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Friday, November 7, 2008

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday on Friday~

Well, it has been a few days since I've posted and I don't really know how to explain how I feel except to say that Linda from Behind My Red Door said it all, thank you Linda you said everything that I would have said! I have been quite upset over the remarks said just because people voted for Obama, it made me physically ill to tell the truth.. enough to not want to blog anymore, but I had to remember that there are good bloggers out there and frankly I would be missing their friendship so much if I didn't blog and I do enjoy blogging soooo that said I'd like to show you what I have been doing:)
This first picture is of a wooden flag that I have had for a long time, I did move it over to the left a little more after I took the picture,:) I had it outside this spring and summer but brought it in the day after the election and was taking it into my patriotic bedroom when I stopped and thought that I'd put it up on the top of my hoosier to always remind me of that special day!
I have been working on this dresser for a while, it's from the 30's or 40's not really sure, but as you can see it was really scuffed up especially after I sanded it. I did paint it black but for some reason it turned out terrible. So after looking at it for a few days I decided to use what paint I had and painted it Buff and distessed it and stained it. Stush also fixed the wheels on the bottom and the drawers so that they would slide in and out better:)

This is how it turned out, what do you think? I still need to hang the mirror and finish the penny rug, just needed to blanket stitch the back to it.
What I like about this dresser is that there isn't any hardware and has deep drawers that hold my sweaters and turtlenecks nicely.

I may decorate it differently but for now this is what it is, I do know that I'll keep the penny rug there though. Stush bought me a gallon of black, satin paint today so I'm pretty sure I'm going to do the navy boxes black:)

Well, I have to run to Michele's ...thanks for stopping by:)
Added...What I'm thankful for today...I'm thankful for my blogging friends!


  1. I like your distressing. I love the way distressed things look and they are so much friendlier with children in the house....don't have to worry about extra nicks.
    I think it is sad that people cannot look at the election as a positive change for our country and be a part of the solution. We all need to work together to make an impact.
    I haven't been to curves in two weeks because the election talk there last week made me sick. Some people are so narrow minded.

    Keep blogging. I would miss you!

  2. Rondell,
    I really have to agree with you about the last few days. Linda did put everything very nicely in her post today! It's what I wanted to say. I thought about saying something but I really try to stay out of religious and political debates. They don't end too well most times. Now that our new President has been elected, many people are acting like the world is about to end. There are some things we may not agree with but that's the case with anyone in this world. We have to also realize that the President is NOT a dictator and even if most of the house and senate belongs to the same party, they're not just going to follow him. Those people are there because other people elected them and they're supposed to listen to what their constituents are saying and vote with their hearts and heads, not just with their party. With every Presidency, some things take place that they promise and other things do not...time will only tell.

    I also believe we're all entitled to our own opinions. We do not always have to agree but they're are nice ways to say that and then mean, hurtful and spiteful ways, too. People need to just be NICER in general, I believe but then I'm also learning there are still many wonderful people out there and I'm meeting so many of them from blogging :) It's a nice reminder every day that there are still kind hearted people out there in the world!

    Jeremy has a waterfall dresser like yours :) His has handles and he still has the round mirror that attaches to the back. Jer has had that dresser for most of his life and he was always talking about that day when he got rid of it. Until finally I got through to him that it's actually made of real wood...even the veneer is REAL wood. He has grown to love it and appreciate all that it can hold :)

    I would really like to do a makeover on Jer's dresser but I don't want to paint it. I need to lightly sand and re-stain like I did with Shane's nightstand. I found a waterfall nightstand for $10 that was covered in glossy chocolate brown paint. It was hideous but with a little oven cleaner to strip the paint, some light sanding and stain, it was good as new! It's beautiful and I know I can do the same to Jer's dresser. I just need to be in the right mood for it. For now, I just put the old Pledge Orange Oil on it and hydrate the crap out of it! LOL

    My Dad and step mom also have waterfall furniture. Deb had several pieces that she's picked up here and there and they did not match. So, she talked to me about painting and what process to go through. Hers looks kind of similar to yours but she just dry brushed white on the furniture lightly and sealed. She did the night stand, armoire, dresser and vanity all the same and what a difference!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Thanks Rondell. I had to say something and I sturggled how to say without being defensive. That would have only fed into the hate that was being spread. I know how scared some of them feel. Change is hard.

    The dresser came out great!! Sometimes we keep someting because it's purpose outwieghs it's not so perfct prim look. That is how it is with my dining room table.

    Have a great weekend my friend!

  4. Hey girlie...glad to see you back...I am glad you didn't decide to quit blogging...love to stop by and read your posts!...I have a dresser just like that one...haven't done anything with it yet though...maybe i should now that I see yours!...blessings,char

  5. Hi Rondell!
    I know what ya mean... and how ya felt...I felt the same!

    Love that FLAG and where ya put it! and your dresser turned out great!!!

