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Saturday, October 4, 2008

~Been Busy~

I have been so busy, just going here and there,:0 I went to Goodwill Friday afternoon and found some things...the container with faux grass for $2.99 I'll put it away for spring, the cat, .50, will soon be painted black to be with my other ones... BTW they do come out stiff after being spray painted. Also the wall basket for 1.00 any suggestions on how to paint and distress it?
The floral moss was .79 I don't know what I'll use it for but when I do I'll have some:) Oh, and the leather gloves, looks like they have never been used, a $1.00!

I've also learned to look behind things...I found this really old mirror for $2.00 behind alot of large pictures, it is so heavy and still has the hinges on each side, seems like it was able to be tilted back and forth plus the mirror is beveled:) It needs cleaned up and yes, that's my stocking feet in the picture, it's cold enough here to drag them out and wear!

Friday morning I played around a little and put some candy corn in a Ball jar

then tried to find a place for the crow I bought at JoAnns he finally ended up on the mantel there were only three left so they must have been real popular, that is a real little pumpkin that I got at Walmart...5 for 2.98! Oh, and I also bought the new Country Sampler, I haven't really got to look at it yet, Michael came home for the weekend and we all went to Nick's football game which was away, then today we went to a craft show, Michele and I... also the girls:)I didn't take pics of the things I bought but I'll do that tomorrow and post:)

I've had this papermache, vintage looking pumpkin for a while and got him at a Hallmark store also the apple jack peel tart in my tart burner:) This is in my entryway...well it's late here so I'll post tomorrow and I think the weather is supposed to be a little warmer and I'm glad because I have to spray paint some more:)


  1. You find such great bargains Rondell! I need to go shopping with you! LOL

  2. you got some great goodies!!
    if the basket is natural reed (meaning no plastic coating). you can just grab you a paint brush and some stain and spread it on. make sure you work it good in the crevices.i love the crow!!!

  3. It looks like you've been having some fun, Rondell! I can't wait to see what you do with your finds from Goodwill. I stopped over last week and found some treasures too. All I need now is some more black spray paint ;)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend...

  4. Some great finds...I just may have to go to our Goodwill today...it's been awhile and you've inspired me to start looking! Enjoy your day.

  5. I like how you have placed everything :) Great finds!

    Yes, painted fabric isn't soft but it works :)

    My MIL and I have learned to get down low and look underneath things at the antique stores. Some booths get so stuffed that they tuck things away and you can find some GREAT deals down there! LOL I even hid my red and white enamel coffee pot for over a year that way. I kept tucking it back in and waiting to see if the price would drop or if I would feel like spending the $10 on it. I thought I lost it because she sold the table it was hidden under but there it was, tucked in another corner and I scooped it up! LOL

    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  6. Your goodies are great. the crow is to die for! It looks so real. My dad has a stuffed one under his carport to keep the birds from nesting in, but I dought he will part with it! the vintage pumpkin is cool. Where did you come up with that. Do you know its history? Great stuff, Dawn

  7. I love how you come up with such good uses for oldThe mirror is a great find!..are you going to paint the frame? items...I would have never seen a prim black cat in the gingham one...great idea to paint it! You got some great stuff!

  8. I just love that jack-o-lantern sooo cute. Love J

  9. Goodwill is becoming my favorite place to find goodies! You really found some treasures and I like the ideas you come up with! Love the crow! ~Beth~

  10. You got some great goodies! Love your mantel, so cute.

  11. It has been cool here and the socks must stay on. LOL. I like everything you got especially the mirror. You could try to paint the basket. I tried it a few times but they never turn out right. That paper mache jack o lantern is awesome.


  12. Some MORE great finds! I love all of them but love even more seeing how you display them. You are so good that that!

  13. Oh wow you did wonderful! I especially love the mirror!! Have a great day!

  14. Great finds, Rondell. I love that crow! You can spray paint that basket, make sure you get in the cracks, then when it's dry take some fine sandpaper & sand it where it would normally have the most wear. Hope that helps. I have done that lots of time & have had success. Post a pic when you are done. What would we ever do without our spray paint. I've never tried on fabric like you are doing with the cat but I can see why it would work. Then you could sprinkle on cinnamon & give it a sanding. I will definitely try that.


  15. I just love to find someone's old treasures to alter into mine! Your haul looks a great one! I've used shoe polish to destress, the applicator is great to work with and you can always rub off what you don't want! Good luck!

  16. You got a lot of neat goodies! You always make such great use of the things you find! I love visiting your blog and seeing your creativity!
    Have a great week!


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