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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

~Sunday Fleamarket~

Hi everyone, it's a beautiful morning here in Pennsylvania, the sun is out and it just says "Spring"! Sunday was nice too but a little chilly the morning I went, I've been going to this one fleamarket for about 20 years and always manage to find something. I love driving there too because it's all country along the way and in the summer there is usually yard sales along the road which I try to stop at as many as I can and not spend all my cash before I even get to the fleamarket.LOL
The fleamarket was in full swing by the time I got there but not as many outside that I thought there would be, they have a large building full of people selling fruit and vegetables, books, baked goods and my favorite the man that sells pepperoni and pizzas! I always buy a pizza for my youngest he had been going to the fleamarket with me since he was 3 or 4 (now 28) and he loves those pizzas. I found a parking space real quick and proceded to the first table it always seems like I'm contending with other women when I get out of my car, everyone's walking real fast to get there and get the neat "stuff"first.LOL Well, they got there first this time because I'm limping from a knee injury, which I have to get scoped on the 25th, my first find was something I've always wanted a reproduction candle mold for only $2.00 so neat and it is now on my mantel.
I found a table that had old photos, I love looking thur these long lost relatives especially the baby ones. I came across this picture of three ladies and a man, the women all have bonnets on and the man a hat and they look like they are sitting and leaning against a split rail fence. On the back of the picture it says " Lottie Wise & friends " I was disappointed that there wasn't a date, why wouldn't Lottie put the date? I paid $3.00 for it. I picked up a blue ball jar for $3.00 also, I'm starting to collect them again. I think the neatest thing I found though was this glass door hanging cupboard, I stopped and looked at it thinking I could paint it black and distess it but thought "Oh, he probably wants at least $15.00 for it" so I started to walk away when I stopped and thought "No..... it will be gone when I come back" I asked him how much and when he said $5.00 I snatched it up!!!LoL I will be painting it black and I think I'll put the photo inside on the shelf.
All in all it was a good day, I thought I'd treat myself since the next day was my birthday! We celebrated Saturday by going to the "Habachi" a Japanese resturant in McMurry. All my kids wore there except Chris, he had to work and my "little girls" . Today is my DH' s birthday and I have already made him a cake this morning.
What a great weekend it was, weather was good, food was good!!! Oh, and also a special gift from my bestest friend, Lori, she sent me a book that I have wanted for a long time "Of Hearth and Home" by Judy Condon, it is just full of prim pictures. You can only buy this book from her and I know she sells them on ebay and you can reach her on her website marshhomestead@comcast.net I hope she doesn't mind this plug about her book LoL but I think it is just wonderful and plan on getting her 1st and 2nd one too!
Have a great day and I hope it is sunny where you are too.


  1. Great finds and good deals! Can't wait to see that cupboard all Primmed up and hung on the wall! Good deal!

  2. Thanks Leslie, couldn't believe it myself! I read your blog today and plan on writing about the subject too for tomorrow.

  3. I would like to know more about the book "of Heart and Home." I love prim. I really like the magazine, Country Sampler. I have the special edition--I'll have to look at that chair. Also, I am new to blogland--what does DH stand for? Thanks--I loved your pictures. Julie

  4. Hi Julie,
    DH stands for Darling Husband and I'm so glad you stopped in. The Hearth and Home book is so neat, you would love it all full of pictures of prim things.

  5. Wow! I can't believe the fantastic prices you paid for your wonderful finds. That cupboard would be at least $50 or more here in Wisconsin. I'm so excited for you and the great things you got. I would love to have a candle mold too. I don't have a blog; I'm just too busy reading and enjoying everybody else's:)


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