    Enjoy your day, girl!


  6. love the dresser~it looks great!

  7. First of I want to say (after I wipe off the drool from your new prims...), is I have deeply dissapointed as well. I too have taken a little break and gather my thoughts before posting again. I was left a not so kind comment on my blog by anonymous (BTW, I know who it is) and I had to delete it and put my blog moderator on. I try not to or don't intend to put anyone down on blogs or in real life. It's not my place to judge anyone...I hope we can all move on from this and look ahead. And you are right, there are some really good friends that I have made in blogland and I would hate to lose that. So I will post sometime...

    On a much lighter note, I just love your prims! That dresser turned out awesome! What kind of picture is that on top of it? Is it a stitchery or a print? It's sure cute!!

    I hope everything else is going well with you and have a great weekend!

  8. Rondell~
    Glad you're back online!
    The dresser turned out so prim.
    I think the buff color with the black underlay makes it look very old.
    Have a great weekend~


  9. Hi Rondell,
    The flag is sweet. My dear friend Josie gave me a wooden box with the lid being a very similar flad to yours.

    I love the dresser in the color you painted it...looks great!

    Have a great weekend!
    Love, Kim

  10. Rondell--I am so glad you decided to not to stop blogging. I would really miss you!
    Your dresser looks fantastic! Good work, you! :):):)

    It is really a shame that the people in this country cannot come together for the common good. Sometimes I am so shocked at the way people treat each other. I say, let's work together to bring this country back to its former greatness, pray for peace and harmony, and support the man that was elected to do the job--no matter where our votes went.
    Take care. I hope your weekend is wonderful.

  11. Rondell,
    Don't you dare give in.I love ya girl!! Besides I am just starting on my first stitching tonight and you know you was the one that first inspired me!You are always in my prayers and you have to stand up for your decision and we all need to come together and keep the president and this nation always in our prayers!You see, we live in a country that is free and you have the freedom to vote for whomever you feel is right.Stand tall and *HUGS* Have a blessed day.

  12. Rondell, the dresser came out just awesome.


  13. Your dresser turned out great! Love it! And I have to add that your penny rug is looking really good :)


  14. I'm glad you didn't stop blogging Rondell. You were one of the first ones to welcome me to blogland, and I appreciate that.
    I have always wanted a patriotic room. One of these days.....
    I love how the dresser turned out!
    You did a fantastic job on it.

    I agree with what Juanita said about this is a free country and you have a right to vote for whomever you want. I didn't vote of Obama, but that doesn't mean I think you have cooties. hahahahahahahaha!
    I love ya girl! We all just need to have a good laugh and clear the air.

    PS - Your blog was the first one I put on my blogroll...after Jenn's and Carolyns. hehehe!

  15. Love, love, love the way the dresser turned out! Glad you are hanging in there....

  16. First of all...I'm glad you are back blogging. I love visiting you and seeing your beautiful home. It's a shame people have to be mean....just because there are different opinions doesn't give one the right to say harsh things. I have people in my own family who voted differently from me but I love them and respect their opinion and kept my mouth shut. Don't worry about those who can't! I love your penny rug too!!

  17. I too am surprised that grown people feel the need to express their opinions so rudely. I have my opinions about the canidate who did not win, but thats better left unsaid.
    Your dresser looks great! Hugs, and you best not stop blogging because of ignorance amoung us!

  18. I'm so thankful for you too, Rondell!

    You always manage to pull everything together so beautifully. Your prims and new header look fantastic!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend and please don't let rude people spoil your fun. We'd miss you too much!

  19. What a wonderful transformation of the dresser!! I like it that colour too. I like the sweet dreams stitches too.

    re politics....they do say never talk about religion or politics... and I so agree with why never too...it seems to bring out the most disagreeable traits in some people, even though we are all entitled to an opinion. I am glad that your elections are over and hope now that change prevails and the best is done for the country and the world. We ALL need that, no matter who we are or which country we live in.

    Well said Rondell, and please dont let a few narrow minded people put you off blogging!

  20. Rondell, I love the flag hanging - I have one very similar in fact....mine hangs in the peak of our Screen Room....I sure love looking at it when I'm out there....flags give me a very comfortable, safe feeling....maybe it's just me but I guess it's doing for me what it should!

    Your dresser is wonderful...love these old vintage pieces.


  21. Love your latest pics Rondell,
    and don't you dare stop blogging, I would miss you to much! People have gotten quite emotional over your election, heck even us Canadians have gotten that way. Don't let anyone dictate the way you think or talk or blog, its our right as a 'free' country to express ourselves:)

    Wooly hugs to you,


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