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Friday, September 11, 2009


Some did escape...as you can see in this photo of a stairwell inside the Twin Towers. Stush and I visited Ground Zero in September 2002, I don't know what I expected it was not a pretty site and while we were there I can remember just wanting to leave...I didn't like it there. I always said I wouldn't ever go back but now I think I would since they have started to rebuild. My oldest son Nick was at the Twin Towers in 2000 and I called him while I was there at Ground Zero and he said he just can't imagine it gone. A sad day but a day I hope no one forgets!

Now I hope this next picture makes you smile because I always do when I see him in the drivers seat. Stush takes him every where with him and he loves to go and hang out the window, if we can't find him in the house we look outside in Stush's car and there he will be sitting in the driver's side of the car like he's ready to back out.LOL Stush leaves the hatch up so that he can get in and out!

When I saw him sitting there I ran and got my camera but as you can see he's afraid of it, he turned away on this shot. He is such a sissy all he wants to do is play:)

I stopped at GW yesterday and I did find this swan for .69 it's a small one and I have it on my coffee table. Nothing there and I even went back today and still nothing so I guess I'm in a GW funk:)

I worked Tuesday and Thursday of this week and I work tomorrow morning till 2:30 and I've been tired so that's why I haven't posted anything all week. I have been working on some things but it's for a the Harvest Swap so I can't show I'd want it to be a surprise.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Silly puppy! In the first picture of him, he looks like he is saying, "I dare you to take my picture!".

  2. Hi Rondell,
    That pic is so cute of your dog.
    We are watching our grand dog today and I have been trying to get a pic of her but she won't sit still!
    I need to post on my blog, have been so busy and yet nothing to show for it yet. I will get something on there hopefully by tomorrow.

  3. Love your blog - read you all of the time. I also like the "driver" of the car. He's beautiful. Your are right - we should never forget 9/11.

  4. I enjoyed your post and love the shy dog in the drivers seat. The goose is a nice find.


  5. Oh wow, the dog loves the camera, & had no intention of getting out of car! He is adorable!

    9 11 , I don't think any of us will forget what we were doing that day.

    Hope allis going well with you at work.

  6. Love the picture of your dog! What a hoot! Take some time off to rest up - there's lot of fall decorating to do, Dawn

  7. AWWWW, how cute is your dog!! So funny, shying away from the camera like that. :)
    The swan was a great find! Our GW hasn't had anything in a very long time.
    Have a great weekend Rondell!
    Hugs~ Birgit

  8. I don't think anyone will forget 9/11. I was on my way to work when the news broke in and then we listened to the pentagon attack on the radio. So sad but we must not ever let this happen again.

    Aren't dogs the greatest. Always happy to see you. Love the picture of the dog in the drivers seat.

    The swan is great. Sixty nine cents is a great buy.


  9. Oh Rondell!
    I so love that picture of your critter. Love that swan how beautiful is that? What a beauty. I have to tell you our little Handsome "Bruiser" is the same way as your critter. If you leave the door to the truck open, he gets in, and he will NOT get out until you take him for a ride. I can back out of the drive way and pull back in, and then he will get out, because he has moved in the truck. He is so easy to please. Thanks for sharing sweetie. Love it, just love it. Country hugs, Sherry

  10. I think those of us that lived and watched 9-11 unfold before our very eyes, we will never forget the lives we had...
    As for that puppy, you'd better get him insured if he's gonna be driving!!

  11. LOL, what an adorable stinkery stinker of a doggie in that driver's seat, thanks for the smile on this solemn day:)

  12. LOL at your cute pup in the drivers seat!! Tell him to buckle up! Love your halloween blog template!

  13. Officer: "May I see your license, dog?"

    Dog hands over rabies tags...

    Officer: "This seems to be in order. Drive safely and have a nice day..."

    Dog: "Woof!"

    I love that little swan you got!

  14. Rondell,
    I love the little swan you picked up at the GW!!
    Your dog is so cute in the driver's sit of the car!! It looks like he's just waiting for you to drive him some where or should I say...it looks like he's waiting to drive you some where!!

  15. Love that picture ~ our dogs do that alot, too. Have a great weekend, Rondell.

  16. What a great size swan! it will fit in so many spaces.

    LOL Cute doggy pictures! As big as Jay's dog is, he is a sissy too. The bigger tey are, the harder they fall!

    I hope work went well today and you aren't too exhausted to enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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