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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

~Whatcha Workin on Wednesday~

Wow, the weeks just are flying by aren't they? Here it is already Wednesday , the "over the hump day" I used to call it when I worked outside the home:) It's raining here in Southwestern PA. but to me still beautiful outside.
Okay, here is what I've been working on...my main bathroom is small, typical in an 80's ranch style home, you know, toilet, vanity and tub! So I've been looking for a small stand or shelves to put extra toilet paper in and have it between the tub and the heat vent, then I spied this at Goodwill and the wheels started turning:)
It was used to a store vegetables, there was actually onion skins in the bottom part:) so for $5.00 I thought if it doesn't work out I'm not out that much and I can always resale it. I took off the vegetables that were wired on... cleaned it out then proceeded to take off stickers that were all over the back of it. Why they had stickers on the back is beyond me.lol

I'm thrilled with how it turned out, fits perfectly and holds that extra toilet paper roll great. I'm looking for something prim to put in the second shelf, on top I have a tea light holder I figured that if it gets knocked off it won't break.

Also put the cat ornie on there!

My daughter and I traded shower curtains, she has my navy one and I took this one until I can get the one I really want!

I also took the drawers out of the cabinet I have above it and redid them, It just bugged me everytime I looked at them that they weren't distressed enough, so I got that done! You can see some of the picture I have of my little ones all together in the bathtub:) Also put some old bottles in the top part makes it look even more prim I think.

This is on my china cabinet, my friend from St. Louis sent me it one year for Christmas and every morning I light the tea lights in it, makes me smile because my computer is in the corner right next to it:) The picture of Sydney is when she was almost two on her first Halloween as Elmo, the other two weren't here yet, I always bring it out for Halloween... hard to believe she is now in first grade.

Here Lauren, at Simple Blessings, is how I've primmed up my china cabinet, over the white dishes that I got at a yard sale for $15.00 I've put some wooden plates, my Rowe pottery plate and even a sampler I've tucked into a corner of it. I sprayed the handles and knobs black, next spring I'm going to paint it black also the light fixture. I haven't told Stush that yet so I'll suggest it to him sometime in March!

I've also worked on the cat and basket that I found last week at Goodwill, here's a picture of them before...

Here she is after I spray painted her black then tied some twine around her neck, I think I saw this on Pam's at BasketsnPrims, sorry blogger won't let me add the link of their blogs to mine for some reason.

Here they are all together in the basket that I painted and distressed and stained, I just love how they have all turned out, I'll keep adding to them, I want to eventually find a bigger basket for them.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful, productive day! Be sure to check out Leslie's at My Country Home for more blogs that do "Whatcha Working Wednesday". All the ladies I've mentioned on listed to the right under my favs, don't you just love blogger sometimes?:)

I finally got it to work so just click on their names and it will take you to their blogs!


  1. Rondell,
    I want to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate you.I know that i can always count on you to come and visit me and when I need an idea on something you always give me one. So, thank-you for that.Now, on to your post... I LOVE YOR PICS!!!I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! I LOVE EVERYTHING!! I too have a ranch style home and as you know I have just started getting into the prim scene.I am so glad you have posted some pics to give me some ideas.My hardest one is my entryway. And, I seen your entryway pic and loved it.I would love to see more pics of your home.That way I can get more ideas (he!he!)Anyhoo, Have a blessed day and thanks again!

  2. Everything looks wonderful ROndell. I be the china cabinet painted will be wonderful. Sometimes we have to take things slowly with our guys, huh??!!

  3. I love what you did with that little stand...and of course you painted it my new favorite color which is perfect!

    We are really blessed here in southwestern PA...I love the falls here.

    Are you, by any chance, going to Fort Ligonier Days? I'll be there on Friday since dd has to work in one of the booths.

  4. rondell, everything looks great!!!
    i love the dishes over dishes idea!! i keep checking the thrift stores for some different dishes all the time.
    i wish i could find some really cool melamine ones. mine are stoneware and so heavy to lift . i cant do much with my left arm and the ones i have are a bit much to get out of the cupboard. my back up is styrofoam. lol

  5. Rondell!
    That little stand is too awesome! I love how you changed it up, looks like a different piece! You have a GOOD eye for seeing "what could be" with things!!!

  6. Rondell,
    I love visiting you...you give me such great ideas since I am just starting (like Lauren). I told her that my friends who come to my house will think I am truly mixed up because I don't have my entire house decorated in the same style (YET)! It's a work in progress!

