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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Hi everyone!
We got back from our trip Monday evening and I swear I'm still tired from it.LOL Of course getting back into the routine again is always hard ...watching the girls and doing laundry, I can't believe the dirty laundry in a week from just the two of us plus I did Chris' needless to say I don't want to see or do laundry for a while:)

I started this project before I left, if you remember it was a bronze color and the rooster's had some red on them well first I painted it with the hammered steel that I had left but I didn't like it...to new looking! So I used some flat black paint from the Dollar Store and I love how it turned out!The candle part was white so I painted them a linen color then used some burnt umber on them.
Here it is lit...it goes alot better with everything in the diningroom and livingroom:) Check out Leslie's Whatcha Workin on Wednesday to see who else has participated.

When I got home Monday Chris (who watched Buster for us) had a box sitting on the kitchen counter. What a wonderful thing to happen when you walk in the door after driving for so long:) Janeen from Primitive Lifestyle sent me this spice rack just because, isn't she sweet? I love it and I put it here, at first I thought I'd move it but after a couple days I'm beginning to like it here. I do need to get a small plate or look in my stash of prims because the second bowl wouldn't fit. The towel I bought at Target for .25 of course it was white but I primmed it up with some instant coffee, it looks alot darker then what the picture shows.

Isn't her distressing the best? Love it Janeen...thanks so much♥

Now I'm going to go look at some prim blogs, I'm so far behind...amazing what a week can do. I won't be doing it again because it puts me behind and I like to stay on top of what you are all doing blogger friends:)
I also have to post more of my Porch Swap and BTW I took alot of pictures on my trip to Annapolis and Winston Salem so I think I'll just add a few to each post that I do from here on out...okay?
Also a big HELLO to my new followers Love ya all!!!


  1. Isn't it amazing how far behind you can get from just a few days away? Not just in real life but in blog land :D I also hate coming home because it seems all you remember is being away. I can't seem to get myself back into the swing of things and I have to think really hard of what happened prior to the vacation! LOL

    Janene sent you a wonderful rack!

    I like your makeover of the lamp, too. I did something very similar. My kitchen light was shiny brass when I bought it, but some black paint, a little gel stain on the candle sleeves and a berry candle ring and it's perfectly Prim!

    Have a great night :)


  2. Hey Rondell! Welcome home! LOVE how your light turned out! And how sweet of Janene to send you the spice rack! It looks great where you put it.
    Sounds like your trip was a fun time. I sure can relate on the laundry. I don't know how we always seem to have so much either!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Love your gift from Janene and the light looks awesome!

  4. Welcome Home, Rondell! I love your chandelier makeover and the rack Janene sent is fantastic. What a lovely surprise!

    Enjoy getting caught up in blog land :)

  5. Your light turned out wonderfully!! I love it and you did a great job making it look nice and prim. Love that spice rack too!! Very nice of her...

  6. Love the way the lamp turned out. Where did you get the shades? They would look really great in my dining room but I can't find anything prim around here.

  7. great job, rondell!
    i really like it. gona have to remember that idea for the cnadle/light holders.

  8. I really like the accessories that you added to the spice rack...I would never had thought of that...sometimes I don't think outside the box!
    I am so glad you like it!
    It is in a well deserving home!
    Hope you are all caught up on your laundry...it can get overwhelming sometimes!
    Have a good night!

  9. and i almost forgot, i also love the rack from janene. if you ever tire of it, pass it around.. we could all take turns displaying it. :)

  10. Wow, your light turned out great! I'm going to have to remember the flat black. I know when we go away, it always takes awhile to get back into the old routine. But, welcome home! Dawn

  11. Nice to see ya back :)

    What a wonderful surprise to receive after coming home from a vacation. Janene is such a kind and wonderful person and YES, I have to agree, her work is superb!

    It's wonderful what a little bit of black paint can do to something :)


  12. Love the light! One thing about laundry, it waits for you to catch up. It never goes anywhere! LOL It is amazing to me how many towels we can go through in just a few days. Even after ALL of my towel talks..........I love the spice rack that Janene sent to you. ♥

  13. Love the light! I painted mine flat black also(from silver, yuk!) and added new shades!

    Glad you had a good trip!


  14. Rondell,
    I love your light makeover...it turned out great!! And what a wonderful rack that Janene sent to you. Aren't blogging buddies just the greatest!!
    Welcome back home.
    hugs, Cindy

  15. I hear ya girl, about being behind...I am way way behind....and I haven't even gone on vaca! I hope ya had a wonderful time :)
    Oh what a fantastic "JB" gift!!
    How sweet of Janene, and she did send that rack to the perfect home :) It looks great!
    Your light turned out nice too :)
    Have a great day, Rondell.


  16. The light is wonderful! and the rack! You lucky girl!
    As for laundry- it never stops does it?!

  17. I need to spray paint some brass looking fixtures in the hallways. Just got to get hubby to get them down. :) What a wonderful gift from Janene! Prim friends are the best!

  18. Hi Rondell!
    I have missed your smiling face. So glad you are back. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Love the lamp make over. So country and so devine at the same time. The little lampshades are just the icing on the cake. Thanks so for sharing. Love the wall hanger also, and what a lovely blogger to send it to you. Thanks so much for stopping by. See ya soon. Country Love and Hugs, Sherry

  19. I love that spice rack. The light looks great. So many talented women in one place. I love it all!



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