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Friday, April 18, 2008

~Pics of Barbera's Country Store Finds~

Good Morning Everyone,
Well, I got back last night and yes I'm happy to be home, I watched them for 5 days and it sure was an experience, as I said before in my last post it brought back alot of memories and now I know why God gives them only to the young. smile, I thank Him though for the time he gave me...all those hugs and kisses were all worth it.
Ok.... I promised to show you the prim stuff I found at "Barbera's Country Store"located in Greensburg, PA. I love going in there and to my knowledge it seems that everything is made from the United States of course I could be wrong I'm not an expert but you can usually tell when the items are from China. When I first glanced at this little, clay pot I thought it was redware, I've been getting interested in it here lately, but here it is just an ordinary clay pot painted to look like redware. I thought it was really amazing, I can't tell what color of paints were used but maybe you can and can comment to me what you think they may be. Boy, I can see all types of clay items painted like this.....how about the saucers that you can buy to go under the pots to catch the water? Wouldn't they be great painted as redware plates all lined up on a shelf for way less than half the price? Now I will say that the pot is smooth, seems they have sanded it, then the writing is sort of raised not flat onto it, if that makes any sense!!! I've also included a picture of it sitting on a braided, black and tan candlemat, isn't it sweet? Bought it too! I have them both sitting on a cheeseboard that was a blonde wood, I had won it at a jewelery party, I painted it barnred then black and distressed it....all for free!!! To the right of it is a tealight holder, that was a Christmas present from my friend, Lori, from St.Louis, it has a cutout star on the top and the rest is a rounded,screen, just love it and I've had it all over my house. In the blue bowel, from Ebay, is a Crow sampler that I bought the pattern from on Ebay, this is her email...rbhyatt@sboglobal.net just in case you would like to contact her......... What really caught my eye was this sign, loved the border on it and thought it would look great in my newly painted bedroom, I have it on top of the knobs of the painted cupboard doors so you could see it better. The camera is giving a green tinge to the paint but there is no green in it, sort of a golden, tan color very hard to explain, anyway I love it and know that the black, painted furniture that I'm puttng in there will go great.
Today I'm going to paint a pine headboard black and maybe if I have enough paint I'll do the cupboard that I bought at the fleamarket last Sunday I can't decide if I should put it in the bedroom or the newly done bath! It's supposed to be nice this coming Sunday, beautiful weather for fleamarketing but I've decided not to go, I have enough to do around here and maybe we will clean off the back porch and put my swing up!
There is so much to do to get ready for this great weather we are having, can't wait to buy some flowers to put in my flower beds, I love the pink impatients but so do the deer that live around us, I'll go to bed seeing my pots over flowing with flowers and wake up to nothing but stubs.LOL I don't get to upset about it, I feel blessed to get to see them and their babies so close, last year a mother deer had two little ones and she would bring them around and let them play. I actually got to watch the little ones race each other...then the mother raised her head and made a noise, they both came running back to her and off they went thur the woods..... see, even fawns have to listen to their mama.smile
Well, I better get a move on around here the towels in the dryer are done and I've stripped the beds, I can't believe the clothes that I have to wash....I guess doing a load a day does work because there is just Stush and I here. Everything is so dusty from him sanding the bathroom. He is putting Paygo in the bath, hubby's idea not mine, see....they can come up with some good decorating ideas once in a while!!! Have a great weekend, enjoy the weather I know I will, Oh that reminds me I have a good sized birdfeeder that my daughter bought me for Christmas that needs put up on a pole and also my breadboard for my stove that he promised to do for me.......maybe I should just wait until the bathroom is done before I remind him.LOL


  1. What great prims! Excellent idea to do with those plain planting pots! I just love "old" wood bowls. Yours looks great! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  2. awww......babysitting the grands....i can appreciate your comment about god giving them to us when we are young...hehe....i love having them but i love getting home too...you sure did get some goodies....i can't wait to see how you use these in your home...show us please

  3. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my lil ol' blog and saying hello!
    I don't decorate with much inthe way of prim although I love folkart and your new sign really caught my eye. I love it and the colours are perfect.
    I also enjoy painting old furniture pieces etc, so I hope you post pics of the headboard makeover.
    Have a great day! :)

  4. Those are definitely some more good finds! Very nice! I love the photos of your prim decore from a couple past posts. I really like the one of the outside of your front entrance.


  5. What great finds! I love them all! You have inspired me to get busy and see what I can repurpose around my house! I know I have some clay pots!

  6. Hi Primlin56...Yeah, I love being with them but always glad to get home.smile
    Shirlee...I know what you mean, other styles interest me too, check out My Romantic Home listed in my favs, it is just wonderful!
    Andrea....thanks for your compliment on my home, would love to get new doors though.
    Hi Debra, glad I got you going!!!

  7. Love your new finds!

    I'm sure you can recreate your own pots just like that! Just do searches for designs used in redware and get to work. I have a few terra cotta pots that I had a lot of fun primming up a few years ago, too. I had a few in my hands on Friday at the TS and put them back. What was I thinking?

    Can't wait to see your updated pieces when you get them painted and put in place, too :)

  8. I really adore that pot. Sweetness !
    miles of smiles,


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