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Friday, March 27, 2009

~Happy Friday Everyone~

I can't really believe it's Friday already, the week just flew by!
I did go to JoAnn's yesterday just to get out for a while and bought a half yd of blue fabric which was 30% off, also the blue paint. I've noticed that JoAnn's and Walmart don't sell the Williamsburg blue (folkart) paint that I used to buy all the time, they used to have so many shades of blue and now I don't see them anymore...hmmmm!
I'd like to use these to cover books, I don't want to use glue to do it just want to do it the old fashioned way. Love how the fabrics all go together:)
Here is the box I did on my dresser in my bedroom, I put my everday jewelery in it or stuff that I always wear when I go out. Keeps me from looking thur the big jewlery box that I have:)
Here's a fuller veiw!

I also moved my gameboard that I got in Ligoner, PA a couple summers ago it seems to go better in the bedroom:)

I debated putting these pics on because I guess I'm my selves worst critic!!! I ragged stuff it and I guess it's okay just not thrilled with it.

I guess it's serves it's purpose though.

I'm also not satisfied with the way this large bowl turned out after I stained it walnut, so I do think I'm going to paint it just havn't decided what color yet:)

If you suspected that I'm in a down sort of mood well, I am, just can't shake it!
I did lose a half of a pound at WW's my daughter lost 4 so I was real proud of her. I thought that maybe it was because I was on the computer to much but so is she at work...I think though it's because she's 18 years younger then me...I'll be 58 this coming April 7th so I caution anyone that what's to lose...do it now because it is so hard to lose once you hit a certain age:) Maybe next Wednesday I'll get a better weigh in:)
Have a wonderful weekend and I just love reading all your blogs and recieving your great comments:)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Hi everyone!
This is what I worked on yesterday...this first picture is an older one that I didn't post but I found it to show you the round box that I primmed up. As you can see it's an Easter one that I got at GW for a $1.39! I had good intentions to do it with fabric but when I saw what Kindra did with hers I had to try it.
Here it is...I had the stencil for years and found it at a yardsale for .10 and I always kept it thinking that one day...well that day came:) I found an awesome Folkart paint color called Butter Pecan and primed it first, then painted it. It was my first time really to stencil and I loved how it turned out especially after I applied the walnut stain. So to
Backwoods Prim... make sure you prime them first to cover up all the cuteness:)

Close up of it distressed ...I just used what I had ...times here are tuff, any extra money is used to pay bills and mortgage...just can't wait to get the job at Dollar Tree. Oh, I also used a cranberry on the stencil instead of barnred and the green is called a Leaf Green.

This is what I'm still working on, my wood spoons that just have one coat on and I mixed my paint and came up with this shade of blue! I painted this .25 basket from GW and will stain the inside too with walnut stain.

I went with the lighter candle holder, thanks for helping me make up my mind everyone:) I probably will use the darker one for winter...don't want to think of that yet.LOL Donna helped me with suggesting to put a piece of fabric underneath to soften it...love how it turned out so thanks Donna!

As you can see I finally have the wood knobs on... what a great GW find huh?
If you want to see more WWW's stop at Leslie's to see more:)
I hope everyone is having a good day...looking out the window as I type this I can see it's raining but we do need it here because we haven't had rain for two weeks, I'm sure we need it to help those beautiful flowers grow:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

~ Yesterday's GW Find ~

I went shopping with my daughter and the "girls" yesterday...Michele wanted to stop at Big Lots and the GW store is right next door to it! So I ran in there real quick...no time to really look, but I did find this neat vanity suitcase for $1.69!!! This is my fourth one and I have them in my bedroom... here is a pic of the four!
I also moved my bench and crocks full of rollingpins and wood spoons that I had under my clock to this side of the keepingroom...I really like it there.

Here's a question for you...which candle should I use here...the dark one or...

the lighter colored one that I got at GW for .49 ?

I hope you are having a good spring day, it's sunny here but chilly! Well, I have to go and get my picture taken for my driving licence:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

~Got Some Redo's Done~

Good afternoon everyone!
Another sunny but cool day today but I went out back and checked on some plants to see if they survived another winter and how thrilling to see the green shoots sticking up:)
Yesterday I stained all my GW finds that I showed on another post and I'm happy with how they turned out. Here is the shelf that I found for $1.99, love how it turned out and couldn't wait to add some prims to it. I hung it here just for now, I'll probably move it but for now it's okay! I had to take the pictures at this angle because of the sun thur the window...it looks so prim I think.
Here is a closer look at the stain on it also the the cross stitched ornaments that I won from Angie this winter...just love them and finally a place to see them all the time! I also got a chuckle when I placed this old tin of cloves on the shelf...I was hunting for some in my cupboard when I was grunging candles and here I had some all the time right on my hoosier shelf, the tin is about half full:)

Also bought a wood knob at Lowes but they only had one size...but this will do until I find a smaller one. Just can't believe how neat and old it looks:)

I also want to take the time to say what great bloggers you all are...the ideas you share, projects and love that you all show is so appreciated, enjoy your spring day!

