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Thursday, April 3, 2008

~Easter Show~

Everyone was here for Easter dinner and my grandaughters decided to put on a show for us. They had got into my stepdaughter Jennifer's dance customes, amazing what getups they came up with.LOL They danced for us and had a good old time, they are l to r: Samantha 3, Alex 4 and Sydney 6. When I was younger I never ever thought I'd like being a grandmother but boy have they changed my mind.smile The oldest Sydney, was born a week before my mom passed away and she has a little place in my heart because she helped heal the hurt.
I was going to post about a makeover I did but when I went to take a picture the batteries went in my camara so I have to wait for my son Chris to get them for me. He's a manager at Best Buy and always picks me up things I need.
I'm also cleaning my bedroom, taking out the winter clothes and putting them in plastic containers then bringing out the spring and summer clothes. I dislike doing this but I know it needs done, I'm also moving my bed, I'm angleing it in the corner just want more room in there.
Well, I better get going..... that bedroom needs to get finished and I know no one else will do it but me!!!


  1. They look like they are having a great time..lol

  2. Hi Deb, thanks for commenting, yes, they had a good time. I've added your blog to my favs on here and wanted to tell you that I clicked on the Gooseberry book and also the coffe. Can't wait to get them.


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