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Monday, March 31, 2008

~Sometimes Called Budder Boy~

I know everyone loves their pets be it dogs, cats or birds.....but this one here is so gentle and loving, they say they have no souls but how can something love you so unconditionly not have one and would also give their life for you. A mystery to me , I guess God puts them on this earth to keep us company and to show us sometimes what love really is. His name is Buster!


  1. I caught your question on Robin's blog. You right click and save it to your computer...wherever you can remember to locate it at. My stuff is under My Documents/My Pictures. Then you can upload to Blogspot or to something like Photobucket and link to here. HTH!


  2. Hi Rondell! Awwwww, your Budder Boy is such a sweetie! And he does look very kind and gentle. I truly believe that animals have souls. I had a cat who passed away a few years ago, and she was the best little furry friend I ever had. Unfortunately I was unable to be there for her when she passed away, due to me living in another country now. But she was with my folks, and they took it really hard. Furry friends definitely become a part of the family!


  3. Thanks Leslie you are such a sweetie.

    Andrea what country are you from? Thanks for stopping in I so appreciate it.

    Blessings to you both,


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