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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Well, hello all my blogging friends!
How are you today? It's gloomy here and rainy so a good day to stay inside and finish up some projects and of course tweak some. That's what I've been doing to my Hoosier...I love this piece we bought from an estate of a 100 year old man and only for $100.00, of course that was in the 80's. It was painted white with black and red decals on the doors so I had it stripped and done in a walnut which cost about $100.00 but well worth it. It has moved everywhere with me and has been decorated in so many different ways over the years but I think this is the best way yet. One thing about painting and laying new floor is that the rooms get stripped of everything then when it's time to redo you have a blank room to do it in.

I made some grungy pears...found them at a variety store for .25 a piece and nestled them in a wood trencher that I painted black then mustard, I can't remember if I stained it or not...I'll have to check. The breadboard, I found for a $1.00 while at a yard sale and I painted it black then Butter Pecan with dark walnut stain, also the candle holder with the Simplify tag I won from Lizzie's Homespun, it's filled with berries and a tiny gingerbread man.
Here is a picture of the middle part of it, I switched some things around and also removed some!

The top...I finally got it right I think, gone is the pickle jar with all the cookie cutters in it that I kept up there for years.lol

When I showed this picture on my last post I knew it needed something more so I added a wooden bowl with candle nubs and berries.

The right side of my Hoosier...

with barrel of apples below!

By the corner cabinet I put my ladder with some homespun towels and moved the sample over to the left more.

I moved the little black chair from the livingroom by my desk and put it under the picture of Abe next the bushel basket of ticking pillows which hides an electrical outlet:)

Now on to some painting I've been doing over the last couple of days...remember this towel rack that I found at GW? I didn't care for the finish of it at all so I've painted it black and I think I'll do it like the cutting board in the following picture, I also think I'm going to take down the cupboard that I have above the table with all my wooden bowls and put this towel rack there instead!

I painted this black then put Folk Art~True Burgundy on then dark walnut stain. I love how it turned out...a real dark barn red.

While I was at Michael's Saturday I bought these stacking boxes and I'm pretty sure I'm going to paint them all blue for a change.

Well, that's about all for me today... maybe I'll list some things on my selling blog which has been sadly neglected since we started all this on the house. Just a reminder...if you order on my selling blog PLEASE email me and not leave a comment telling me that you would like to buy, once I list I don't check the comments everyday on it. Thanks!
Now... to see more WWW stop over Leslie's , Mr. Linky is working:)


  1. Rondell,

    Loved your post today! You had lots of prim eye candy for us today! I have always loved your hoosier and you have it displayed wonderfully!

    I love the barrel of apples too! That looks so nice beside the cabinet!

    One more question for you...is your butter pecan a folk art paint? I'll have to look for that one because I like that color!

    Everything looks great! Can't wait to see your boxes painted now!


  2. Great job on rearranging your hoosier, Rondell! Very nice! Can't wait to see how you display your shelf!


  3. Rondell, what great pictures you shared. Love the Hoosier cabinet and how you have "tweaked" it just right. Everthing looks great. Have a great evening. Sherie

  4. Wonderful pictures Rondell! It all looks so prim! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!~Kathy

  5. Rondell, I love your cabinet. Now does yours have a metal top? That is how mine is and I have always looked for another piece to marry to the top...love how yours looks, so it was a real inspiration.
    Can't wait to see what you do with your shelf...all of your tweaking looks so nice too!

  6. Love your Hoosier cabinet, Rondell. And the barrel of apples could come home with me if it wanted to...LOL

  7. Love your Hoosier Rondell!....your displays all look wonderful!....you are so talented and creative!....have a lovely evening! Janet

  8. Your cabinet looks great and you have it decorated so nicely. Love the barrel of apples and your pears look primtastic!!


  9. Hi Rondell,
    Everything looks great!! Love the hoosier cupboard and the way you displayed everything!
    Can't wait to see your stack boxes when you get them done...I purchased an unfinished set the stacks 9 high and have been trying to decide what colors to paint all of them.
    hugs, Cindy

  10. Great post! I love your hoosier, wish I had one. Maybe someday! I love your pears and am I right you made them look like that? How did you do it, if I can ask? It is always fun to rearrange things for a fresh, new look!

