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Monday, November 10, 2008

~The Steeler Game~

Well, I survived the trip on the bus to the Steeler game yesterday, we left at noon and thank goodness the bus was warm:) Of course I took pictures! Sitting beside my sweetie!

Us tailgating!

Our bus driver in the blue jacket...he was so nice, when I was getting on the bus I told him that it was only my 2nd time on the bus and he said "God bless you" LOL the bus can get rowdy at times.

Stush, always helping...I think he has one of those plastic bread ties or clip in his mouth, I have to show him this.lol

Getting the grill ready!

Yes, we even take the opposite fan along with us, he sure takes alot of ribbing:)

Of course they are selling things everywhere on the way to the game which we walked about 5 blocks to get to the stadium:) We bought a pink toboggan with the Steeler emblem on it to put in Sydney's stocking for Christmas:) She loves sports and always watches with her dad.

Even the little ones have Steeler fever around here, I know I wouldn't take little ones on the bus but to each his own, for me it just gets to crazy!

It amazes me that when I ask strangers if I can take their pictures and tell them they will be on my blog they pose and laugh...these people I guess were from another bus.

This cutie was on our bus, a nice kid, I also told him he will be on my blog he said "great"!

Here's a close up of a trailer that was next to us painted in Steeler colors and with Steeler curtains, love it!

We finally made it to the game as you can see we are high up but they were good seats!

You can also see the Heinz ketchup bottles and when they score the bottles tilt and the ketchup runs out:)

The Pittsburgh skyline and the river.

I go once a year to these games, last year I didn't go at all. I go once to have a good time but would rather be at the flea market or the Goodwill. Stush even would prefer to stay home and watch it on TV and while he watches I'm on the computer reading all my friends blogs:)

I can't take the cold but this is what I wore and stayed toasty warm:

Cuddles top & bottoms

2 pair of socks

fuzzy lined suede boots


black turtleneck

Stush's Steeler Sweatshirt

Stush's Steeler outwear pullover (I put this on before we left to go

to the stadium.)

At the game I wrapped up in a fuzzy Steeler throw with

Steeler mittens.LOL

Well, by the time the game was over I was more than ready to head home and the bus finally pulled out, now keep in mind there are more men then women on the bus!!! So about, I'd say 20 miles from home, our bus breaks down on I-79... Lord I was so afraid a trailer truck would hit us not knowing we were broke down, this is before the state cop came. They had to call a towtruck to come and pull us off the highway, towed us about 5 feet and cost the bus company $250.00 for him to do that. We waited about 2 hours for another bus to come and transfer us to it and get us to California, PA. After all that I was so happy to walk in my house.:) To top it all off the Steeler's lost in about the last 5 minutes of the game, oh well win some, lose some:)

Today is Sydney's birthday so we are going to her birthday party for adults, Saturday Michele had taken her and her friends to the movie then for cake at home:)

Take care everyone and have a warm evening at home:)


  1. Wow! Sounds like quite an adventure!
    I so enjoy seeing the pictures. It just makes the story that much more interesting.
    Sorry about the loss, but I bet it was a nail-biter with 5 minutes to go!
    Have a good time at the party!


  2. That looked like a lot of fun! How fun to have a pro team to close! Love those stealer wigs! LOL My brother has always been a big Stealers fan. :)

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all. I'm like you, I'd much rather be home crafting or junking but we have to keep our husbands happy now & then. I'm glad you stayed warm & it's too bad your bus broke down. Have fun at the birthday party.


  4. I know it was fun (for one time) with the food and all, but I'm like you when it comes to going thrifting! Enjoy the birthday party!

  5. Hi Rondell--Looks like everyone had a blast--other than the bus beaking down...and being cold........it's sounds like a fun time ;)
    I'm not one for sitting at a game and freezin...i get cold easy as it is!
    Ya got some great pics of Pittsburgh...thanks for sharin!
    enjoy your b-day party!!


  6. What a wild day you had! I have only ever been to a PSU football game and I think that was bad but it's gotten worse since then. I can't imagine a Steelers game! LOL My Mom and ex-step father took a bus once to Pitt when PSU was playing them. Mom said it was the worse experience ever..so many drunks! LOL She never went back.

    Have a great time at Sidney's b-day!


  7. Rondell,
    It looks like you all had a great time! Being from Northern Virginia I'm a Redskin Fan, I do miss all the fans there in D.C. because where we live now they are either Carolina Fans or Falcon fans. So I'm glad you got to go. Come over and look at my stitching. Have a blessed day!

  8. I saw some of the game on TV yesterday, I didn't realize that you were going Rondell! I commented to my hubby that those folks must be crazy to be sitting outside freezing their butts off like that. Course, I hate the cold with a passion, so I am not the best judge.

    Sorry about their loss, I was cheering for them too!

    Happy Birthday to your grand daughter:)

  9. That sounds like quite a trip! So much fun! Have fun at the party! Happy Birthday Sydney! ~Beth~

  10. Now THAT'S an adventure you'll never forget, Rondell! I'm so glad you had fun ... and stayed warm.

  11. Enjoyed your story and pictures. What a beautiful skyline and stadium. I'll never get there so I truly enjoyed seeing it.

    The Texas Woman

  12. Oh Rondell, what a fun day! Don't you just love the diffent people you see at the games - I mean how they dress and make up! What a hoot!

  13. Looks like alot of fun...sounds like you were bundled up like we were at the Nebraska game...

  14. What fun! My boys would have LOVED that day.


  15. Looks like a great time..but then again I love football! Hope Sydney had a great day from one birthday girl to another:) Hope you had a great day too!<3Lauren

  16. I was thinking about you and wondered how you did yesterday. It was cold here, so I knew it was cold there.
    Your pictures are great! I've been to Pittsburgh many times so I recognized some of the landscape.
    Don't you just love cuddle duds? I wear them all winter! lol! I'm always cold!
    That picture of you and your hubby is so cute!
    Glad you had a good time, even though the bus broke down on the way home.

  17. Looks like you had a wonderful, cold day, but nothing more fun that the great time with friends and family...

  18. That looks like a blast! I would love to go to another Patriots game. Last time I went, we went with Jen's boyfriend's family ( at that time many years ago) and they were from Pittsburg originally. They wore their yellow and black and cheered for the Steelers. It was so funny!! We won though!

    So sorry they lost last night!!

  19. Hi Rondell, What fun to see your pictures! My son and daughter in law live in a suburb of Pittsburgh.....my son being from here in IN is of course a COLTS fan. hehe My daughter in law is from OH/PA and is a Steeler fan, so it is interesting on these days when they play each other. hehe We didn't hold out alot of hope on this game as the Colts have been playing badly. So they surprised us with the win.

  20. This looked like SO much fun!
    I gotta give ya credit for sitting out there in the cold...brr!
    Ive only been to ONE fball game, the Bills about 10 yrs ago. I FROZE my butt off and was dressed in mega layers. Needless to say, I didnt stay for the whole game. What a beautiful city:)

  21. What a neat way to spend a day (even with all the adventure)! You and Stush always seem to have the most fun together!

  22. Sounds like you had one of our trips! Hubby and I broke down on our Honey Moon atop the Smokey Mountains! LoL I can laugh about it now....Anyway, glad to finally get over and say Hi!


  23. What an adventure! I'm so sorry the bus broke down! I'm so glad nothing bad happened while y'all waited for the other bus.
    But everything else sounds like it was a fun time.
    Welcome home! :)

  24. HI Rondell - thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Looks like you all had a great time. Love all your pics.
    Will keep you in my fav list too :)
    Have a wonderful day.


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