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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

~Are your Goodwills good?~

Not around here they aren't, I belong to forums and read all the blogs I can, especially prim ones or the ones who like to decorate and it seems like everyone gets such good finds. Not me, I have went to our local one at least once a week on a different day of the week and nada!!! Just old clothes, old tupperware and dented pots and pans, games (who knows if all the pieces are there) scruffy, stuffed animals and books. Granted I do so like to read and I have found some books that I have enjoyed but I want to find some really neat project that I can redo to make it more prim...here is all that I've found:
1. Round wood bowl that was small for .50 that I painted brown over black.
2.Very small brown and beige stoneware jug for 1.00
3. Larger , wood bowl that was navy with stars that I painted black for 1.00
4. A pair of Calvin Klein shorts for 2.99 that I have worn alot.
Maybe I should try again when the yard sales start around here, maybe people drop off what they don't sell which would be the weekend here. When I'm there I see people going out the door with bags and I say to myself what are they buying? Sure beats me.LOL Oh, and one time I did buy a brand new mop for 1.00 which I still have so maybe I have found somethings because now that I have all down before my eyes I use everything I have found!!!


  1. The closest Goodwill to where I live is about a 15 mile drive. I have been there once....last fall with my Gram. It was kind of a mess! The other one that I was in before had everything all color-coordinated and by size. This one was just a jumble of crap and it took forever just to dig through one small rack of clothes. Not a place to take your 4 year old ;) They get bored too quickly...even if you are shopping for them! LOL

    We have two thrift stores in the nearby town. One is owned and operated by the church. It's decent but the parking can kind of stink since it's right in town so I don't go in there often. Also, the 4 year old thing comes into play again. She wants to play with the toys, not wait for me to dig through clothes! LOL

    The other store is run by a non-profit agency. Some people won't go in there because they have prisoners from the county jail in there on work detail. They teach them to refinishe furniture and do canning and things so they're doing something and learn a trade that can help them later. I like this ts the best because it's got a lot of furniture and home goods (no clothing). I find a lot of Prim goodies there and things I can make Prim, too. If I only had the room, I could have bought a hoosier for $75. It was baby blue but I could have fixed that baby up!

  2. I'm an avid thrifter. When we lived in the "big city" we had a huge Goodwill but I never found anything decent and the prices were way too high. We have a Salvation Army in town, mostly clothes. When we go to the "little city" near us, I like to check out the big Salvation Army, MCC (church run) and Value Village. I've found great stuff at all three. The SA is in the process of moving so my last visit was a bust.

    (from the Sampler forum)

  3. Oh Shirlee,
    I'm so thrilled you stopped by, I'm really excited about this blog my head is spinning with ideas, please check back often...love that Country Sampler!!!


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