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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

~My Stitcheries~

I'm back again just trying to figure this posting of photos


  1. Wow. You've done such a good job!! This site looks great. Corrie loves the name!

  2. Very nice stitcheries! I overthink them. I don't just think about fabric and words..I want sayings and designs! I need to try something simple like this!

  3. I LOVE your stitcheries !!! I want to make one like that for my Bedroom ...Are you selling those ??? Keep up the posting and I'll be back fro sure to check out what your up to !!! Have fun blogging !!!

  4. Leslie,
    They are very easy to do, I made those five in one day. The hard part is finding the frames but they were fun at Christmas to stick here and there.So glad you liked them.

  5. Robin,
    First thanks for visiting my blog and I've also added you to my favs on my blog. Yes, I'd sure like to sell them but I guess it's one step at a time or one push at a time.lol

  6. Very nice stitcheries. Your blog looks great. I'll bw stopping by again for sure.

  7. Thanks jenw, so happy you stopped by I'll be trying really hard to keep your interest.

  8. Hi there. I just found out about your blog! I really love the stitcheries you have made!


  9. Andrea, thanks so much, I enjoy doing them, I have one that I'm doing and hopefully I can enter the finished project for the T2T that Robin holds on her blog!!!


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