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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Hi everyone!
What a rainy, gloomy day it is and it's freezing in this house because Stush painted the window trim today, I even have the oven on making meatballs just to make it a little warmer in here.LOL

I haven't been doing much crafting because there is just no where to craft, the diningroom is to dark because the light fixture is down and has been for a month, I will be so glad to have this done and over with! I know I've said that before but I truly mean it:)

This is a picture of my keeping room window trim...look at those geraniums in my window box, looks good against the blue doesn't it...not the blue tape though. I'm so very anxious to decorate...such an addiction ladies:0, at least the corner cupboard is back in place and I hung some baskets on the peg rail just to see if I'd like baskets there:)
Here I'm showing you the difference in the blue once you stain it with the watered down, dark walnut stain...I just wiped it on and wiped it off:)
The window over the sink...I'll be staining all of this tomorrow. I can't wait to put up the punched tin light, I think it will look so nice there:)

Well, that's all I've been working on besides watching the girls, tomorrow I'm free so I'll be staining:0
Stop over Leslie's and see what everyone else is up to for WWW!!!


  1. Hi Rondell I love the baskets hanging on your peg rack!! I bet you are getting so anxious to get it all completed!! I love the way you are doing your trim it looks so good! Have a wonderful rest of your week!~wendy

  2. It's looking good, Rondell!
    I know what you mean about havin NO place to craft! :(
    I don't have any place right now either..........
    I can't wait till my kitchen is DONE, I promised I wouldn't gripe and moan and whine about this remodel...but it just starts gettin to ya...doesn't it??
    It seems to draaaaaaaaag on and on and on!
    Have a great rest of your week.

  3. I love that trim color, Rondell! I'd love to have something besides white trim, but I'm too scared to tackle it right now!


  4. I truly love your blue trim! It looks great!

  5. Oh everything is looking so wonderful. Makes me want to do some projects around here!

  6. Krissie @ WinterwoodJune 3, 2009 at 7:55 PM

    ok Rondell - my next q for you is... what is a keeping room?

  7. Rondell,

    I am a blue person also. I think it's trying to make a come back. :) I can't wait to see it all together.


  8. Know you are ready to get back to a normal life but the trim looks awesome!!! You are going to have too much fun primming your home again.....it's just a slow process, when you do it right! Enjoy tomorrow! Sherrie

  9. Hi Rondell,

    The trim looks good. I have the same blue tape in my kitchen too! *lol*

    Hope today is a little brighter and warmer for you. Take care,

  10. I love the blue!
    It is so colonial prim. I am tending to lean more that way myself with my decorating.
    Your geraniums look amazing. Oh how I wish I had a green thumb like that!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Between you & I .....I am sure the blue tape co. stock went up! It is good stuff! Beth

  12. It'll be worth it when it's all done and back normal, hang in there! It's looking wonderful!

  13. Love the blue Rondell! Just think of how much fun it will be to get back to decorating after all the work! Hang in there....

  14. Rondell,
    I hope you get your stuff back in place soon. I can tell you're going crazy with the work and want your house back! Soon...soon...It will be worth it!

    I linked you to the Whatcha Working On post from yesterday. I have to do it myself right now so it takes a bit for me to get caught up..

    Have a great day :)


  15. Rondell ~
    Everything is looking wonderful. Love the blue trim with the stain over it. Have a great week.

  16. Wow! I love the stain over that blue paint - what a great idea. Can't wait to see what it looks like when you put your magic decorating back to it! It is fun to get new antiques in - with more to come! Thank you again for your support about my dad. It will be awhile before he adjusts to the nursing home (his worst fear), he is so confused and it just breaks my heart. Hope you have a great weekend, Dawn

  17. I think the pegrack looks great! And the blue trim is going to pull everything together. I'm anxious to see the completed room!

  18. OH YES!!! I hope you do come see me one of these days! If you ever get up here, I'll schedule somebody else to work and take you to some other shops too. What a fun day that would be! Isn't that old Hoosier the best?? I want it too - oh well. Going to get the next of several load on Sunday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Dawn

  19. Everything looks great Rondell! Have a sweet weekend!

  20. I really love your blue trim! and would you look at the shine on that stainless steel sink!

  21. That is a nice peg rack w/ those cute baskets! Hope you had a nice weekend!


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