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Monday, April 14, 2008

~I'm Babysitting~

I'm watching my two grandaughters while my daughter and her hubby are in Cancaun for her work, they'll be home Thursday evening. So far so good.....except the little one came down with a cold so I didn't send her to preschool because all they would be doing is wipeing her nose. smile Got the oldest on the bus for school at 8:25 and told her we would go to McDonalds when she got home at 4:00.
This experience has brought back alot of bittersweet memories for me, I was young when I had my four: 18 when I had my first and 29 when I had my last so I guess you could say I grew up with them. Looking back I wouldn't change a thing about it because I did have a sense of responsibility even at the age of 18 and they all grew up to be professionals, so I give myself a pat on the back for bringing up four good kids.smile
I know in my last post I promised to show a pic of the prim stuff I bought at the country store, I'll have to do that maybe Friday until then I'll be watching these two and going to socker practise the next three days, I'm watching them at my daughters home and I sure do miss my DH, he stopped down yesterday and brought Buster so I did get to see him for a little bit.
Well, I'm off to read some of my favorite blogs while Samantha is playing by me while I type this, I don't know how you young sahm's do your blogs but believe me my hat is off to you. Bless you!


  1. How wonderful you get to spend this time with your grandbabies!!! You asked what Home goods was its like an outlet store but its all thinf=gs for home and gearden and their prices are lower so you can afford more!!! lol...Hope you have a great week with your babies!!!~Wendy

  2. My little one keeps me busy but of course your getting a chance to see that yourself. I wish I had half the energy they had...lol
    My penny rug was not a kit. I got it off the internet, the pattern that is and then I went out and bought the felt to make it. I have been enjoying, something to do while I am watching TV. Have a great rest of the week and enjoy those grandbabies :)

  3. Just checking in to see how watching the kids are doing? :) I'm sure you are having a wonderful time!

  4. How is your week going? I'm sure it's been very busy, but a good kind of busy. Don't feel bad because I honestly don't know how I get everything done from day to day myself and I've been doing this for 9 years now. People think that being at home with your kids is SOOOO easy! LOL

    Hope you are off making great memories....


  5. Hi,
    I found your blod from Wendy`s.It`s been really great visiting!!I love prim country decor:)Enjoy your grandchildren!Blessings!


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