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Monday, June 15, 2009

~Busy Weekend~

Hello everyone!
We had a busy weekend here unfortunately not with the house, Jennifer and Jeremy, her boyfriend, came home from Winston-Salem, NC and just left about an hour ago. Saturday evening after I got home from the mall shopping with Michele and the girls, we went to the Greene Cove to eat, the same place we took Michael and Corrie, which I have pics of in a earlier post. The food there is so good... of course I had to bring half my sandwich home because it is just to big to eat all at once:)

We are making plans to go and see Michael in Annapolis, Maryland then leave there for North Carolina to go see Jennifer and Jeremy's new home, probably around the 11th of July:) I can't wait to see Annapolis Michael said it is beautiful especially the older part with the harbor.

This is what I did today...remember the wood tray I found at the yard sale? Well, I painted it black then Colonial blue, distressed it then added dark walnut stain. I think it turned out great! Friday I did the kitchen door that as you can tell opens out to the garage, it looks really old, Stush's brother was here and just loved the look of it...look at my stepback cupboard, it's been out there since April 7th.lol Oh, well I'll get it in before summer is over I hope:) That's what happens... life just gets in the way! To the left of the door is a wooden pineapple that I got for half off at The Country Store, I painted it black and distressed it, although you can't see it and stained it...love it painted black instead of the wood.
I've had this wreath for years and right in the middle behind the flowers and greenery is a birds nest, I had this wreath on my door when I lived with my son Chris. The birds would attack him every time he came thur the door but for some reason never me.LOl I added the cute crow that Christine sent in my package for the porch swap, he's holding a jingle bell from his beak:) and the wreath is now on my back porch:)
I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments on the post showing my window and stained trim, some asked questions about the valance that is shown in my header. Well, I've had that valance for quite awhile... I had a gift certificate one year for The Country Store and saw the valance and I just had to have it, I only bought one because it was $30.00 but I've always kept it, the star is made out of a suede fabric and it washes up really well. I'm glad I did keep it and for the lady who asked if I'd mind if she made one just like it, I don't mind at all, it's just a great compliment to me...thank you!


  1. Busy is always good, love the goodies!

  2. Well girlie, everything is really starting to come together. I LOVE your door, it turned out great. I'll bet you can't wait to get that step-back inside! Life does have a way of getting sidetracked. It will be SO worth it when you get it all done. Have fun, Dawn

  3. Have a great time in Annapolis (it is lovely!!) and take lots of pics! Everything looks really nice -- love that door!

  4. Thank you so much for letting me know that I could make one. I'll send you a picture of it when I am done. Everything looks so nice. and your blog is wonderful, I love the red white and blue of it... so summerie.


  5. Love the tray and the door! I'm sure you will get more things done before your trip to Annapolis. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Always fun to read your blog.

  6. Your wooden tray turned out great. And I love your door. The color makes your red curtains really stand out! Very nice!

    Take care,

  7. The door came out great ROndell! And while you are in NC, you should see if you have time to go to Old Salem. http://www.oldsalem.org/ Historic and colonial. I went there a few times when a friend lived in NC. I loved it. I know you would too!

    hugs, Linda

  8. I love the tray and your door looks GREAT! I was wondering where you got your curtain. It is perfect for the spot. I love your header, too!!

  9. Rondell, you'll love Annapolis...it's so pretty there!c

  10. Love that tray of yours!! Adorable! So is that wreath - everything looks great as always!

  11. Love the door! Your wreath is so cheeful too, and so cute with the added crow. Your tray is great too, love all your projects!

  12. Evening Rondell - well I just love the tray re-make - it looks just perfect and also the door.

  13. Your tray turned out great. I miss all of my blue things and can't wait to get them out of storge.


  14. I love your tray and your door! It is all coming together so great! I also love your new header. The light fixture is wonderful!!
    Hope all is well....

  15. Hi Rondell,
    Love your tray redo and the door looks great...and the wreath. I just love it all! Have a great time on your trip and take lots of photos to share with all of us.
    hugs, Cindy

  16. The door sure turned out nice, and that crow wreath is just adorable.

  17. Everything looks great, Rondell. Love your door & the way your tray turned out. Have fun on your trip!

  18. You've been busy! I love that wreath. Annapolis is such a fun city = hope you have a great time!

    p.s. Your blog looks great!!

  19. Found your blog a few weeks ago, an absolutely fell in love with it! Love the tray!


  20. Your blue tray looks great, Rondell! Love that pineapple hanging by your door too! Everything is looking so prim...blue...and Americana at your house! I love it!


  21. Love the tray. I am loving repurposing wood things, too. Love the pineapple. I did one but use it for a soap dish(unused soap-just pretty)in my bathroom. I have a really big one I found at Goodwill. I think now I'll paint it and hang it! Thanx for the idea.
    Love to hear about quality family time. It is heartwarming to know there are still some real families out there. We get so busy here that I don't get around like I used to but I'm trying. Your blog looks great and I love the header. I may try to make something like that for my kitchen window. It'll have to be out of what fabrics I have on hand, so it won't be quite the same!


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