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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

~Sydney's Birthday~

Look at that smile...such a happy little girl and so loveable! Loves school, books and clothes, sounds like her grammy except for the liking school thing:) Samantha... just wanting a chance to blow out the candles.LOL Saturday she had a party with her friends at the movies. The pink bag holds the boots that I bought her.
Opening more gifts:0

One of the books that I bought her, Junie B. books seems to be all the rage for her age, I got her three books in all.

All Samantha wanted to do is open a gift!

I finally got my turkeys out, the one on the left was my mom's I remember her buying it at Hallmark, it's a napkin holder which I use it for on Thanksgiving:) The one on the right I bought at Hallmark also, I should go and buy another one there and just keep adding every year:)

Right now they are on my mantel and I really can't wait to eat turkey I don't think I've had any since last year:)
Have a great evening everyone!


  1. Both are beauties!! I bet she LOVED the boots. It's great that she loves to read. Grandchildren sure bring us lots of joy.

  2. Junie B. is a favorite at our house, too. I just love reading them to my Karissa. We laugh and laugh. Looks like a great time with your family. Have a super day. Julie

  3. Rondell your granddaughter is beautiful. Isn't it a blessing to have these wonderful children in our lives? I like your turkeys and I can't wait to see your home for Christmas.Have a blessed day!

  4. Sydney is such a pretty girl and she sure looks excited in the pics. How wonderful that she loves to read and loves school. Your turkeys look great on your mantel.


  5. Your granddaughters are so CUTE :)

    My daughter also loves Junie B Jones books. She has quite the collection BUT hers are in French of course. But they are really good books.

    I always look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas just due to the fact of eating a turkey diner.

  6. Hi Rondell.
    your granddaughters are both little sweet hearts!
    Looks like a wonderful b-day!
    Your turkeys look great up on your mantel...

    have a nice evening.


  7. oohh..I meant to say...
    I just love that jug too! ;)


  8. Happy birthday Sydney! She looks so happy!

    Gobble, Gobble...I like your turkeys. Can't wait to stuff myself. :)

  9. What a joy sharing that special day with your girls! Happy Birthday Sydney!!

  10. She is beautiful, I cant wait for someday to have grandkids :)

  11. Very cute grandaughters- I must say! And about the turkey: Why is it that most people never do a turkey unless it's Thanksgiving? I know I don't, but think about doing one.. and of course never do!

  12. Hi Rondell....what a great birthday she had. And so many gifts!!!

    How great you have your mothers Turkey to add to a collection and they look great on the mantel.


  13. Rondell,

    I think you have THREE beautiful granddaughters! I mean they are all pretty girls! And you're right...that smile is gorgeous! I hope she had a wonderful birthday celebration! I'm going to show these pictures to Joy...she'll love them!


  14. Such adorable girls! Happy Birthday Sidney! Looks it was a happy day. The cake was so pretty too!

    Love your turkeys. If you find anymore at Hallmark, let us know, please! :)

    Have a great day!

  15. What darling girls! Maybe someday I'll have a girl around here. Right now its all boys. Not one girl in the bunch!

    Love those turkeys. We had a flock of wild turkeys run through the yard last week. I had never heard them gobble before and it was the funniest sound I ever heard.



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