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Friday, June 26, 2009

~ Around the Top of My Cupboards ~

Good Friday morning!
It's gloomy here...I wish it would just go ahead and rain already:) No sun yet this morning but will be 84 and humid!
I went to my daughter's yesterday to turn the filter on for her pool and it was so hot that I decided to go for a swim...the water was so warm that I could just walk in, love it when it's like that, usually I inch my way in:0 A little bit later Nick and Alex came to swim than after a while Chris and his friend we had a good time until Chris went in the house and opened the refrigerator...came outside to tell me that the frig was broke!!! Oh, no!!! That was my late afternoon chore cleaning out a frig that we think had broke on Monday and here it was Thursday, you can just imagine the smell plus ants were there because of melted ice cream. Nick and I cleaned and thur out everything...thank goodness it was garbage night there, when I got home I could hardly eat because I still smelled that smell...yuck! BTW this frig is only a year old, she still doesn't know, I guess I'll tell her tomorrow they will be coming home then I just couldn't see calling and putting a damper on their vacation! At least they won't have to clean it out when they get home just get it fixed.

Here is the top of my kitchen cabinets...as you can see I'm keeping things simple up there...this is the cabinet right above the frig so we are going left to right:) I love the blue canning jars up there. Above the counter where I keep the coffee maker , bread box and cookie jar!
This is above the stove/microwave.

Corner where I have my lamp and kitchen utensils in crocks.

One cupboard over...

Then kitchen window and single cabinet:)

Stush got the ceilings done in the livingroom and diningroom and yesterday did the wall behind the TV and on over past the fireplace. So all that's left to do is about two more walls then painting the trim and doors and I really want to do the mantel too. Today Stush works so nothing will get done today, then we having a wedding to attend tomorrow:) This is taking longer then I ever thought it would but at least now I do see an end in sight.lol
Feeling a little sad too, to lose Ed, Farrah and Michael, Ed will always be part of my childhood and Farrah part of my 20's with Charlie's Angels...Michael's genius with his songs and dancing and the videos... a great entertainer, I always loved his music...so sad!
Have a great day and a big hello to my followers...I do plan on having a giveaway when all this work is finally over to just my followers and blogging friends


  1. love the top of your cupboards...mine are nearly the same so why wouldn't I love it!

  2. Your prims items are so great!
    I always love looking at your home.
    I sent you an email!
    Have a great weekend

  3. I love seeing what other people display on top of their cabinets. I always struggle with that. Love what you've got up there!

    How great of you to clean out that yucky refrigerator!

    Have a great weekend,

  4. The top of your cabinets look great Rondell! I saw two of those blue canning jars at a yard sale last weekend. I should of grabbed them! I like how yours look up there.Have a great weekend!

  5. I love how the tops of the cabinets look. I think I need to thin things out on top of mine. At least for awhile!!


  6. Rondell ~
    The top of your cupboards look great. Mine are just full of old advertising tins & I should probably simplify, too. What a sweetheart you are for cleaning that refrigerator. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I LOVE the top of your cupboards...I wish mine were built so I could display things, but they are closed to the top. I really like that Cracker Jack tin in your header. I'm going to be looking for one for me! I know there will be many thanks for you cleaning out that stinky refrigerator. That wouldn't be a very good thing to come home and find.

  8. I love the peek inside. I really want to see what you are doing in the other rooms. I have blue jars too. I made them into a canister set but don't have room to display them now. So sad....
    June weddings are always such fun. Have a great time.
    I, too, will miss our passed icons but they take the limelight away from Jon & Kate for a while. Can you believe the media attention they get?

  9. Gosh, it all looks so fresh and prim...what a welcoming kitchen! I love yr curtains too...

  10. What a mess that must have been! Had a similar incident...flew back to NC to get my hubby's dad's house ready to sell after he'd passed away. Fridge had broken...you should have SEEN the mildew...inside and out! YUCK!!

    It's been fun going through the house painting along with you. Still trying to get everything cleaned and put back in mine! My top of cabinet pieces are still all piled on one of my counter tops. But at least they're all cleaned! Now to the curtains and pictures and...! Thanks for the "ideas"! LOL! ~~Annie

  11. I agree it has been a sad week for the entertainment world. They were all a big part of our lives and will be missed.

