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Saturday, June 20, 2009

~My Entryway and Adding to My Selling Blog~

Hi blogger friends...happy Saturday to you!

I tweaked some today, I didn't know if I should hang things in the entryway or not because now everything in the living room and dining room is pushed to the middle of the rooms plus everything is off the walls and Stush will be filling holes and sanding soon, but I just can't live this way without anything on the walls so I'll just have to clean and wipe off after everything is finally done!

Here is what I put up on the one wall that is left of the front door, the peg rack used to be above my drysink in the dining room now it's in the entryway and it's amazing how things look new in a different room:) The stocking strecher and tin lantern used to be in the keeping room and so was George but I moved him in here to go with the patriotic mirror. I don't know if it will stay this way but for now it's okay!

Now this is underneath the peg rack, I used to have a bench here and by taking it out and putting a chair instead it gave alot more room. I didn't think of it until I saw that Lisa had a chair in her entryway and I just loved the look so I thought I'd take a try at it. I did finally put some dark walnut stain on my stacking boxes and it made them alot more primmer:)

This is to the right of the door, sorry it's blurred, and on the closet doors I compromised with Stush, the top part are glass with some sort of frosted stencil look to them and I wanted to paint over them but he said he had paid alot of money for them so I relented:) Actually the doors look so good painted that it doesn't look to bad anymore!

Now in this picture you will have to excuse the mess on both the right and the left.lol
The sewing machine is in the middle of the keeping room floor and everything in the diningroom and living room is pushed from the walls all wine glasses and everything that would break is out of the cabinet. Anyway I moved the cabinet that you see there from above the table that I have my wooden bowls on to the entryway!

I put the towel rack in it's place and added some blue homespun...on the towel rack I had painted it black and then painted over it with the cranberry then the walnut stain and love how it turned out!

Now to my selling blog...I'm adding the next two things here:
These are the napkin rings in a blue enamel ware, there are six of them... price is 9.00 which includes shipping. They are in great condition and I've seen them sell for $2.50 a piece. Napkin not included . Sold thank you Esther

A better picture of them!

This stenciled canvas picture is 16"x 12"
I bought it from ebay and just never could find a place for it!!!
Beige background with black letters and designs of crows and willow tree.

Here is the back of it, it's very nicely done.

Price is $8.00 which includes shipping! If you wish to purchase please remember to email me...rondell1951@hotmail.com
Well, I started this post at about 4:30 PM and here now it is 8:45 PM...I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday evening!


  1. Rondell, I think you did a great job with everything. I love the stacking boxes and the framed print where you have them now. I also liked the blue homespun on the cranberry rack. Very nice tweaking indeed. Good luck with your selling blog!


  2. Love your entry way. Well your whole house is lovely!
    Nice alphabet!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Everything is looking so good. Love all the blue homespun. Can't wait to see pictures of everything when you get it all done! Have a great Father's Day! Dawn

  4. Everything looks nice and prim Rondell!....I especially love the peg rack arrangment, it's wonderful! Janet

  5. WOW - You did alot of tweaking today and the chair in the entry way looks GREAT!! I put a couple of old books on mine along with Cindy's pillow that she made me. I tried to find some old wire rim glasses, but can't find any, but I thought that when I did that they would look cute setting on top of the old books. Your home looks GREAT!!

  6. Chair looks great there! I am living in dust as well and I know what you mean about nothing on the walls! My upstairs hall echos if you talk in it! Good luck with the sanding and painting!

  7. Rondell~Can I come and stay at your home for awhile?
    It looks so warm, cozy and welcoming!
    I will bring my camera and take lots of photos for ideas to take home. I will help you paint and clean up to earn my keep!
    Then we can scour your TS and buy some more treasures!
    How does that sound to you?
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Everything looks fantastic to me!! I love your header too. Did you make that curtain. I know someone who would give her left arm for that curtain! I can't imagine your house any better, it just looks like home to me!!! Perfect!!

  9. I love your entry way it looks great. I always see so many blue things in your house I love.


  10. Hi Rondell,
    Love the chair in your entry way. I wish we had an entry way, but when you enter the front door you step right into the living room.
    Everything is looking primitively wonderful!!
    hugs, Cindy

  11. I'm in awe of yer house. So prim and pretty! I like the new listings in the selling blog, too!

  12. I love that chair in the entryway too, Rondell! Everything looks wonderful! Tweaking just makes everything seem new.

    I'm still thinking about your apple barrel beside your hoosier! lol! I really liked the way it looked there!

    Keep up the tweaking...I love seeing the pictures!


  13. You'll feel like you're living in a whole new house by the time you're done! Everything looks great~ you've got such a great eye for placing your prims.
    I wish you lived closer so you could come help me change things around.
    Hugs to you~ Birgit

  14. Hi Rondell, You have such a lovely home. I love seeing all the pictures and you give me such great ideas for my own home. I have a suggestion for your glass closet doors. Chicken wire! My sister-in-law has a cupboard with glass on the doors and when she tacked chicken wire on the inside of the doors, they instantly became prim. She uses chicken wire on her glass kitchen cabinet doors too. Chicken wire: the instant primmer upper! :)


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