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Sunday, April 6, 2008

~Idea from Country Sampler~

I got this idea from the Country Sampler special issue on page 48, of course my chair is slipcovered and not near as nice as the one in the magazine but I thought it would be fun to try and it only took a few minutes. I took some homespun and tucked it all around the cushion, the slipcover hampered me a little by not being able to really tuck it in tight but I think it turned out neat. Now this chair is in a room that I call the Keeping Room, my husband even calls it that now... LOL and no ones sits in it so it doesn't get all messed up like it would if you sat there all the time, changed the look of the room too and gave it "spring" look that all we prim lovers are looking for this time of year. Let me know how you like it okay? Oh, the pillow, I couldn't resist, I bought at my favorite store in Belle Vernon "The Country Store", the words Old Crow are stamped on a piece of khakie, I think I spelled that right, and the crow and red star are felt, just a neat prim pillow. I hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did and I'll tell you why tomorrow!


  1. Looks GREAT !!! I love that pillow too !!!!!

  2. Looks good, I too love the pillow.

  3. hey , I like it !!!!!!!!!

    Theresa R.

  4. i have a chair just like this and i hate the flowers on it. i see how you did the cushion but how did you do the rest of the chair and how much fabric did you use?

  5. Alaska family, the barn red ,checked material is a slipcover from Surefit. Thanks for stopping in!


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