  11. I have always wanted a Hoosier. Yours is just perfect!


  12. That hoosier looks perfect! Yes, and the barrel of apples...I love everything. Gosh, you have boundless energy and ideas! And an good eye for treasures! Always a treat visiting! Becky

  13. Everything looks totally great! The apple barrel is wonderful. That is original! Reminds me of a country store.

  14. What a great Hoosier and I love how you have it decorated! Great job, Dawn

  15. Oh I so love all the eye candy in your post today!!! Great job on all of it!!! I too want to add more blue in my decor! I painted my bathroom a colonial blue and I am loving it!! I think with the left over paint I may paint my amoire in my bedroom!! Have a wonderful day my friend!~hugs~Wendy

  16. Rondell - I am in awe of everything you do!! Those grungy pears are great!! And I love that barrel of apples - looks so delightful!! I think I need to set one up in my log cabin!!

  17. What a smart buy that hoosier was and to have it stripped like it would have been back in the day was a great idea too. Now you have a gorgeous heirloom! It looks wonderful the way you have it decorated now. Prim perfection my friend!! I especially love the barrel of apples!!

    Can't wait to see the stack boxes all done up!!

    Have a great evening!!

    hugs, Linda

  18. Love it all! Your stuff is just great! My mom tends towards this style and fluctuate between a few!
    Hugs, Lisa

  19. Rondell,

    Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us. I love everything. I'm so glad blue is making a come back. I can't wait to get another house and decorate. :)


  20. That darn cash register brings back memories for me too! I still have mine (only it's red) from the 50's! Wonder how many years they made them! What a great story about your daughter - Christmas really is a miracle. Have a great evening, Dawn

  21. Rondell, everything looks great! Tweaking of things is so fun isn't it. Thanks for sharing with us. Its' fun to get different ideas. I was wondering if you fulled the apple barrel with something to make it look full before placing the apples on top? Looks good!

  22. Rondell,

    Everything looks great on your Hoosier. This makes me want to tweak mine a bit! LOL! Your painted goodies look great too.


  23. You mean that's it? That's all you got done today lol? My goodness woman, you certainly get a lot done! Wish I had some of your energy. Lovely post and enjoyed looking at all you did.

  24. WOW, what a prim treasure trove you have there!!! The barrel of apples is the "apple of my eye." Very a-peeling!!! LOL...I'm really getting into your mustard-over-black touches, too!!!

  25. Rondell,
    I'm a day late :) I tried to read your blog yesterday but it took forever to load and I just gave up. I don't know what was up...

    Great photos! You have been working a lot. I love the blue that you're throwing in everywhere. I'm a blue lover but I don't have as much around the house as I once did.

    I have a few makeovers to do myself but it's taking me a long time....I have to get back in the painting mode I guess. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to Shannon and have a paint day, so maybe that will do the trick?

    Have a great day!


  26. Loved your post and all your fabulous pict's. Those pears were Awesome! I need me some of those! ;) And your Hoosier looked wonderful! Thanks for sharing. ~Tammy

  27. Hi Rondell,Thanks for following my blog and the nice comments you left.
    I luv your hoosier.I have always wanted one.
    I just bought some boxes too. I am going to try and cover mine in fabric.As long as I dont have to sew anything I should be able to do it,LOL!Can't wait to see how yours turns out.Have a great evening,Sherri

  28. Everything looks wonderful, Rondell!
    Love your new light in the kitchen :)
    I saw on the news where your area got heavy rains...flooding, did you? Hope not...sure has been crappy weather the past couple of days, so cool! Feels like FALL up this way. 'Sposed to warm back up tho!

    Have a happy weekend.

  29. What great pictures to share! I love them all. You have such a warm and inviting home.
    Where did you get the valance on your page header? I'd love to get me a couple for my kitchen!
    Thanks for all the eye candy! It's been rainy and dreary here too so your post was a nice "pick me up". :)
    Hugs~ Birgit

  30. Rondell...just LOVE that Hoosier! And love how you have it decorated. Oooh...I saw those pears! Me and my fruit! LOL Love them that way! Have a great weekend! ~~Annie

  31. Perfect decorating! Love your hoosier! I have one, but no room in my house for it right now...it is in my office at work holding office supplies. Love the way that you decorated it!


  32. Hi Rondell, Thank you for visiting my blog page, I always enjoy reading your comments. I am selling the door doll crows. If you are interested in one the cost is $35.00 plus shipping. Let me know and we can go from there. Have a BLESSED weekend. Rhonda


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