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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

~Creative Day~

Yesterday I wanted to do something creative but I knew it had to be easy so as not to discourage me. I decided to paint (which I haven't did in a long time) when my eye focused in on a little, yellow pot of daffadills that I have on my kitchen windowsill I can't remember if I bought at Jo Ann Fabric or the Dollar Store, I bring it out every spring. As you can see on the one picture ....so sorry they aren't in order....it is a bright yellow and it just doesn't go with the colors in my kitchen so I needed to prim it up.LOL I took Lamp Black and painted it, let dry then took mustard paint and sponged some on, after it dryed I knew the mustard paint was also to bright, ( reminded me of a Steeler football item) then I remembered I had some Brunt Sienna and applied that to tone it down. I think it turned out really good and looks much better then the original, don't you? By the way the finished pot is the top picture, I promise to get the hang of posting pictures one day, It didn't take me anytime to do and made me feel like I accomplished something.... in other words it made me feel good!
Tomorrow I'll post another easy makeover that I did which took all of a few minutes to do!!!


  1. Great makeover, Rondell :)

    Don't think I'm being nosey but I noticed you said your pictures are out of order. Are you trying to add them all at once? Or you're not sure which is which or something like that? Do you know you can preview your blog before you actually post to see what it looks like? Oh, and problem I had at first was that I was trying to use the COMPOSE tab and it's hard to get the pictures to go where you want them. When placing the pictures, it's easier to go to the HTML tab and cut and paste to where you want them. I actually don't use the COMPOSE tab anymore because it was driving me crazy! LOL I spend a lot of time in HTML, then preview and then I post and even then end up going back and editing until it's perfect! LOL

  2. Boy Leslie, I'm glad someone else has had trouble.LOL I've learned alot though, I'll try what you said. I was going to take more pictures when my batteries went.
    Loved your eggs and birdnest.

  3. I love the pot!! Way to be creative--it inspires me to look around my house....Julie


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