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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Hi blogging friends!!!

Boy, is it pouring here...just bouncing off the sidewalk in the back and the pool looks like it has a zillion bubbles in it, that's what the weather has been like the last few days sometimes sunny then a downpour!

Stush and I were busy yesterday trying to get everything done he finished painting and I painted and stained more trim and yes, I did the mantel...I don't know if I should put more stain on it or not, I think I'll wait until I do the doors on either side of the fireplace first:)
I haven't been able to do to much crafting lately but I did manage to do the stacking boxes that I bought at Michaels, I did them in a Colonial Blue then a coat of dark walnut stain...after everything is back in place I think I'll be putting them on top of the hutch in the diningroom:)

July 3rd is Cory's birthday so I'm giving her this cutting board I did in the burgundy, I tied a black and beige homespun piece on it plus one of the pig cutting boards that didn't sale and a weed basket, Michael gave me a $100.00 to go to the Country Store to buy her some prim things he said "it all looked the same to him and that she liked everything I had " Boy, I'm glad I'm not a man:) I'd had fun though picking things out for her, I'll take pictures and try to post them tomorrow:) Oh, he bought her a sofa table too at The Country Store and I bought prim things to go on top of it:)

The picture of the cutting board was taken in my entryway BTW:)

Lastly...would you look at that African Violet!!! It sure listened to me when I told it I was going to throw it out didn't it.LOL I should transplant it to a bigger pot but frankly I'm afraid to touch for fear I kill it somehow.

Hopefully it doesn't rain for the 4th, we will be on the docks and river, everyone is bringing a dish of something to eat so we will be well fed:)
Have a great evening, I think I'm going to read and stitch some, I'm still working on the sampler that I posted last Wednesday:)


  1. I just love all of your blues, Rondell. Cory is a lucky lady to have someone like you choosing her gifts. Actually, her husband is the lucky one ;) I can't wait to see everything ... and all of your trim, mantel, and door-painting too.

    I hope the sun shines for you all on the 4th!

  2. Rondell~How great to be able to shop prim on someone elses dollar...you lucky girl! Too bad you can't keep the goodies..huh?
    I have a question about your burgandy paint...what kind is it and where did you purchase it from?
    I love that color.
    Hope it doesn't rain on the 4th for you and for me!

  3. Can't wait to see those boxes in your dining room. How fun to go shop for someone at a country store! Have a great 4th and I hope it's sunny (it's been raining here too!). Dawn

  4. I just painted some shaker boxes too....yours look great! Beth

  5. Your boxes look great, Rondell! I'm sure they'll look great in your dining room!
    What fun that must have been to go prim shopping with someone else's money! Too bad you didn't get to keep all of the stuff!!

    Happy 4th of July - I hope it's sunny!


  6. Sounds like you are keeping busy. Like your projects. You do a great job. Happy Wednesday!

  7. Rondell,

    Sorry for not leaving many comments lately. I have really had a time of it trying to get on your blog. I am thinking it is my computer, but have no idea what the problem is. I have been reading your posts, but have issues posting before it boots me. Hopefully it works tonight.

    Your violet is BEAUTIFUL !! I have never had luck with them myself.


  8. Rondell,
    Your violet looks great and don't worry about transplanting, they kind of like being crowded :)

    Your blue is so pretty! I love your makeovers with the pretty blues lately. It's so colonial looking :)

    What fun that must have been picking out the perfect things for your DIL :) I wish my family would realize that I decorate with this stuff for a reason and buy me Prim stuff instead of saying they have no idea what to buy me! LOL

    I actually friend requested you on Facebook this morning. :) I like messing around on there, keeping up with people that I might not otherwise...

    Have a great rest of your night :)


  9. You must be so excited getting close to finishing the painting!!! Then the real fun will begin!!LOL I can't wait to see your mantle I bet it looks great!!! Your stack boxes are gorgeous the colonial blue!!! we are having the same kind of weather as you are this week too!!! Have a wondeful 4th my friend!!~Wendy

  10. What fun! Your blue boxes are looking great. Wishing you a Happy 4th!

  11. Love the boxes. Can't wait to see them in place. I bet you had fun shopping. Too bad you had to give it up but I'm surwe she'll enjoy it.

  12. I love your header, Rondell--especially the flags and the Cracker Jack container. Everything looks so prim and great.

    Hope your holiday is sun-shiney. Julie

  13. What a neat cutting board. You have such a nice niche there in yr entryway. How thoughtful of you to shop for yr friend!

  14. Rondell,
    I just love how your blue bandboxes turned out!!

  15. Can't wait to see the mantel! I love the boxed, good job! Enjoy all the 4th of July fun!

  16. Rondell,
    Your blue boxes are so prim! Love that shade of blue. Wishing you a great 4th of July!

  17. Hi Rondell,Your boxes look great.
    My Gramma always had african violets in her bedroom window sill.They were always blooming and beautiful.I know they are pretty touchy though and hard to grow.Looks like you have agreen thumb,it's beautiful.

  18. Love those boxes! You're making me a fan of blue!

    Have a great holiday!


  19. I really love your blog. Your taste in prims is absolutely perfect. I can't wait to see more!
    Faye at Behind My Picket Fence.

  20. Good Morning Rondell!
    Thanks for stopping by this morning and I am so glad that you loved the cactus. I thought he turned out precious. Every once and awhile an idea just hits me. I loved the cutting board, and ofcourse blue is my favorite color so I really love the boxes, they are so special. Seeing them gave me an idea of maybe putting a set on my fireplace hearth. I have been debating about a little stack of suitcases, but I really like those shaker boxes also. I can't wait to see your rooms complete. Have a wonderful day. See ya tomorrow. "Country Hugs", Sherry

  21. I really like your blue boxes as well. Can't wait to see how your mantel turned out.

  22. Hi Rondell
    The boxes look great. I can't believe all the rain we're having. Hope you have a great 4Th. I'll be in touch. Thanks for the email addy.


  23. Hi Rondell,

    What fun shopping for someone who likes your taste with someone else's money!! Lucky Cory!!

    We are washed away here too! Here's hoping we both have some sun soon!

    Have a great 4th! hugs, Linda

  24. I really like those boxes! Congrats on the African Violet (I've killed 2 that my mom gave me - she told me no more!! LOL!)

  25. Everything looks great! Your violet is amazing, how well it listened. Have a great holiday!


  26. Hey Rondell! I FINALLY got my computer issues straightened out! I am going to be forever trying to catch up on everything I've been missing! Love the blues! I have been moving in that direction myself lately :o) I had forgotten to take a pic of the things I had made for our swap, so I look forward to seeing where they end up in your beautiful home! I see my flags made the header! lol I'm happy you can use them!


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