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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~Sweet Friends, Football & Country Store~

Hello Prim Friends,
How are you today? Cool and rainy here in Pa., yesterday the wind was blowing and it looked like it was raining leaves...amazing how nature works isn't it? Our yard now is covered with leaves until Stush uses the riding lawn mower on them:) I'm finally enjoying the fall weather... I fought it until I decided to just appreciate the show that He gives us:) It's so beautiful!

Life is full of little surprises, things that touch our hearts and puts a smile on our faces when we least expect it, that happened the other day to me when Stush brought the mail in...I could see the manila envelope in the pile of mail and was so surprised and pleased that the return address was from Lisa...Black Sheep Prims ! I just could not guess what was in it, I had admired the blue fabric that she had in one of her pictures with the stitching on it so sweet Lisa sent me two of the napkins, she said that she left the stitching up to me:) I finished it last night and have it in my fridge display, doesn't it look so nice? I love it against the wood of the box and of course I love the blue!!! Thanks again Lisa! Here is a close up;
Friday I went to The Country Store, always a relaxing time for me, she had some new things in, which is always a treat, Friday is my day where I don't watch kids or work so what better way to spend a couple hours then to visit your favorite store! I always buy one of the battery candles when I go there I needed one for the tin candle holder that I had found at the consignment shop for $2.00, I wanted to hang it here.

Next I found this picture of the Declaration of Independence hanging on the right...I'm not keeping it there though I think I'll hang it on the right side of the shelf above the sofa, just have to do it.LOL

Here is a closer view of it...wish I had taken a pic of the frame, it looks like it was done with a heat gun...rough and bubbly!

Friday nights in the fall around here are football nights, Stush is an avid football watcher and Steeler fan plus my oldest son is a high school coach, as of now he is undefeated and it's always a family night on Fridays. Truthfully, I don't watch the players( I don't know any of them although one of the playes is a Steeler's son) I watch my son coach...it's so funny because I can read his actions even sitting way up in the bleachers! Game before last the score was close but I knew we were going to win just by watching him, I could see the confidence in him and we did win, I can also tell when he is upset with the team, he isn't one of those YELLING type coaches thank goodness, I can see he is one on one with each football player. When they do what they are supposed to do and they come off the field there is a pat on the back, shoulder and helmet of each one. I sit there and think that he has learned so much...from his own high school playing , coaches and life and I'd like to think that some is from me too.LOL

There band is fantastic...you can see the band leader, in the black uniform, held up by other band members:)

Here the are all spread out on the field.

and here's my youngest Chris, sorry not a good pic of him) he is the stat guy, Michale used to be here too until he moved to Annapolis, MD. He said this time of year he really misses home and being there with his brothers at football time, he trys to make it home for some games.

Our Sydney:) drinking hot chocolate!

Michele and Samantha!
That's been my life lately friends, I work today so I have to get some things done around here, hope everyone is having a great day!!!


  1. Hi Rondell,
    There should be more coaches like your son!
    I know you are proud of him.
    How long do those battery candles last? I have been wanting to get some of them.
    Have a good day.

  2. That was so sweet of Lisa. Luv how it turned out. Luv that picture and that tin candle holder,wow only $2 bucks. I never get that lucky. Have a great day and thanks for sharing your great pics:)Sherri

  3. Rondell...How nice of Lisa to send you the blue ticking napkins. Love your corner display with all of your stitcheries. So glad that your son is such an inspiration to so many.

  4. What great friends we have in bloggerville!
    I love that fabric too!
    Because of you, I am now reloving the color of colonial blue...why did I ever rid it from my home? Thank you for bringing the love back!
    Ahhh...I love a good football game.
    You have taught your son well...you should be very proud of him...and I can tell you are.

  5. Hi Rondell!....that was so very sweet of Lisa to send you that fabric and it looks wonderful where you placed it!....love the goodies you bought too!


  6. Oh Rondell!
    How absolutely precious. I love to read your wonderful writings. Your love for your family just shines through. It always makes my day.

    I love what you did with the blue napkins. 1860 hu? I love the little battery operated lights, I need to purchase a couple of those, and when I do I will make sure they know you sent me there. Thanks for the tip sweetie.

    Go team. Yea for the son's team. The season is always so much more fun when they are winning big. Thanks again for sharing.

    Country hugs and love sweetie, Sherry

  7. Hi Rondell! So sweet of Lisa to send you the blue fabric. I love blue and it is so prim in your kitchen. Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    Have a great day even at work!

  8. Your home looks so prim and cozy, and what a wonderful surprise to get in the mail:) Enjoy your day!

  9. I see why you fell in love with those little dish towels. And with the little stitchery in the corner, they are perfect!
    How can you not be proud of your "coach". I wish more coaches would take a page out of his book.

  10. Gosh, what a heart-warming post, from the lovely surprise napkins to your sons to the wonderful band at the high school!!!

  11. Love your photos today..have a great week...:) and glad you had a day just for you..I love those days..:)

  12. Friday night football brings back SO MANY memories. My husband coached high school football for 29 years and that's where you found me every week. Our son is now a coach (but lives in another state) so I know exactly what you are saying. I love all your finds...I've ALWAYS loved seeing pictures of your home. It's cooler in Alabama today...love this fall weather.

  13. Hi Rondell
    Glad to know you have Fridays off. Maybe we can get together again on a Friday. My friend Lisa and I were at The country store on Wed. We were big copy catters and each bought the bowl rack that you hung your new battery light on. Hope you don't mind our copying. I'll get it hung as soon as Carl finishes up the wainscoting. It's looking wonderful.
    Talk to you soon.

  14. My family loves football also. I joke with my daughter that she should become a sports medicine person instead of a teacher. That's great your family goes to football games as a family!


  15. I just love those battery candles! And it just isn't fall without going to a football game!
    Hope you're staying warm!

  16. Rondell,
    Lisa is such a sweetheart, love how you placed the fabric. Your son sounds like the perfect coach. Your weather sounds like ours ~ it sure changed fast.

  17. I just stumbled across your blog when I was looking to see if the Country store in Belle Vernon has a web site. I just went there this week and I am in love! They have the nicest things there! Do you have any suggestions for any other consignment stores or cute shops in the area (Im from Belle Vernon)?

  18. How nice to receive the napkins in the mail. The blue looks so good where you put it. I really like your battery operated candle too.

    Everything looks so nice in your home.

    It is good to be by family. We see ours about 2 to 3 times a year.

    Have a great week.


  19. Family is everything, so time spent together is awesome! I know you are so proud of all of your kids and rightly so.
    Love the ticking and your stitching on it. How sweet of Lisa! She is a sweetheart, isn't she?
    Are you working more than before? Any good stuff coming in? LOL!
    Have a great week!

  20. How sweet of Lisa to send you those towels. They're sweet, sweet!
    You must be so proud of your son for the way he coaches. Too many times in our kids school, we've had the yelling kind of coaches. One was even dismissed for being so negative. Our kids need to be built up and made to feel good about themselves and their accomplishments, not dragged through the mud when something doesn't work out as planned.
    Sorry to go on a little tangent there...
    Enjoy your fall weather~
    Hugs to you~ Birgit


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