    Love the above the cabinets and the way they are decorated.


  12. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I love Lawana Blackwell too. And ooh your decorating style is much to my liking....I love antiques. I'll definitely be back to visit.

  13. Everything is looking great - as usual. Can't wait to see what you do when you get your painting done. So sad about the fridge, there's nothing worse (almost). Have a great weekend, Dawn

  14. The top of your cupboards look great. I too love the blue canning jars. I have a few around here but haven't dug them out of the attic. Too many spiders!

    Its a good thing you found the fridge. I can only imagine how bad it would of been for them to come home to that. Your a good momma. :)

    Take Care,

  15. I wish I had space over my cabinets! Yours is just great!

  16. Rondell,

    I love all the crocks and blue jars. I know it's simple but I think it's perfectly prim.


  17. I like SImple! They look great. I think the warm pool sounds like soooo much fun! I'm betting the fridge stunk!lol Your a good Mom! have a good week end!♥

  18. You have such cute things on top of your cupboard! I really like that muffin tin especially!

  19. Rondell,

    I'd love to be able to actually sit things on my cabinets. Mine has wall there and I still haven't decided on what I want there, so I've done nothing! Yours looks great...I really do love those blue canning jars too!

    So sorry about Michelle's refrigerator! She's lucky to have you there taking care of things for her!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  20. Hi Rondell,
    Love all your prim goodies on top of your cabinets.
    Nothing worse than a fridge that stops working...Yucky!! I know they will be upset that it stopped working...but they will be so glad that you cleaned it out for them.
    Have a great weekend.
    hugs, Cindy

  21. Oh no about the fridge! Hope she isn't reading your blog on vacation! hee hee I'm feeling the same way about all of these deaths here. We also had a girl die in a car crash from Austin's school on Wednesday or Thursday. Just wayyyy to close to home for me. I didn't know her, but she just lost her mom 3 weeks ago and oh it's all just so sad. On that note! Have a good time at your wedding and have a great weekend :)

  22. Everything is looking so good, what will you do next when this is done!!! Enjoy!!

  23. Those pictures make me wish I had enough room to put things above my cupboards. That looks really nice. I love the stoneware pottery up there ... that big jug is wonderful!

  24. Ooh thanks for sharing the cabinet tops. I am a new BLOGGER, came upon you through Lady Penniwig. I am always looking for new BLOGGER friends. Please stop by and shout out a hello to me. I would love to share my little piece of heaven in the desert. Please add your name to my Followers list, I would love to follow your BLOG. I love country and your is definitely country. So pretty. Thanks for sharing. "Country Hugs", Sherry

  25. So glad I stopped by - you always leave such gracious comments on my blog. LOVE the cabinet tops!!!! I am thinking about redoing mine, but don't think that is going to happen until the Fall - but I sure like yours!!!

  26. The tops of your cabinets look great! Your home is always picture perfect anyway. :)
    Sorry to hear about your daughter's fridge and that you had to clean it. I'm sure she'll be so thankful not to have come home to a stinky fridge. You're a sweet mum!
    Have a great weekend.

  27. Thanks for stopping by Rondell. I am so thrilled. It is always so wonderful to meet new people from all over, and get wonderful ideas from them. It is like going on a house tour all over the world. I will continue to visit, your BLOG is so wonderful, country and interesting. Thanks for sharing. Have a great Sunday. "Country Hugs", Sherry

  28. hey rondell, thank you fro your kind comments, and yes i love having and craftly, handy husband, they are great. and i need to get my "flag" curtain done so i can show you mine. i just adore yours.
    hope you have a great week this week.


  29. I love all the great things on top of your cupboard. Wish I could do that above mine.

  30. Love what you've done! It's always fun checking your blog to get ideas!!! Thanks!!!

  31. Hi Rondell~I always enjoy visiting your blog...lots of great ideas..thank you for sharing all your wonderful pictures! By the way..you did a great paint job on the clock from GW, wish I could "see" things dressed differently like you do! Oh!and so nice of you to clean out the fridge too...seems like every time we go away, we come back to some thing like that! Warm summer blessings~Kathy


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