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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

~Whatcha Workin on Wednesday~

No...it's not a mailbox but what the Sunday paper is put in, the original is just a green plastic thing that they slide the paper in, well when we put the plow by it last Sunday it really made this green thing stand out, not very country prim:) Stush asked if I wanted him to build something around it, like a barn, well I liked the idea but not the barn! As you can see I started to paint it a barn red which I didn't like as I went along but he was so insistent on the making it look like a barn.lol You can see the green plastic inside, which I thought was a good idea since it will still protect the paper which is delivered about 4 am.
The more I painted it b.red the more I kept thinking of it being black, I suggested it to Stush and he said "black"....so I just decided to go with my idea without him even knowing:)
I painted it khaki first then black and distressed it, it still needed something so of course I thought of stars. Now I used to have star stencils but for the life of me I can't find them, I guess it's from moving so much. Then I remembered The Country Store had rust stars for .10 a piece! So I ran to Belle Vernon and bought some and even picked up some rusty pumpkins ones.

It looks really nice but last Sunday they didn't know what to do I guess because when I woke up and looked out the window the paper was laying on the ground in plastic. I guess we will have to leave a note telling them that this is where we want out paper put.

So that's what we have been working on plus I'm painting Michael's coffee table, end table and dresser black and then distressing it. Stush also has been working on something for next Wednesday too:)

We are also getting ready for company from Vermont, Stush's sister and daughter plus kids are coming tomorrow for a week. I'll try to keep up with blogging guys just don't know when.lol
Have a great evening!


  1. Rondell,

    I love how your paper holder turned out! It's funny that the guys get these ideas in their head and it's hard to persuade them differently! Sometimes Jason thinks of things to make and I have to gently lead him into a different idea! lol! It's funny too that the paper carrier didn't know what to do! I like the rusty stars on there!


  2. Love the paper box :) Okay, now are they going to know where to put it? LOL That would be just about how it would go around here. The paper people would throw a fit because someone tampered with it and now they don't know where to put it. Gran was really upset one day because they stopped getting the paper. Here my Pap cleaned the box and removed these reflective sticker things or one fell off or something? If you don't have those, they don't deliver the paper because they think you no longer have a subscription! How strange, huh?

    Anyway, I LOVE it and I hope your paper guys are weird like ours!

    Have a great rest of the day!

  3. I love it, its so much nicer then just the green plastic!! Can't wait to see what Stush is up to for next wednesday!!! Hey I'm in Vermont!!! what part are they from? Take care!!~Wendy

  4. I think that is a great idea. All our mail boxes are on one side of the road here, my side. So I have my neighbors rotting mail box in my yard. It's really ugly and of course they don't care because it's not in their yard.
    Maybe I could make a matching mine and theirs boxes and put them out in the middle of the night.

  5. Rondell, love the paper post. We have a house Mike made attached to a post in half a whiskey barrel. Recently the metal staps have come off(Mike later admitted he hit it with the new mega mower) and the barrel is falling apart. What a cute idea you have! Dawn

  6. I love that paper house!! If I got the paper or the mail delivered to my house, I would want something like that! You and your hubby work well together. :)

  7. I love it, you guys did an excellent job!!

  8. Excellent idea!!!!!!!!!!

    Ours is attached to our mailbox by the curb and we are not allowed to tamper with it. I like your much better!

  9. It looks great! The stars are a nice touch!
    Have fun with your company!

  10. omg! thats so much better!! i want one!!
    our paper holder is yellow!! like school bus yellow!! yuk!!
    you did an awesome job!!

  11. p.s. here is the link for my bowl rack.........

  12. Rondell you have the bestest hubby!!!! That is too cute. I have a paper box too we have it delivered by car so it ends up on the ground most of the time. LOL.


  13. I love the box. I agree it looks much better in black. The stars really give it the right touch. So prim and country looking. Great job.

  14. That is a great idea! Love it!

  15. If you leave a comment on my blog, I get an email with the comment and I approve it or decline it b efore it gets published. So leave your full name and address there, I will copy it off the email and then I will NOT publish the comment so it will never get on my blog for public eyes. How's that? I'll get the pattern in the mail as soon as you do that!

  16. I love it, Rondell! I hope your paper carrier gets up to speed soon.

    Enjoy your company :)

  17. Hi Rondell i would so love a paper holder like yors or even a mail box, i do have mail box but i will have to do something with before i post any pictures,i just might buy that black paint i am so scared of using.lolThank you for your kind thoughts.I see you found my prim Diane she is the one that got me started on prims.Take Care~Kate

  18. LOVE it...I think it turned out great. That is too funny that the paper deliverer didn't know what to do with the paper!! lol

    Have a great day!


  19. Rondell, that looks just wonderful. Just the kind of thing I like. And the stars are just perfect.

    I laughed when I read that you'll now have to tell the delivery person where the paper goes. You really camoflauged that well, didn't you? LOL


  20. Rondell,
    I love what you did with the paper box. A very clever idea. Looks great.

  21. what a cute paper box...i love what you did...you have the best ideas...have fun with your company...and enjoy each day...

  22. I can't believe what you did with this paper tube! it is amazing! I used to deliver the paper on a rural route and would have loved seeing this eye candy!
    P. S. you probably did confuse your paper carrier! LOL

  23. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the paper box! I really like the black beter! What a great job Stush did! The stars are a great finishing touch!

  24. That looks just beautiful !! I would like to do that but would need a closed bit at the front, but theres no way my postman will put mail in it, we have so many stand-ins delivering the mail, I have to run outside when I see them to tell them to put large items in my recycle bin if i'm out, otherwise they go back to that big black hole they laughingly call the "depot".... Later XX

  25. WOW I'm behind in blog reading - love your paper house - soooo cute - great job

    Hugs - karen

  26. WOW!!! I LOVE that!!! It looks FANTASTIC!!!!


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