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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

~Putzing Around Today~

Do you putz around with your decorating? I do and that's what I call it or maybe it's a Pennsylvania word I don't know:) Anyway it's fun...I started out finally hanging this tin, pineapple towel holder that I found at the flea market for .50, I gave it a fresh coat of black paint and it was good to go:) The towel is black homspun and goes great in the bath.This towel I won from Mary's giveaway and I hung it in my entryway on a twig chair rung and a candle:)
I put the ladder that my daughter and I traded in from outside in my Americana guest bedroom with a star light on it.

Here are the pumpkins that the girls did and wanted me to put the pic on my blog...Samantha's is on the left and Sydney's is on the right:) Your probably wondering why I hardly show pictures of Alex my son's daughter, she was supposed to be with us on trick or treat day but she was sick, they live about 30 miles from us and they both work so I'm sure you understand how it is, I just feel bad sometimes that I don't get to see her alot like I do my daughters girls. Alex is a sweet little thing:)

Well, that's it lady's...I'll be back tomorrow for Whatcha Working on Wednesday:)


  1. Mom always used that term...putzing around..I think it must be a German Dutch saying..which her family were from there.
    You have some great ideas in deorating!..the towel on the chair rung is cute too. cindy

  2. I love that doll sitting on the ladder, did you make her? Those pumpkin faces are adorable! ~Beth~

  3. Hi Rondell, I "putz" all of the time...lol!

    Everything looks great...pumpkins are sweet, too!

  4. I LOVE that doll on the ladder Rondell. Too cute.

    And yes I putz too with my decorating. I can't seem to leave it alone.

    BTW you got some great finds at the flea market. And the pumpkins are so cute.


  5. I say putzing all the time! I do it most days too! LOL Love how everything looks in their new homes. It's nice to have something in a different place, isn't it?

  6. Rondell, everything looks great. You come up with the coolest ideas. I putz all the time ~ I just keep moving things around until I'm satisfied, then after awhile I move things again for a different look. I get alot of good ideas from everyone's blogs. Have a great evening.


  7. I say piddle around, guess that all means the same thing! LOL
    Love that twig chair!!

  8. BOO!!! You have been "BOO-ed"! Please stop by my blog to pick up your treat :)
    Happy Halloween ,

  9. Hi Rondell,
    I've have not heard the word putzing before, around here it's piddling.
    I love how you have the little chair hanging on the wall with the pumpkin pillow on it and the towel & candle hanging from it.
    The girl's jack-o-lanterns are too cute!!

  10. Rondell
    You are close to me here in dreary PA. I am listening to the rain as I type. I love to putz especially as the days grow drearier (is that a word?). I love the towel with the candle on the rack.
    I'm a big flea marketer too. I'm off work on Friday and think I'm going to Rogers in OH. Love your finds.

  11. I love getting a little peak of your decorations...always enjoyable :)

    I bet the kids are all excited for Halloween...Tabitha not so much but Abigayle is so excited! She thinks that is the most amazing thing getting free candy...LOL

    Which pattern was it that you were trying to print? I don't remember sorry!


  12. I move stuff too much because it creates too many holes in the walls--LOL!! It's one of my favorite things to do though. Loved your post. Julie

  13. I always putz around too. My mom use to say that.
    I had a lot of catching up to do on your blog. I've been busy sewing on Jenn's rug and haven't been on much.
    Love the pics of you and your sweetie, and your little g. daughters. They are so precious.

  14. Not only do I putz when I am decorating, I also putz when I go to cute country stores also...It's all about the putzing!
    Your place is so cozy &
    the pumpkins are super cute!

  15. Really love the twig chair on the wall Rondell!..and yes I putz! My grandma said it, she was German and my mom says it.. so I was bound to I guess.:)

  16. I don't think I've ever heard that saying...so I learned something today!

    As always, I love your ideas and your displays! I love when you show pictures of your home, Rondell!

    Tell the girls I love their pumpkins! Great job on them!


  17. Rondell, I always get such good ideas from you! Now where is that twig chair of mine...

  18. I am not sure I know what you mean about starting and ending the blanket stitch...but, there is a great blanket stitch tutorial on youtube. I watched it SEVERAL times. When I get to the end...I just don't make another stitch but take the top stitch over where I began. (I wouldn't understand what I'm telling you so I know you don't)!!!! YOU'VE BEEN BOO-ed! Stop by and pick up your treat on my sidebar!

  19. I get in those moods, too and just start hanging and moving the things that I have been meaning to do for some time. I haven't done that in a bit, though.

    Cute pumpkins that you did with your grandchildren :) I love hearing about all that you do with the girls. Your such a wonderful Grandma :)

    Have a great day!


  20. Thanks for stopping by to see my tablescape and leaving the nice comment. I love to see all your prims. I like the prim look but would have to change so much of my things and thats too much like work. So will just admire your decor on your blog. Deanie

  21. I love to putz around, my mom too used it all time except she would call people a putz when they were being difficult? LOL Your'e always up to something fun!

  22. I love your putzing! LOL! I do that too, but I never really had a word for it. now I do! :D

    As usual, everything looks great!

    Have a great week!

  23. I just enjoy seeing your cute things! It gives me ideas that I can do with my house!


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