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Saturday, April 12, 2008

~Things I've Made~

I thought I would share some prim stuff that I have made and just love and kept.... considering all the garage sales I've had!!! The first is a prarie doll I made back about 12 years ago when I think it wasn't very popular to make them so prim looking, I can't even remember where I got the pattern, I think it was in a magazine for free. I made her out of muslin then stained her with stain that you would use for wood, her face is pencil drawn on and her hair is lambs wool stiched on with black DMC floss. ( Sorry...I tried to tag the items in this picture but it just wouldn't work for me) Her dress was from a fat quater that I had picked up at Jo Ann Fabric which I tea dyed, didn't even know back then of coffee dyeing, it was a creme backround with blue stripes. She turned out so prim and she feels like she is made out of leather because of the stain! She has moved with me at least 4 times I'd never get rid of her, she is just always around and very versitale when decorating because she goes in any room I have her in.
On the mantel I have a sampler that I made my second grandaughter Alexandra, her name is at the bottom of it, I've made all 3 of my grandaughters a sampler so they will have something of me when I'm not around anymore. This one here I mounted with rusty nails that I found in my hubs garage and mounted onto a breadboard that I found at a yard sale. Turned out neat I think and I'm sure somehow , someway it will be passed down thur the years!
Also on the mantel is a small, black framed one to the left of the breadboard, it is sitting on a little black bench. It has an old ticking backround with the words Prim Blessings stitched on it.
I guess what I'm trying to convince myself is if I really like and want something enough I should just make it, it would save me some $$$ and I could be creative at the same time. I believe that until I come upon a country store and see all the neat things in there then I just can't resist.sigh Like yesterday.......went to Barbera's Country store and walked out of there with some prim things, I'll take pics and show you them soon.


  1. I love all your prims! Yes I agree it's fun to make them yourself...it takes your time but it does save you $$$. But of course if you come across a good store then it is hard to resist to leave empty handed. :)

  2. How wonderful they are! I have a sampler I started a year ago and have never finished- hopefully I will some day!
    My hat is off to you for getting your done! I love your prairie doll too!

  3. Thank You for dropping by and thank you for the site. I will go and check it out.
    I love your blog and your creative ways. I to agree that if you can make it, it does save money! That is always a great thing and makes hubby happy...LOL. I have been enjoying making my own prim items. I just love to decorate!
    I have added you to my favs.

  4. Rondell- you have been given a "You Make my day Award" at htttp://pilgrimsandpioneers.blogspot.com

  5. I love your prims!! Your so lucky you can make what you love I need to try to make things it too would save me alot of money!!!lol..Have a great night!!~Wendy

  6. Thanks everyone of you, I'm still babysitting, today is my last day, they will be home tonight and then I'll be back to blog.


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