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Monday, November 17, 2008

~A Prim Wish~

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all doing well, we got snow today and it's just laying in patches but it sure put me in the mood to Christmas decorate, which I did but won't let you see until Wednesday!
Your probably wondering about my title of my blog...well it's just a wish that I've had since last November, I really want to get (someday) to this Simple Goods show that is held at the beginning of November each year. I didn't get to go last year and this year was just out of the question with Stush layed off and me not working. Plus I have to say I have no sense of direction and when I map quested it's 3hours and 20 minutes from me to Mount Vernon, Ohio so going by myself (which I would do) wouldn't be good plus I have no one around me that I'm friends with that would enjoy this prim show.

Candy Looker and her sister Max hold this fantastic show and I asked Candy if I could use the link with over 200 pictures on my blog so here it is...have something to drink at you computer and sit back and just enjoy the prim eye candy that you will see and you will know why I so want to go next year:) Also here are some pics of some great ideas I found for crocks:)

Samantha wanted to come to my house this morning instead of staying at her's so after I got Sydney on the bus we came here...here we are acting silly and I put a childs prairie bonnet on her, she looks like a prairie girl, and took a picture then she asked if she could take a picture of me, of course I said yes thinking the picture wouldn't come out...

Look... she did better than me and she's just three.LOL That's an adult bonnet I have on I don't think I would have liked wearing them back in the day!

Just a snowy, silly day with Samantha...I cherish them and hope someday they all remember me as a fun Grammy:)


  1. Rondell~
    I want to go, next year, with you to that show.
    I live only 1 1/2 hours away from Mt. Vernon. I'll meet you there and we will shop til we drop...LOL
    Love the bonnets. What cute prarie girls!
    Have a good Monday~

  2. Rondell,
    Thats what I want mine to remember me as.She is adorable! Thanks for sharing these pics and can't wait until Wednesday!Have a blessed day!
    I almost forgot-did you see my first stitching?

  3. Hi Rondell,
    Samantha is a doll, how pretty she & her Grammy are :) I'm sure they think of ya (and always will) as a FUN grammy! ;)
    Love those crock ideas...
    I can't believe how 'on the ball' every one is with getting their Christmas decorations out...I haven't even started. I can't wait to see yours!!

    Have a wonderful evening,


  4. me again...

    can you email me when ya get a minute? please :)


    thank, Rondell.


  5. Oh my...how cute is she?!!! I'm jealous of the snow! Send some my way!!

  6. Samantha is such a cutie...and you're a cute grammy yourself! Ya'll both look cute in your bonnets!

    Good ideas for crocks too...and I hope to be able to check out that site you gave when I have a little time with cookies and hot chocolate beside me! Thanks for sharing them!

    I'm looking forward to the Wednesday Christmas decor pictures....maybe I'll have mine then too!


  7. That's so funny you posted the link to the Home Goods show. One of my prim friend on Creative Home Keepers posted the link yesterday, and I looked at them this afternoon.
    I've always wanted to go too. I'm really gonna shoot for it next year. It's about 2 1/2 hrs. from me.

    Those pictures with Samantha are precious. I know you will treasure the memories. My g. daughter lived with us from the time she was 6 to almost 10 yrs., and I miss some of the funny, goofy things we use to do.
    She took a great picture!

    Can't wait to see you decorations!

  8. Samantha looks like she's having fun with grandma. :) I do that with my bonnets at home but Kellon doesn't want to join in. LOL

    Thanks for the eye candy! I did so enjoy it!

  9. How cute! You look adorable in the bonnet, Rondell!

  10. Rondell,
    You two look too cute in your bonnets!!
    I have always wanted to go the Simple Goods Show(it is about 2 hours from where I live), but I've always had a craft show that weekend. Thanks for sharing the link...I enjoyed looking at all the photos of the show.
    Can wait until Wednesday to see your decorating pictures.

  11. Rondell - you both look like something out of the little house on the prairie show, from what I remember they used to show on tv in the UK and here too. I used to love that show - probably where I got my love of all things primmmish. Thanks for sharing your pics with us.