  7. Thanks for more pictures:) I know I'll get my stuff how I want it eventually...until then I'll just look at yours and others stuff I like and dream! That cabinet will look great painted black by the way! I like what you did with the stand too...its cute! Have a wonderful day! <3Lauren

  8. WOW, That's a great idea of spray painting the cat..I'd never think about that.

    I love your house, it's decorated so nice!

    Enjoy your Day,

  9. Hi Rondell.As usual your pictures are great, like everyone i love visiting your blog.I have been poorly with the flu for the past week Ellis had the cold first then i came down with it and was off work,will be posting later.Blessings to you all~Kate~

  10. I love looking at all the pics of your home and the great finds you get at GW. I can always count on some great ideas when i visit your blog.

  11. You know, I've spray painted a lot of things black, but never fabric--thanks for the idea. I will no look for cats, stars, etc. and give it a try. Do you just use flat black paint? Have a great day--loved your post. julie

  12. You have been a busy girl!
    I love everything, that little cabinet came out so awesome!

  13. I love everything, Rondell! You have such a wonderful eye for decorating and "primming," my friend. I can't wait to see what you'll be up to next week...

  14. Rondell, I love how your cabinet turned out. It just goes to show that you really have to think outside the box of what things CAN be. Just curious...did you use spray paint or brush it on?

  15. Your little cabinet came out awesome. I agree with Jenn, you are so good at looking at something & seeing what it could be. I went to GW today but didn't find anything. I love how your cats & basket turned out - very prim. Your china cabinet will look fabulous in black.


  16. Rondell, the slim cabniet looks great. I would not have known it was the same one. You did a great job! Dawn

  17. Hi Judy,
    I used black spray paint from the Dollar Store but I've found that the $2.00 can is better then the $1.00 one, it seems to cover more then the cheaper one.:)
    Thanks for visiting me and do come back again!

  18. Wow!!!! YOu've been really busy, haven't you!!!! I just love how everything turned out, especially the cabinets in the bathroom. I'm liking black more and more!!!! But all that you've done in your home is making me want to do a "make over" really soon! As soon as I'm through this cancer thing, watch out!!!!!!


  19. How awesome that turned out! I love that it has wire screens in the doors too. I need something like that in my bathroom too, and I've looked forever, but have never found anything that cool!
    You did a fantastic job Rondell!

  20. Rondell,
    I want to thank you for visiting Gathering Hope and sharing your blessings with me...it touches my heart deeply.
    I pray you have Joy and Peace in your life always~
    For Him-
    Your blog is alovelyplace to visit...~sweet name & colors~:)

  21. Rondell,
    Love how your little cabinet in the bathroom turned out. It's amazing how painting a piece can make it look brand new...And you are awesome at doing that!
    Your basket full of black kitties is soo...cute. Also love the photos of your wonderful prim home.

  22. I love your inspiring blog!
    Denise Nantasket Beach ,Mass.

  23. Rondell, I always enjoy visiting you! Your pics are great! Love what you did to make your own toilet roll holder. Are you planning to distress it like your shelf with drawers?
    Love your black cats too! They are so cute in the black basket!
    Have a great day!

  24. Love what you did with that onion/potatoe holder. Looks awesome.

    You have been one busy girl. Thanks for sharing all your pics.

    Isn't it so much fun seeing the end results! You did a wonderful job Rondell.

    I too love black for my prims...my bedroom has the black pieces in it.

    Have a great day.

  25. Oh gosh Rondell- I can't believe ypu get so much done! and find such great stuff! You are truly amazing!

  26. the TP holder turned out great...you're sooooo creative!!

  27. I need to go shopping with you! Wonderful treasures & awesome re-dos! :)

    About np on rug hooking frames... yes you can totally use your rug frame to punch with. Sometimes it is better - especially when you are wanting to make something larger. (I replied to your post on my blog, but wasn't sure if it went to you or not.)


  28. You find the neatest things, I love the cabinet, you did a great job on it! I mailed off your clipboard so keep a eye out for it! Your home is so cozy!

  29. Rondell! I love what you did to the toilet paper holder! What a transformation! Your house is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  30. How did I miss your posts? I haven't been here in days for some reason. I usually check my Blog Roll and start from where I last left off. Of course if I don't check it before someone posts again, I miss a post or two but it's the best way for me to try and keep up...which is getting hard as my blog favs list keeps growing!

    Anyway, I love all that you have been working on. Ever since you found black spray paint, you have been on a roll :)

    The bathroom looks great. I wanted to buy that veggie bin years ago. They were in Collections, Etc for $15 but I just never did. Yours looks awesome made over like it is! Love it!

    Have a wonderful day!


  31. You and that black paint! LOL I can't get over the change in that vegetable bin. Makes me think I might have missed a treasure at the thrift today. Now I'll have to go again tomorrow! LOL



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