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Sunday, July 5, 2009

~Finally Get to Decorate and Our 4th~

Well, finally huh? It's been a long time, about 2 months since we started... more if you count putting the floors in:) I'm just glad it's over and now the FUN part has begun...Decorating!!! I'm going for a less cluttered look and what I don't want I'll sell but it's time to clear out, I know that I'm loving the homes that have that less cluttered look and I'm following Janae's advice that she gives on The Primitive Place stop by to see her beautiful home!
Here is the mantel, wish I had the time to do before and after pics but these will have to do...I painted the mantel blue then stained with dark walnut stain, it came out just how I thought it would, looks so much better than the poplar wood that was there and sure updated it. I don't think Stush was to thrilled about me painting it but I told him "trust me, it will look great". It's a long mantel but I only did the middle part of it I also used my Bennington batter bowl and put my patriotic pears in it. The clock looks great, so glad I bought it and painted the green blue! Ta Da!!! Can you imagine how thrilled I was yesterday when Stush brought the step back in? Look at my collection of yelloware, I think it looks so pretty on it, excuse the hanging light in the hallway we just haven't had time to go to Lowe's yet to by one, I want the same one that I have in the entryway.
Here's a picture of the entryway and I put the stepback to the left of the TV. I'm just loven my new look! The walls in this photo look white but there not you can tell by the ceiling which is white and the walls Country Beige from Wallmart:)

I moved the stand from the right of my sofa to the left and you can see in the trunk that I put in the keeping room...I still have alot of putzing to do what with hanging my shelf above the sofa but that has to wait for Stush to get to.

My wood bowls that I bought on ebay I put on this one narrow wall:) Love them there!

I also dug out my patriotic dishes but you can't really tell on this pic, I sure missed them...did the top of the hutch different and hung my blue Amish apron from the side. And my GW wood candle holder too.

Okay, here is a year later...Buster, Stush had to take him home because he was just shaking all over from the noise of the fire crackers, he's 2 now and is the sweetest dog so layed back and loves kids. When he does wonder off while we are working in the yard or garage we know just where to look...the playground.LOL

Stush and I as you can see my hair is longer, the wind was blowing so it moved my bangs straight down which I always have to the side. Maybe one day I'll take a good picture.:)

Michele and the girls plus Chris were with us, Sydney loved swimming in the river...

plus we watched the fireworks that the Legion put on for everyone:) I hope you had a great one too:)


  1. Everything's looking great so far, Rondell! You must be so excited!

    Glad you enjoyed the 4th!

  2. Everything looks wonderful Rondell!
    You have done a great job!

  3. Oh Rondell..I love how you have your place decorated..isn't it nice to have it done and now you can decorate and tweek to your hearts content...;) Stush did a great job...you two look cute wind in your hair and all..your puppy dog is a cutie as well...have a wonderful sunday...:)

  4. What a great blog. Your home is beautiful; I will visit again.

  5. Rondell, it all looks great and so prim. I'm very happy it's looking just as you wanted!

  6. I love it all. I'm so glad you stuck with the blue! I really love your yellow ware as well. Looks like you had a great 4th.


  7. Your cupboard looks great and your yelloware looks FAB on it. The color of the cupboard really helps make the yelloware POP. Glad you enjoyed your 4th!!

  8. The fun part, woohoo! I love it already! I know your enjoying your new home! I went with the less is more look also!

  9. I am loving the new look Rondell and the stepback looks gorgeous in its new home!!! Your mantle came out awesome as well! And you look beautiful in your picture!!:0) Have a wonderful day!~Wendy

  10. Rondell, what a great job you both have done on your home. When I got to the cupboard, it is awesome. Everything looks GREAT. And what a nice picture of you both. Thanks for sharing your home with everyone. Have a good week. Sherie

  11. Everything Looks wonderful Rondell!
    I am going for that scaled down look to. I Love the step back cupboard.
    And you DO take a good picture!

  12. It all looks so good! Have fun tweaking and moving things around!


  13. Everything looks great and I think your picture is pretty nice too! :) Glad you had a great 4th--we did too! Stop over for a visit when you can!

  14. Hi Rondell - I love all your changes - it all looks so great. Since our photo shoot and the dining room floor I have put lots of things away and have less things around and I really like it better this way - you can see the important pieces better with less clutter.

  15. Your house is lovely and your 4th looks like it was tons of fun!
    Hugs, Lisa

  16. I love the stepback cupboard. Everything looks just great!


  17. Everything looks great. I always enjoy looking at your decor.

  18. Hey Rondell! Girl, I have missed you so much! Everything looks awesome!

    P.S. My blog name has changed, but if you pay me a visit, I hope you will remember me and add me to your blog list again.

  19. Hi Rondell~ So glad you had a good 4th of July celebration!
    Your home is truly wonderful!!! So fun to look at your pictures over and over again. :)
    I like your title picture too (whatever it's called).
    It was fun seeing pictures of you and Stush too! It's nice putting a face to your wonderful blogging!
    Hugs to you~ Birgit

  20. I love your yellow ware bowls and the wood bowls. The blue cabinet is awesome.....Great job, Rondell!

  21. Hi Rondell!

    I'm so excited for you! I know how it is living with the mess when you can't wait to get to the decorating! I LOVE everything! I really love that blue! It just looks so happy!

    Your yellowware looks great on the stepback hutch! Yellowware is something on my wish list!

    Glad you had a great 4th!

    Have a great week!

  22. Ooh, everything looks wonderful! I can see why you were excited to bring the cabinet it and get it filled up!


  23. Hi Rondell!
    It ALL looks wonderful! Your cupboard is just beautiful...I am so happy you made it to the "decorating stage" :)
    LOL...I hope to be there soon!

    That pic of you two is great!

    Have a great weekend!



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