Friday, March 20, 2009

~Faithful Friday and a New Stitchery~

Hello everyone, what a beautiful day for the first day of spring, it's chilly here but sunny...so glad to finally see the sun. Today is Faithful Friday over at Joy's Doodlebug so I thought I'd join in today. Do you remember in a post that I mentioned that Michele and I went to the Dollar Tree? That's where I worked for Christmas, I really liked working there...nice co-workers and a sweetheart of a manager! When I stopped working there I had told her to call me if they ever started to hire but the way the economy is I didn't hear from her, well, the day we went over the manager approached me and asked if I'd like a job, she was losing four people (because of graduating from school) and said that she thought of me:) I had put the worry of a job in His hands and was thrilled !!! I don't expect to hear from her for about a month but I'll really be glad to have a paycheck coming in:)

Here is a stitchery that I'll be adding on my selling blog...Colonial Gatherings...comes with the wood easel also. It's coffee and cinnamon dyed but of course it doesn't show up on the picture.

I'll add the description on my selling blog...Stush wants to use the computer, he's been going to computer classes all week!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

~Meeting Donna, Treasures in Thyme, GW Finds & Giveaways~

Hi, blogging friends...I hope everyone is having a good day, a little chilly here but sunny and that's okay by me:) This post also has alot of pictures so grab some coffee, tea or some Diet Dr. Pepper...Janene:)

Yesterday I got to meet Donna from Elm Hollow Primitives...I was at the hairdressers and she stopped in and we went on from there, she took me to the neatest place that was so near my hairdresser's and I didn't even know about it:0!!! Of course we had prims for each other and I'll let Donna show what I gave her when she starts to blog again, right now she is taking a break but still stop over to see all the great things that she has done.
Look what she found for me, an enamel soapholder, she had seen on my one post where I had said I really wanted one and just look at the design in it, so sweet, I hate to put a grungey soap in it to cover it up so I'll leave it as is for now. Thanks
Donna I just love it:)

Also look at what else she surprised me with...a small flyscreen!!! It looks old because it is and it's made from an old handheld drainer, remember those? They have two hooks that would hook over the pan while you strained food into it, just take the handle and the hooks off and you have an old flyscreen. I bought wood knobs today at Lowes so I'll see if it will be the right size for it. Love it! The jar candle with the wire handle I bought at Treasures in Thyme and it's called " Aunt Kook's Apple Cider" smells soooooo good! I also bought the wrought iron hook thinking that maybe I could hang the candle somewhere???:)

That's not all...also included was a blue, quilted heart and some blue thread spools, I still have to find homes for these, I really had alot of fun in the short time we were together so much so that I forgot to get a pic of us so maybe next time:)

This is where Donna took me, isn't it the neatest place, I swear she has everything in this store, before I forget here is the address and phone #:

Treasures in Thyme 707 Regis Avenue, Pleasant Hills PA 15236

412-655-0107 such a nice lady too and I can't remember if her name was Lynne or Linda. I wanted to get a picture of her too and forgot so maybe next time because I will be going back at least once a month because that's when I get my hair done:) Here are pics of the place:

Donna said for summer it's all decorated outside and for Christmas too!

Here are some of the inside, she was so nice to let me take them;)

I could have bought one of everything ladies but you all know how that is:)

I had such a good relaxing time and I hope me and Donna can get together again soon! I sure enjoyed her company and being able to meet a blogging friend!

Today I took Samantha to preschool then shot on over to the GW and I'm glad I did! New stuff out and this was on a shelf just waiting for me to pick her up and take her home, it's a big wooden bowl 12" across and 37" around. It's not old old but it sure had alot of dust settled in it like it had been stored for awhile and it's also worn on the sides...no markings either but for $1.99 I'm happy! I think I'm going to put some walnut stain on it and see how that looks if it doesn't look good then I'll paint it:)

I was so excited about getting the bowl that I almost missed this shelf, it's already painted a creme shade so I'm just going to stain it and distress it. Oh, I paid a $1.99 for it too.

I put some prim stuff in it so you would be able to see how big it is, I don't know what I'll do with it but I'll think of something:)

Now to the wonderful giveaways!!!
Anne at Seasons of the Past is having a spring renewal giveaway, oh, I'd just love to win this but like Anne said she is having the giveaway to hopefully make someone feel good, times right now are tough and this sure will put a smile on one lucky person's face. Thanks Anne, stop over to join this giveaway!

Tammy from The Olde Hollow Crow is having this wonderful Easter giveaway, boy, I could just rip into those Reese cups:) Love the sweet sampler and cheese box with the grunged up eggs that Tammy made just for one of us, so stop by Tammy's to sign up for this great giveaway:0

Well, I better stop here I've been on the computer to long as it is oh, I joined WW again yesterday along with my daughter...this time I'm not going to quit and try and do it on my own!
Have a great evening!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Good sunny morning to you! It's beautiful here today in PA...such a spring day and a busy one for me...hair appt. and hopefully meeting Donna from Elm Hollow Primitives while in that area:) will see how it goes:)
This is what I've been working on, I still have to buy the knobs for it, but I love how it turned out. I have it in my bedroom for now and put a few things on it to make it look more interesting:) Not sure if I'll keep it this way though, I'd like to get a braided mat for it:) I found the towel at GW for a $1.00 a while ago, brandnew and just now noticed that the label inside says Country Touch:)
I tried to get a close up of the finish on it for you to see. I sanded it then painted it black then used a paint called "linen" for the top coat. Distressed it then a walnut stain, I think it turned out well...better then the white it was pictured below.
I'm going to buy wood knobs for it as soon as I get a chance:)

This is a short post today, have to rid up the house and get ready it takes about 45 minutes to get to the hairdressers for me.
Stop over Leslie's to see what everyone has done for WWW!
Have a great day!