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Monday, June 22, 2009

~I Want One!!! and Little GW Finds~

Isn't he adorable, I want one...I love Buster with all my heart but he's a little to big to pick up and cuddle:) This cute little guy is "Max" a shintzu ( I know that isn't spelled right but spellchecker isn't picking it up so I don't know how to spell it) he has the cutest face and such a personality! He belongs to a lady I went to school with and her kids got him for her for Mother's Day. He was down the docks yesterday and I had to get a pic of him:)
Do you ever go to GW or the TS and come out with just little prims, that's what has been happening to me lately. They were good buys though...this is the top of my frig and the little basket on the left I got for .39, when I got it home for some reason I turned it over and it had M. Ford 1996 on the bottom. So I got a handmade basket with blue on it for .39! Sorry the pic isn't great...sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't:) See the little faux plant? I got three of them in a package that had never been opened for $3.00!

I put some mod podge on them and some cinnamon and cloves on the ceramic bottoms. This one is on the cupboard in the entryway!

This one is an Aloe plant that is sitting on my crock bench in the keeping room. The little jug I bought at the Country Store, I think it's cute!

Awww, Html don't you just love it!!! The spaces just never work out for me.

The sugar bowl I also found at GW for .49 it's some type of pottery and I'm sure it cost more then .49 the date on the back is "86".

Yesterday we went to the docks and took a pontoon ride with our friends, Danny is pictured here guiding the boat.
We cooked hamburgers on the grill there...a relaxing time and finally had some good weather, the river was muddy looking though from all the rain!

I've probably been driving you crazy with all the background changes I've had lately.lol I just couldn't find one that I was satisfied with, the 1st one wiggly things drove me nuts and then the 2nd one I didn't care for the writing on the middle column. I think this one is okay for a while and it seems to load fast...if not please let me know, okay?
Well, tonight I made chicken and onion enchiladas, they are in the oven right now so I'm off to make some spanish rice to go with it...I guess were having a Mexican night here.:)


  1. I love that dog. My Abby is a shitzu Alopsa mix. I have no clue if the spelling is right. I wouldn't trade her for anything.

    I love all your TS finds. Lucky, I never have that kind of luck.


  2. I have given up on TS and GW - they never have anything colonial and I am trying to stick with that kind of decor when I buy any new goodies. It is hard because prim that isn't colonial is everywhere temptimg me! LOL Colonial is harder and harder to find.

    Those plants look real in the pictures! What a great buy!

    I love pontoon boats - that's my idea of boating for sure.

    Have a great evening! hugs, Linda

  3. What an adorable face, And do you mean Shih Tzu? I have 2 I wouldn't trade for anything, love em to pieces.
    The boat ride looks like fun.
    You always have great TS finds, too.
    Have a Great week!
    Hugs, Bren

  4. set an extra plate...i love mexican food...that little doggie has a really cute face....i want a westie and i dont even know why...hehe...little lucy is plenty to handle when we go away....what would i do with two...

  5. You found some great things at the TS. Love the little plants! I never have any luck finding things at my TS and GW.

    Enjoy your evening,

  6. Cute doggy! Love that jug and sugar bowl! You always find the cutest things!

  7. Hey Rondell,

    Your Mexican dinner sounds really good....we cheated and had Subway tonight!

    That is a cute dog!

    I think you did really well on your GW finds! Those little plants are the cutest things and I love the look you gave them!

    Have a great week....oh and love the blog background too! I had to change mine....it had been too long!


  8. I love the sugar bowl! Great find! The dog is cute too. :-) WaHoo for some warm weather huh!!!!! We are having a rain free day here too.....feels like the first one in the entire month of June.♥

  9. Enchiladas and Spanish rice, yum!....love the little plants, what the heck is Modge Podge?....I have read mentions of it in many blogs! Janet

  10. Love your pics! And yeah the spacing thing is so hard to use!
    Hugs, Lisa

  11. Awww...what a cutie...I could just eat him up!

    Nice GW treasures even if they are small....sometimes you don't find that little thing to compliment the bigger things. Love the sugar bowl.


  12. While the pup is adorable, I love the sound of enchiladas.
    The sugar bowl is great. Love GW....I fould a wood salt box there the other day for 88 cents. I am going to prim that baby and put it out...

  13. Hi Rondell, You sure got some cute finds! I need to go shopping!! I haven't been in forever and I am starting to go through withdraws!! :) Hey, now I actually have room in my DR for some new stuff! LOL!!
    Yes, Max is a cutie. He actually looks alot like my "Lucy". Except she's no little puppy, but still my baby!! Its funny I was never a dog person, until I got her. Now I completely understand all the fuss. She IS my BABY!! And the best part, she will never out grow me and she will never talk back. LOL!! Take Care, Tammy

  14. Awwww....what a face! Love that pic! You found some great new treasures too!

  15. Rondell,
    I have a Shih Tzu (That's the correct spelling :)) and a Shih Tzu Schnauzer mix. We got Hunter, the Shih Tzu, nearly 7 years ago. He was one and my BIL and SIL had decided he just wasn't the dog for them. Poor Hunter has been NOTHING but a wonderful dog for us but they just never took the time to read up on the breed (Simple things like they need groomed!. I, on the other hand, have several family members with Shih Tzu's and learned what I could before we brought him home. We love Hunter, so much so that when we started looking for a second dog, we wanted another one. We ended up with Ruger, who is a mix but he was a freebie and he's a good dog...when he wants to be! LOL

    I haven't been to the TS in a few weeks but yes, I can find lots of goodies at the TS and it always makes me feel good to know I found a bargain!

    Have a great day :)


  16. You always find good deals and steals! Love the sugar bowl!

  17. I want that puppy too!
    Your GW finds are so great! How do you get them at such low prices? I love paying cents instead of $$$!
    I would love to go for a water ride...it would be so relaxing. I need that right now. For some reason I have been a little too uptight for my comfort.
    Have a great week friend!

  18. Hi there! been watching you for awhile and thought I should say hello ! Really love all of your decorating you do with your "finds"! Also....Chicken and Onion Enchiladas sound So good...yummo! Love that little sugar bowl!

  19. Cool finds, I love the sugar bowl. Your little doggie is so sweet and looks so soft :)
    Hope you have a great day!

  20. The Pontoon boat ride and grilling sounded like such fun!
    Cute lil' dog....our neighbors/friends have two like that....one is Gizmo aka "Gizzy" and the other is Oreo...he's white with black on him like the cookie...I like your sugar bowl...you found some neat treasures at great prices!

    Have a nice evening!

  21. Hi Rondell,
    That puppy is adorable. I love the little jug and the sugar bowl...I actually have the same little jug and I also got a little crock that matches it. There hasn't been any thing at our GW lately either.



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