  12. Oh i would love to get to that show too Rondell! I have checked out those pics and i had to wipe away the drool! LOL
    Cant wait to see your christmas pics!

  13. Rondell, I love this post....Oh to go to that show! I've heard of it but I'm just so busy at this time of year and have never made it either. NEXT YEAR!!!!

    Love the bonnetts! So cute.

  14. I want it to snow here so badly! It snows so rarely but when it does I get so excited!! Love seeing what can be done with the crocks and I'm going to look at the pictures from the show a little later. Your granddaughter is just the cutest little thing...she does look like she could be on Little House on the Prairie. You certainly don't look old enough to be a grandmother!!!

  15. YOu both look adorable in the bonnets!!

    Can't wait to see your pics on Wednesday. I still have a long way to go with my decorating!!

  16. I would go to the prim show with you--in a heartbeat!! thanks for sharing the link. Also, how cute to see you both in bonnets!! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....Julie

  17. I would have went with you...I have no sense of direction either...but I would have Map Quested it and we would have got there! LOL
    Love your crocks! Beth

  18. Rondell-Thanks for visiting my blog. I have to tell you the Simple Goods Show was fab. I can't wait till next year. The trip is very easy from Pgh. and you are probally closer as we went 70W. If your interesed 1824 antiques is having their Country Christmas this weekend and I have been there before. You will not be disappointed. Check out her site. She is on my blog too. Have a great week. Stop by again.

  19. Love the bonnets. I THINK I HAVE ONE SOMEWHERE IF I didn't get rid of it. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my tablescape. BLESSINGS, DEANIE

  20. Oh girl..you made me cry..my Maw Smith wore one of those bonnets all the time when she was out in the garden....loved the eye candy and I can see whay you would want to go to the show! You & that beauiful child look fantastic in your bonnets...Have a great day girl!

  21. Hi Rondell...I read your comment on my blog about my home..Thank you!!...Twigs did email me not long after the magazine came out to feature my home...I just didn't think my house was prim enough,so I never submitted pics...I would if she asked again!!...Thank you for visiting my blog...Have a good day!!...Jen

  22. You are two cute girls in your bonnets, what a fun day together.
    Love the pictures of the crocks, I hope you get to go next year. 3 hours would be along drive alone, its more fun with someone who loves prims like you do....the link is very good eye candy...
    Hugs, Carrie

  23. Rondell, thanks for posting the link to the show. I checked it out last night & it's awesome. Oh, how I would love to go. It would be so fun meeting some of my online buddies.

    ~ Pam ~

  24. Thanks for the link! You look like you had a lot of fun!

  25. That is exaclty what I hope my grandaughter remembers about me, and how much I love her!
    You both are cute as buttons in those bonnets!
    Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing your pics!
    Have a wonderful week!

  26. What a sweetie you have there, Rondell!

    I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations ... though you can keep the snow ;) We had our first flurry here today. It was just a few flakes, but I know that truly snowy days are getting close.

    Have a great night!

  27. Rondell,
    What a sweet day that you got to spend with Samantha :) You'll have so many wonderful memories with those kiddos!

    By the way, Aften takes better pictures than I do, too. She gets the most wonderful photos of our animals and I can spend hours trying. One snap and she's got the perfect pose! I gave her our old digital camera but it's not working currently...I think I need to buy new rechargeable batteries. She's dying to take her own photos :)

    We didn't get snow here yet...just some flurries. Kind of gets you in the mood, huh?

    Have a great day!


  28. Rondell
    You two look like you were really enjoying each other. Great job Grammy.
    I just had time to look at the pictures. I am so there next year. I have the same problem with my friends. Most of them think prim=dirty. I'm starting a stash to go next year. You're so close maybe we should just pick up and go.


  29. hey Rondell- I left ya a comment on this post, and on your shelf post too...and neither are showing...??

    Just wanted ya to know...I have been visiting, you are one of my 'regular' stops! ;)

    hope this one shows up!


  30. I LOVE those bonnet pictures. Samantha sure looks like she could play a little prairie girl in a movie!!

  31. You both look so pretty in your bonnets! I think I'll go add homespun to my crocks. Makes them look so authentic.



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