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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

~Whatch Working on Wednesday~

This is what I've been working on...it seemed like it took all day too. LOL I like how it turned out. I painted it this morning and let it dry then distressed it but since it was such a wet, dreary day I didn't want to use the walnut stain so I went to the Dollar General and got some Kiwi brown shoe polish, I think it's neat for small projects like this but not for bigger ones anyway it came out neat and was dry right away it seemed.

I don't know where this is going to end up in my home but I was just glad to get it done! I did paint the white knob, just until I find the same size wooden one to go on there.

Here is a close up:

I know I'm late for WWW but I had to get some things done around here first before I posted on here. I also started something else but just couldn't get it finished in time.

I'd like to say a prim hi to my new friends who have joined me on my blog, thanks so much for coming along with me I so appreciate it:)

Work is fun and I'll be getting more hours as the holidays approach and more on payday which will help for Christmas:)

If you want to see who else did WWW go to Leslie's My Country Home it's alway so neat to see what everyone is doing:)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~Sweet Friends, Football & Country Store~

Hello Prim Friends,
How are you today? Cool and rainy here in Pa., yesterday the wind was blowing and it looked like it was raining leaves...amazing how nature works isn't it? Our yard now is covered with leaves until Stush uses the riding lawn mower on them:) I'm finally enjoying the fall weather... I fought it until I decided to just appreciate the show that He gives us:) It's so beautiful!

Life is full of little surprises, things that touch our hearts and puts a smile on our faces when we least expect it, that happened the other day to me when Stush brought the mail in...I could see the manila envelope in the pile of mail and was so surprised and pleased that the return address was from Lisa...Black Sheep Prims ! I just could not guess what was in it, I had admired the blue fabric that she had in one of her pictures with the stitching on it so sweet Lisa sent me two of the napkins, she said that she left the stitching up to me:) I finished it last night and have it in my fridge display, doesn't it look so nice? I love it against the wood of the box and of course I love the blue!!! Thanks again Lisa! Here is a close up;
Friday I went to The Country Store, always a relaxing time for me, she had some new things in, which is always a treat, Friday is my day where I don't watch kids or work so what better way to spend a couple hours then to visit your favorite store! I always buy one of the battery candles when I go there I needed one for the tin candle holder that I had found at the consignment shop for $2.00, I wanted to hang it here.

Next I found this picture of the Declaration of Independence hanging on the right...I'm not keeping it there though I think I'll hang it on the right side of the shelf above the sofa, just have to do it.LOL

Here is a closer view of it...wish I had taken a pic of the frame, it looks like it was done with a heat gun...rough and bubbly!

Friday nights in the fall around here are football nights, Stush is an avid football watcher and Steeler fan plus my oldest son is a high school coach, as of now he is undefeated and it's always a family night on Fridays. Truthfully, I don't watch the players( I don't know any of them although one of the playes is a Steeler's son) I watch my son coach...it's so funny because I can read his actions even sitting way up in the bleachers! Game before last the score was close but I knew we were going to win just by watching him, I could see the confidence in him and we did win, I can also tell when he is upset with the team, he isn't one of those YELLING type coaches thank goodness, I can see he is one on one with each football player. When they do what they are supposed to do and they come off the field there is a pat on the back, shoulder and helmet of each one. I sit there and think that he has learned so much...from his own high school playing , coaches and life and I'd like to think that some is from me too.LOL

There band is fantastic...you can see the band leader, in the black uniform, held up by other band members:)

Here the are all spread out on the field.

and here's my youngest Chris, sorry not a good pic of him) he is the stat guy, Michale used to be here too until he moved to Annapolis, MD. He said this time of year he really misses home and being there with his brothers at football time, he trys to make it home for some games.

Our Sydney:) drinking hot chocolate!

Michele and Samantha!
That's been my life lately friends, I work today so I have to get some things done around here, hope everyone is having a great day!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Not much ladies, wish I was but just haven't had the time lately...right now I'm washing Chris' clothes and Monday I did ours:) So I spend my off days cleaning and laundry and watching grandkids and feeling like I'm a taxi cab driver.LOL I've did all this before but here I am again but much older doing it, I took Chris to this same pre-school!!!

