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Monday, March 24, 2008

~My First Post Ever!~

Amazing how nervous you can get doing your first blog, people who read this I wouldn't know even if I saw them on the street. Actually, I'd love to see you on the street. LOL
After reading alot of blogs I thought it would be fun to write about my prim decorating and just my life in general, hopefully it will turn out to be all that I've dreamed it to be. I'll be posting again, maybe even tonight, tomorrow morning at the latest...oh, you are probably wondering about the name of my blog, Tomatoe Creek Prims ? I named it in honor of my dad...when I was little we always passed a creek that was a rusty, orange in color, being about 4 at the time I asked him why the water wasn't clear? He answered that it was a tomatoe creek, just teasing I guess but I do remember that space in time with a smile. So it is born Tomatoe Creek Prims and I'm really excited about it and how far it will take me. Until next time, Rondell


  1. Hi, Rondell! Welcome to BLOGGING :) I thought I would pop in here since you told me that I was your inspiration for starting a blog! I'm honored. I felt exactly like you probably. I thought blogs were cool, I wanted one of my own but I was afraid others wouldn't find it fun or interesting! LOL Now, I'm addicted! You never know!

    The red creek...you wouldn't have happened to have been more in the center of the state, would you? There is a creek about 15 miles from my house called the Red Moshannon. It runs along the border of Center and Clearfield counties. The water was turned red by the iron ore that runs into it. We belong to a four wheeler "club" around that area that travels on the old railroad bed and it's always amazing to see the RED water! :)

  2. Congrats on starting a blog, I'll be checking it to see what you're up to GenÜ

  3. Hi Leslie! Check out my blog I posted pics of my stitcheries, I also left you a comment on your blog today but it wasn't published. We are in S.Western PA. DH says about 3 hours from you and 35 miles from Pittsburgh. Yes, that creek is probably just like the one you see. Thanks again, and you are so sweet to add me to your list of fav blogs, I about fainted when I saw that

  4. Genny, so happy that you stopped by, I'll really try to make it worth your while by checking in here at Tomatoe Creek Prim. I have alot of ideas buzzing around in my head. Thanks!!!

  5. Congrats on starting your blog! You are doing great so far! I have added your blog to my blog!

  6. Thank you so much Deb, I really appreciate it, I hope others will check in to your blog because it is a learning experience, I know I have learned so much from it.


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