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Saturday, March 29, 2008

~Some Pics of my Favorite Things~

My hoosier...paid 100.00 from an estate of 90 some year old man. My corner cabinet that I've had since the 80's the inside used to be painted blue paid 100.00 for it unfinished. Here is a desk that I paid 25.00 and painted a barnred, I'm thinking on doing it in black. What do you think?
Now the drysink, this I go back and forth with....you see, it was my mom's, in the 70's my oldest brother bought it unfinished for her and stained it. Both mom and Dave are gone now and I just feel bad to paint it and distress it (although I think it would look so neat). I did change the white, ceramic knobs for the iron star ones on the drawers. I'll be sure to post a pic if I do ......Yesterday I spent all day trying to post pics, I mean I did post the other day duh!! Oh how the brain gets one you reach a certain age.lol


  1. i have to tell you that i just love your blog...and your name is way to cute....it puts a smile on my face every time i see it....

  2. Thank you Primlim, I recognize that cat in your picture, I have to leave right now for a purse party but when I come home I'll be adding your blog to my favorites.

  3. Oh more more !!!! Love all your goodies !! You know we are a curious bunch....yes, a BUNCH of looky loo's are we !!! ...lOL...Just have to see others homes and ooh and ahhhhh....
    So glad you posted pics of some of your home....now, more please ?????

  4. I love your stuff :)

    I sooooo want a hoosier! I saw one at the TS for $75 once. It was painted baby blue but I could have worked on that baby for sure! I just don't have room! :( WAHHHHHH!

    Show us more! I have to second what Robin said....I'm curious about other Prim lovers homes! I LOVE to see pictures!

  5. primlin56, could you give me the link to your blog so that I can add it to mine? Thanks

  6. Thanks robin, your are a sweetie and I'll be posting more pics soon.

  7. Leslie, I wish you could have got that hoosier I can just imagine what you would have done with it!!!

  8. Oh I love your "favorite things"!! Quite prim and wonderful!!! Congrats on figuring out the pix posting...you did a wonderful job!!

  9. Love your pretties! More pictures, please! LOL

    And if you're down in North Carolina, come visit my shop; I'd love to meet you!



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