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Monday, September 7, 2009

~A busy Labor Day Weekend~

What a busy weekend we had, first was Friday and we went to Nick's first football game of the season of course I forgot my camera but his team won so I guess that's all that matters and had a great time cheering him on while eating hotdogs and popcorn!

Then Saturday we had Michele's 40th birthday party and I just noticed that they misspelled her name on the cake LOL, I only used one L when I named her, I liked the name Michele Lee...the actress who played on Laugh In and then later starred on Knots Landing, remember her? I did tear up when we sang Happy Birthday! She is my oldest...I was so young when I had her but I must have did something right:)
Here she is standing behind Chris, there is 11 years between them and they couldn't be closer.

My Three Son's from the left...Chris, Michael and Nick

Here's Chris and Michael inside Michele's house, when they get this age you have to take pictures when you can!!!

And you can't forget the granddaughter's, this is Sydney with her Uncle Chris!

Here's Alex, she started kindergarten this year...she is flying to Alabama this coming weekend, with her mom, to visit her aunt. Nick said she has more flying miles on her than him:)

The kids sure had a great time and the weather the whole weekend was wonderful here in Pa., Samantha is in the middle and Alex on the right.

I figured I should show these pics of out pool before summer is over, we will be closing it soon, I was only in it twice this year that's how bad of a summer we had but I did swim in Michele's with the girls.

I didn't get to paint my chairs this year what with all the painting that went on inside but that will be #1 on my list come spring!

Ahhhh, my ferns...I didn't get any last year and I did miss them, they just always make a hot day look cooler, they always do well in this spot on the back porch.

I hope everyone is or had a wonderful Labor Day weekend...we sure did! Now it is chilly and raining, thankfully it held off till today!


  1. Oh Rondell,
    I so loved this post honey. What a wonderful job you did today. I love these pics. Your kids are so beautiful. Love the birthday cake too. Looks yummy. I would say a good time was had by all. I am off today so I get to send out a few messages this morning and visit a few of my favorite blogs. Thanks for sharing sweetie. Your yard looks absolutely beautiful. Country hugs and love, Sherry

  2. You have a beautiful family Rondell~ I just keep shaking my head that you have a 40 year old daughter!!! Whatever you are doing keep it up because you look AMAZING!
    I think you need to start sharing your beauty secrets with us on your blog!

    Have a great day!

  3. What a lovely family you have and that cake looks SO YUMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!!!

  4. Rondell,
    What a good looking family you have!
    I love the view from your back porch. How many acres are there? The pool looks so inviting, we haven't really had much of a summer here either. Having a little rain right now, it should be coming your way soon!

  5. Love all the family photos. That pool looks great I love it! You have great looking children! I love the new header!


  6. Happy Labor Day Rondell!

    It is absolutley gorgeous here today, sunny cool and dry. I hope your rain doesn't head this way!!

    I loved seeing your family and I agree with what Robin said about having a daughter that age!! AMAZING!!

  7. Rondell ~
    What a wonderful looking family you have and your pool is so great. I bet the grandkids love it. Love your ferns ~ they look so healthy. Have a great day.

  8. Rondell,
    You pool and yard look wonderful. It's been cool this summer here in Ohio also...feel great, but not so good for swimming.
    It looks like you all had a great time!

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Loved seeing all the pictures of kids and grandkids! What a beautiful pool! Maybe next summer will cooperate a little better. Have a great evening, Dawn

  10. Hi Rondell!....Thank you for sharing your most wonderful family with us....your pool looks very inviting and your backyard looks beautiful!....I've always loved the way Boston Ferns look and your's look amazing!


  11. Your ferns look great. Aren't they the greatest. I have 9 of them also. I am going to try and save them over the winter.

    Looks like you have a great holiday with your family. That is always so much fun. Birthdays are always fun.


  12. Bumper crop of good children you have there, and wonderful grands, too...what a lovely cake despite the misspelling!

  13. A fun filled family day is always the best thing! Love your new look and ferns too! I have one that I've got to find a spot for inside soon.

  14. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I do remember Michele Lee, because Knots landing was my all time favorite soap for a long time. I miss it!

    Have a great week!

  15. I love the family posts too, Rondell! Your granddaughters are so sweet and they look like they were having lots of fun! And happy birthday to Michele! I remember Michele Lee!

    Your pool area looks so inviting!

    Have a great evening! :)

  16. Hi Rondelle! What a good looking family you have! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday weekend! It's always a good time when family gets together, isn't it?!(:
    Oh, almost forgot...love your "fall" blog decor! (: Blessings~Kathy

  17. Great family pics! Beautiful pool! Really not the weather here in Pa for much of a summer. Great weekend though.



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