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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Not much ladies, wish I was but just haven't had the time lately...right now I'm washing Chris' clothes and Monday I did ours:) So I spend my off days cleaning and laundry and watching grandkids and feeling like I'm a taxi cab driver.LOL I've did all this before but here I am again but much older doing it, I took Chris to this same pre-school!!!

I have found time to decorate for fall today, the days here in western Pa have been so nice but I know it's coming to an end and that is WINTER is coming...yuck!!! Anyway, I added a cinammon stick scarecrow that I've had for years to this shelf in my keeping room! I bought this cute scarecrow in Giant Eagle of all places...his blue overalls caught my eye:) On his head is faux bittersweet I thought it was real until I looked really close, wish I knew where that came from:) This is in my keeping room also!
I got a few things out in my entryway too, a faux pumpkin that I stained last year, ears of Indian corn and leaves I put on this little bench!

This is by my chair in the entryway, love the simplicity of it, the leaves are in a saltglazed jar that I bought years ago for $3.00 (early 80's) actually I got two that day and I've always loved them!

A short post I know but I'll try to have more things that I'm working on next week, it's just been crazy around here as I'm sure it has been at your house,LOL. Who ever owns the Dollar Tree is sure making a killing I worked yesterday and neve stopped ringing, just one after another!
Stop by Leslie's to see what everyone else is doing:)
Have a wonderful fall day!


  1. How fun to see more of your fall decor, Rondell! I hope you get to enjoy some down time soon, my friend. You sound pooped!

  2. Lucky girl - I want to get time to decorate too! Not sure what to do, because we will probably be moving next month. Oh well, love what you've done so far. More pics please!!! Dawn

  3. Love your fall decor, Rondell. Your header is great. Get some rest, you sound exhausted.

  4. Haha! It is surprising to see such cute things at Giant Eagle. No one would expect a grocery store to carry such things but ours has really cute items too...and Fuel Perks to boot!

  5. Your home is looking so lovely and ready for fall. That is a very unusual scarecrow, I like how his limbs are made.

  6. I am tired from all your running, LOL! Dont forget to take time for Rondell! Love the fall touches.

  7. Hi Rondell
    I was down your way today with my friend Lisa to show her the wonderful prim shops. We both bought the bowl shelf that you have from The Country Store. I bought some homespun too. She got a lot more in than when I was there the last time. Lisa got some things at The rusty Angel but I am saving my pennies.
    You sound so busy. Hope you are taking some time for yourself.
    I love all your fall decorations.


  8. Hi Rondell, I so enjoy seeing your decorating....it's beautiful as usual.
    I am always amazed at how busy our Dollar Store is - that's a good thing.


  9. I'm with ya, girlfriend! Now you know why I am always beat -- work long hours and then need to find time to prim!!! Hey, having a job is great these days, so enjoy the extra $$~ love your pictures -- especially the one at the top of your blog! So warm and cozy!

  10. Hi Rondell, Know how you're feeling as I seem to be playing catch-up! But what you have done around your home is just lovely and cozy. Thanks for taking time to visit my blog too.
    Best wishes and hope you get the chance of lots of R&R

  11. Rondell your pictures look great. I want to decorate for fall but that will require a trip to hobby lobby to pick up a few things. Not much to work with around here.

    Take Care,

  12. HI Rondell, Your fall decorations are great.I know what you mean about winter,YUCK! Why is it a womans work is never done?? Take sometime for yourself,take care :)Sherri

  13. Rondell, everything looks great! I love the simple things the best!

  14. I enjoy seeing everything you do to your home. Your fall things look just perfect and are in the perfect spot.

    I know what you mean by busy. It seems like we never stop. I do like the Dollar Tree. One of my favorite stores.

    Have a good weekend.


  15. I enjoy seeing your fall decorations, everything is so homey and comfortable, it makes you want to sit down and enjoy the setting.
    I know the cold will be upon us soon so I try to get out everyday and enjoy the warmth.
    Fall Blessings, Carrie

  16. Rondell your home is just so awesome!!! Love the new decor. You have some of the best items to display!!!



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