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Monday, September 21, 2009

~Craft Show, Find and Harvest Swap~

Well, I figured out why it wouldn't upload my pictures to put on here...there is a little box right by the word upload and that has to have a check mark in it before it will upload, something about agreeing to their terms:) So happy I found that because I tried twice before I noticed that!

Saturday we went to the Covered Bridge Festival which from the start didn't go so well, when I got to my daughter's Samantha was giving her a hard time about what she was wearing then we finally get to the car and I realized that I forgot my camera, I hate when I do that,grrrrrrr.
We finally get there and the place is packed (they hold it for 3 days) you couldn't get into the tents, so crowded and Michele had to stand outside with the girls and couldn't look, not fun for her. The girls were whiny and wanted to do all the things they had there for kids, train, petting zoo and one was set up for games like at a carnival...what was he doing there at a craft show? I feel it just wasn't the place for him to be because it made the kids want to hang out there...another grrrrrrrrr! Not a good day folks! I did manage to find two things...I call this Lady Liberty, she is made out of really heavy tin I saw her then went back to get her because there was only one of her! I don't know where she will be put but I'm sure I'll find a place, I put this battery candle in there but I think it's to big so I'll go with a smaller, wax one.
My second thing was this blueish, gray buttocks basket it was only $15.00 and I decided to get it because I knew Michele just wanted to go home:)

Here is a close up of it!

Last Friday I went to get my hair done and stopped by the consignment shop across the street she always has just a few prim things and I've had my eye on this for a few months so I paid $8.00 for it and I'll prim it up...more than likely black!

Now on to the Harvest Swap that I did with Allison from the Sew Many Girls blog! She certainly spoiled me with two bowl fillers a pumpkin and sunflower which believe it or not I don't have.LOL Three candles two with the scent of Apple Pie one of my favorite scents for fall! The cutest Annie with a fall dress and bag on her and also some fall fabric! Love it Allison!

She also sent me this gorgeous rag, star, runner in fall fabric...I have it on my coffee table , again thank you Allison I love everything:)

Here is a close up of the fabric! Everything goes so well with it I think!

Here also is a close up of my diningroom table display with the bowl fillers and the tin can for fall that I have one of the Apple Pie candles in and burning as I type this:)

I know I haven't blogged for about four days but ladies I've been so tired what with working and still watching the girls, I'm off today but still took and picked up Samantha at pre-school. I'm also catching up with laundry and still have to vacuum, oh well it will get done, watching the girls is only for this school year than Samantha will be in all day kindergarden:)
Have a great fall day!!!


  1. I loke your swap goodies. I can remember taking my girls to craft shows when they were little. No fun!! Now they are older and like to go. Tell her it will get better.

  2. Oooo...she did spoil you! I can almost smell that apple pie right now! lol I know what you mean about taking kids to shows like that :) At least you got to look a little bit and you found a few goodies! Love that Lady Liberty!


  3. Hi Rondell, Love the Buttocks basket! Just love it! It's perfect!


  4. I hate when places are so crowded you can't look, our big local fall festival is coming up and its the same way, I go first thing in the AM on the first day, and they I get the heck out:)I love your lady liberty and the big buttocks (LOL) basket!!!

  5. Your swap goodies are great! I love that table runner!!
    Sorry to hear that the craft show didn't work out as you'd hoped. You got some nice things though. :) I could never bring my kids to things like that either. I like to spend way too much time looking. :)
    Glad to see you posting!
    Hugs~ birgit

  6. I love that basket! I always enjoy seeing all the blue in your home!


  7. love all the goodies you bought and received..have a wonderful week..:)

  8. I absolutely love your Lady Liberty, Rondell! I'm so glad you got her! I would have grabbed her too! Also love that basket!

    I've had days like you mentioned too...sorry it wasn't a good one...when the kids want to do their own thing!


  9. Rondell,
    Love all the goodies you got from the Harvest Swap...everything looks great where you displayed it!!
    It sure can be hard to take little ones to a craft show. Sorry to hear that it was not as enjoyable as you had hoped.

  10. Hi Rondell
    Love all your swap goodies. That tin Lady liberty is wondeful. I went to Penn's Colony here in our neck of the woods last weekend. i took only 1 of my 2 girls and she wasn't too bad. I bought more that I wnated to since she was along but it kept her busy. Have a good day.


  11. Rondell, nice finds even though the day didn't go as well as planned.

    I'm sure everyone understands about being tired and working. I no longer work outside the home, but I am always tired from everything else I have to do!

    Have a good week!

  12. Love all your prim goodies! Especially lady liberty!!

  13. Oh Rondell, I'm SO sorry you had such a day...Maybe it was a GOOD thing you forgot your camera!!!

    Just LOVE your Lady Liberty & a good deal on the Buttocks Basket too...

    Wishing you Better Luck on your Next Festival...

    Joyous Autumn To You...

  14. Everything looks so pretty. You have some really nice finds there and some really nice swap items.

    Have a great week.


  15. What lovely fall goodies, Rondell! I'm sorry your outing was so frustrating though. That's just no fun for anyone.

    Happy Fall!


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