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Thursday, October 16, 2008

~Just Fooling Around~

With my computer that is:) I've also been reading blogs, honestly I don't know what I do without this thing. I know if my mother and dad were alive they would just be amazed:) Also amazed that I'm doing it too. lol
I've learned how to do this:
Have a wonderful night!


  1. oooh Rondell,
    How did you get your signature? It looks fantastic! I attempted a craft today! I am posting it for tomorrow.I think it turned out pretty good. let me know what you think tomorow! have ablessed day!

  2. Thats me too! I have nothing "blog worthy" tonight but have enjoyed reading everyone elses!! Its so addicting for me, I come home on my lunch and read blogs while I eat...... I think I need a "Bloggers Anonymous " !!

  3. OK. Rondell... how do we do that?! I love it!

  4. Oh, how cool. I love your new signature. ~ Pam

  5. that's great rondell~i want to do that too!

  6. Oh you go girl!!! :)
    Good job on the sig.
    I want one! LOL!

    Enjoy your day, Rondell!


  7. Hahaha, great post. We would be lost too, blogging is fun, talking to other gals. I told my hubby I get so stimulated to do projects and finish them and then take pictures, hahaha, you get on a roll, I'm exhausted doing so much lately. But it is fun!

  8. Thanks for the info! I actually got it from The Texas Woman's blog, love yours too! Karen


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