I have found time to decorate for fall today, the days here in western Pa have been so nice but I know it's coming to an end and that is WINTER is coming...yuck!!! Anyway, I added a cinammon stick scarecrow that I've had for years to this shelf in my keeping room! I bought this cute scarecrow in Giant Eagle of all places...his blue overalls caught my eye:) On his head is faux bittersweet I thought it was real until I looked really close, wish I knew where that came from:) This is in my keeping room also!
I got a few things out in my entryway too, a faux pumpkin that I stained last year, ears of Indian corn and leaves I put on this little bench!

This is by my chair in the entryway, love the simplicity of it, the leaves are in a saltglazed jar that I bought years ago for $3.00 (early 80's) actually I got two that day and I've always loved them!

A short post I know but I'll try to have more things that I'm working on next week, it's just been crazy around here as I'm sure it has been at your house,LOL. Who ever owns the Dollar Tree is sure making a killing I worked yesterday and neve stopped ringing, just one after another!
Stop by Leslie's to see what everyone else is doing:)
Have a wonderful fall day!

Monday, September 21, 2009

~Craft Show, Find and Harvest Swap~

Well, I figured out why it wouldn't upload my pictures to put on here...there is a little box right by the word upload and that has to have a check mark in it before it will upload, something about agreeing to their terms:) So happy I found that because I tried twice before I noticed that!

Saturday we went to the Covered Bridge Festival which from the start didn't go so well, when I got to my daughter's Samantha was giving her a hard time about what she was wearing then we finally get to the car and I realized that I forgot my camera, I hate when I do that,grrrrrrr.
We finally get there and the place is packed (they hold it for 3 days) you couldn't get into the tents, so crowded and Michele had to stand outside with the girls and couldn't look, not fun for her. The girls were whiny and wanted to do all the things they had there for kids, train, petting zoo and one was set up for games like at a carnival...what was he doing there at a craft show? I feel it just wasn't the place for him to be because it made the kids want to hang out there...another grrrrrrrrr! Not a good day folks! I did manage to find two things...I call this Lady Liberty, she is made out of really heavy tin I saw her then went back to get her because there was only one of her! I don't know where she will be put but I'm sure I'll find a place, I put this battery candle in there but I think it's to big so I'll go with a smaller, wax one.
My second thing was this blueish, gray buttocks basket it was only $15.00 and I decided to get it because I knew Michele just wanted to go home:)

Here is a close up of it!

Last Friday I went to get my hair done and stopped by the consignment shop across the street she always has just a few prim things and I've had my eye on this for a few months so I paid $8.00 for it and I'll prim it up...more than likely black!

Now on to the Harvest Swap that I did with Allison from the Sew Many Girls blog! She certainly spoiled me with two bowl fillers a pumpkin and sunflower which believe it or not I don't have.LOL Three candles two with the scent of Apple Pie one of my favorite scents for fall! The cutest Annie with a fall dress and bag on her and also some fall fabric! Love it Allison!

She also sent me this gorgeous rag, star, runner in fall fabric...I have it on my coffee table , again thank you Allison I love everything:)

Here is a close up of the fabric! Everything goes so well with it I think!

Here also is a close up of my diningroom table display with the bowl fillers and the tin can for fall that I have one of the Apple Pie candles in and burning as I type this:)

I know I haven't blogged for about four days but ladies I've been so tired what with working and still watching the girls, I'm off today but still took and picked up Samantha at pre-school. I'm also catching up with laundry and still have to vacuum, oh well it will get done, watching the girls is only for this school year than Samantha will be in all day kindergarden:)
Have a great fall day!!!

~Just to Let You KNow~

Hi ladies...blogger will not let me post pictures, I've tried twice already so I'll keep on trying until it lets me.LOL
I hope you are all having a good day!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

I haven't really been working on to much lately because of work but I did manage to paint my wooden pineapple that I found for $2.00 at the store across the street from where I get my hair done. I just used what paint I had on hand and I think it turned out great...love it! Looks great in my step back:) Here is what it looked like before I put the walnut stain on! Oh, and speaking of work...guess who came in the store while I was working and came thur my line??? Can you guess? I'll give you a hint...she is the queen of crafts, makeovers and blogging. Yep, you guessed it right...

