and when I saw these I just couldn't resist...one for me and one for my sister:) The pumpkins are needlepunched and the runner had been baked because it is a little stiff, this is on the other end too, I can't wait to use it. There also was a big basket full of these birdhouses, aren't they cute? So one for me and one for my sister:) That's all I got but that was enough...when she rang the items up:)
One thing I'd like to ask, do you think this bench is to high up for a tablebench? It measures about 6 1/2 inches from top to bottom. I've had it for years, it isn't old but when I saw someone elses on a blog it looked just about the height of this one.

I was blogg hopping last evening and I really can't remember where I read this but it said...that primitive was on it's way out and they had know that for quite a while...sorry, but are there prim police out there? No one told me! lol How could something so homey and comfortable go out of style? Anyway, just thought I'd let you know!!!


  1. Love that table runner. And i think that looks great as a table bench. What? Primitive on its way out! I dont think so, Primitives have been around for hundreds of years, i dont think they are going anywhere. Crafting styles may change, but not primitives! Mine certainly aren't going anywhere!

  2. I love your new runner and birdhouse!!! I also think it looks great as a table bench!! I don't think prim decor is going anywheres any time soon!!:0) Have a great day!!~Wendy

  3. Wow you really had a busy weekend. Oh by the way you can be my sister...my birthday is the
    13th...hehehe. Just love the things you bought. I think the table bench looks great.

  4. Everything is just perfect, Rondell!

    Styles may change, but if you love it, then it will always be in style. I can't imagine prims falling out of popularity. At least not at my house.

    So neat to learn that BOTH of your sons are teachers :)

  5. I love your table runner, Rondell! I sure wish I could run across some great prim shops! This weekend on our trip in the whole town of shops, only 1 was (kind of) prim. I was disappointed! I see some really great ones that people show pics of on the blogs!

    And prim going out of style? Fortunate for me, I can't afford to be trendy, because I know what I like and it doesn't matter anyway to me! Mine won't be going anywhere for a long time...too much work, time, and money goes into it to be changing! :) And I love the "feeling" it gives my home!


  6. Well I hope that the style that comes next for me gives me as much satisfaction when I walk in the door - warm and cozy!

    I think your table bench is perfect. Great home!

  7. i read the same thing about prim being on its way out.......lol i responded- nicely! i know whose blog it is. teehee
    i love the runner.
    table bench looks great!! i am making them to sell on ebay. no pattern though , so they all will be different. mine is just old barnwood.

  8. Hi--just cathing up on my blog reading--love all your finds....and I highly doubt prim is on it's way out...and if it was who cares...you should always have your home as you like..not what is trendy!!!

  9. Hi hoosier homemaker,
    Thanks for stopping by, I read your profile and we like just about the same things:)
    Stop by anytime.

  10. Love your new finds And no way is prim going out of style! It is gaining in popularity! They heard WRONG! LOL!
    And I think your little bench is adorable on your table or anywhere you might put it. Love it!

  11. Hi Rondell thank you for your kind words hopefully this week will be a better one.I love you runner and bird house.I had to laugh when someone said prim is going out of fashion,its never even arrived here except for myself and 2 prim friends.Like everyone else says it will always be here thank goodness.

  12. Dropped by to say hello-I think your runner is soo cute! Our dinning table is 'grand central station' so I can't ever seem to keep any decor on mine!!!
    Shayne Louree

  13. Those are really nice gifts for you and your sister.
    When people walk in my store that is always the first thing they say....it smells so good in here!

  14. I think the bench is perfect! And primitive fads come and go but primitive based on colonial or early american design will never go out of style. We may loose stars like we lost hearts but things that are based on what our forefathers used won't go out of style. Only those that see Prim as a fad say it will go out of style. Besides, there are enough of us to unite and keep it going! LOL

  15. HI, liked that crow and sheep runner, very nice colour. You have som lovely things I have enjoyed your blog, I am new to this, just learning how it goes, maybe be aa good at it as you are one day !! take care, Diane

  16. How did I miss this post. LOVE those table runners.

    I don't think the table is too high as long as you can see over it at dinner.


  17. I love all your prim finds! Love that table bench! I love the look and color!
    I don't think primitive will go out of style. I agree with Linda, stars will probably go out with a bang someday, like hearts. And a few things here and there...but the primitive/colonial look will always be here!

  18. Everything is wonderful! I'd love to visit that store...I don't think Brownsville is very far from me. Do you think you could give me directions from Ligonier? Thanks!

  19. What cute things! The table runner is darling and I love the birdhouse. The table bench is perfect!

  20. Primitive will always be in style at my home!

    And I love that little table bench. I think it is just perfect both height and color. Its a keeper! And that table runner is darling!


  21. Primitive will never go out of style for those of us who love it; they have been saying that about country decor in general for a long time; the colors may have changed but country is still here. This country is experiencing a desire to go back in time to a simpler time; many are cooking at home, out of necessity perhaps, but also because they are tired of the fast paced cellular /computerized lifestyle. They are enjoying family time away from technology and leaning more towars the simple things in life. I like your finds as well, they are fantastic. Love that table bench. Merrie


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