Char from the Pickled Pepper Patch I was so shocked and excited at the same time, I couldn't even tell you what she bought.LOL and lady's I tell you something else she is really pretty! So happy I met her and that she took the time to seek me out at the Dollar Store! Her daughter was with her too so I also got to meet her!

Before work my morning started out with Grandparent's Day at Sydney's school. Here she is at her locker, check out the mirror on her locker door:)

Samantha was there too as it was my day to watch her:)

Stush and I got to go to her room which made me happy, I wanted to see her room and where she sat:)

Hard at work!!!

I can't believe she is going to be 8 years old soon, time is just flying by, I remember the day she was born... me and the boys were so excited and all crowded in the room holding her:)
Have a great Wednesday everyone and stop by My Country Home to see what everyone else is up too:)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

~Beautiful Day Here in Pa~

Hi everyone!
What a gorgeous day here...sunny and just right, I was going to go to the flea market today but figured I had enough stuff.LOL Anyways, the Covered Bridge Festival is next weekend and I'll save my money for that:)

Yesterday I stopped at Center in the Woods, a senior center right up the road from me, they were having a flea market/craft show that started at 8 and I needed to be at work for 9!!! I left the house early and stopped by to see what they had and one lady and her husband were there selling these blocks, instead of using stain she used, I'm sure, a brush to flick paint on it. I also liked the fall colored homespun that she tied around it. I bought Michele one that says Prim Harvest, you don't know how I wanted to keep it but she's good to me:) I also bought these patriotic ones, you can see the flicks of paint on these too.
They didn't have much of a flea market only two tables but I managed to find some things in the short amount of time I had.
Do you remember these old time pencil boxes? This was a $1.00 and painted blue so I figured I had to have it for my desk.

There is a farm scene painted on it:)

This prim can was only .25 and it has a jar inside to put a candle in, hey for .25 I couldn't leave it there:)

I also found this old colander for .50 to put the vegetables in on the counter!

The Dollar Tree had these...they went like wildfire, I think the only one left is the pig...he's a neat sheep for a $1.00!

I bought two cows one for me and the other for Michele to put in her Christmas stocking, I have mine on top of my refrigerator, very appropriate I think. Remember when they were the rage in country decorating? Michele used to decorate with them then but she has since got rid of most and just kept the more prim ones.

That's about all that's going here...Stush is cutting grass and I should go out and take the summery things on the back porch down to the basement.
Have a great Sunday!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Some did escape...as you can see in this photo of a stairwell inside the Twin Towers. Stush and I visited Ground Zero in September 2002, I don't know what I expected it was not a pretty site and while we were there I can remember just wanting to leave...I didn't like it there. I always said I wouldn't ever go back but now I think I would since they have started to rebuild. My oldest son Nick was at the Twin Towers in 2000 and I called him while I was there at Ground Zero and he said he just can't imagine it gone. A sad day but a day I hope no one forgets!

Now I hope this next picture makes you smile because I always do when I see him in the drivers seat. Stush takes him every where with him and he loves to go and hang out the window, if we can't find him in the house we look outside in Stush's car and there he will be sitting in the driver's side of the car like he's ready to back out.LOL Stush leaves the hatch up so that he can get in and out!

When I saw him sitting there I ran and got my camera but as you can see he's afraid of it, he turned away on this shot. He is such a sissy all he wants to do is play:)

I stopped at GW yesterday and I did find this swan for .69 it's a small one and I have it on my coffee table. Nothing there and I even went back today and still nothing so I guess I'm in a GW funk:)

I worked Tuesday and Thursday of this week and I work tomorrow morning till 2:30 and I've been tired so that's why I haven't posted anything all week. I have been working on some things but it's for a the Harvest Swap so I can't show I'd want it to be a surprise.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!