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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

~Salt Box Stitchery & Word Decorating~

Well, I have finally got on here, I've tried to post this since yesterday and something always came up, hopefully I can finish this:)
This is a saltbox stitchery that I told Winterwood I would post today, she is doing the same one, can you see my crow? lol I also love the willow trees! I have this in my keepingroom.
Tammy from Country Girl at Home had did a post on Decorating with Words so after reading her post I walked around with my camara and started to take some pictures and really didn't realize how many signs I had, I didn't take any really of my samplers because this post would have been really long with pictures:)
This is above my front door in the entryway, I bought it years ago in Indiana, PA.

This I bought from ebay a while back!

This block sign I bought at Barbera's Country store in Greensburg.

This is in my keeping room I've had this for years too and got it at a craft show.

Also in keeping room!

This one says it all:)

This one is above my door to the garage from the kitchen another craft show purchase.

The next two I bought at the flea market.

On a bench in my kitchen, my collection of wooden spoons, I never tire of them and the grandaughters love to play with them.

I have this in the diningroom and my header on my blog is also in the diningroom.

Above the TV.

On my desk.

Above my mantel.

Even on the fireplace and I know I've missed more if you want to count wooden boxes!

I've been tagged so I'll save that for tomorrow. It's is freezing here, only 53 in PA and raining off and on, the leaves are blowing all over, I've been lighting little lamps and candles in the evening, I guess winter isn't to far off:)

Have a great evening!


  1. I love your stitchery & all your signs. I think we forget how much stuff we have until it's pointed out to us. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love all of your signs..I want more:) I also like you stitchery..I have that pattern in my to do pile. Have a great day! <3Lauren

  3. Well, all I can say ( other than you have a very nice looking home!) is...you will never be for a loss of words! LOL Cindy

  4. Very fun post!! Your stitchery is great!! Stitching is one of my favorite hobbies!! have a great day. Julie

  5. The stitchery is great and I love all of your signs. I have lots of signs and stitcheries throughout my house, too. I just love finding that perfect saying for that perfect spot :)

    I'm having the same weather that you are. I'm glad that we got oil yesterday and I don't have to worry about running out and freezing. Fall is certainly here!

    Have a great night!


  6. I just LOVE your stitchery!!!
    I am attempting my first one tonight for a Winter Decoration. We'll see how I do...hehe

    Thanks for the tour of signs...funny how we don't think of things that we really have until someone points it out. I started counting in my head the one's I had. That would be a fun post to do...I just may do that tomorrow :)

    Thanks for the tour...


  7. So many sweet signs, Rondell. I really enjoyed them -- and your stitchery. I love how you framed it.

    Stay warm! We're getting COLD here in Maine too.

  8. Rondell...just love your stitcheries and you really do have a lot of signs. I also have a question for you...when you do your stitcheries do you use a batting behind it or just the muslin.

  9. After I read your post, I started looking around too. hahaha! I have more than what I thought, but not as many as you!
    I love wooden spoons too.

  10. Enjoyed all the signs and stitchery
    Seeing how many words we have around the home is very interesting! Since i make signs, i am sure i have a few, LOL!

  11. Love all your signs! I have several too and they just add that special touch! Thanks for sharing. When you have time stop over at my blog I have an award for you!

  12. Great signs Rondell! And I love your stitchery too.

    I giggled when you said 53 is freezing. It's perfectly chilly to me!! It started raining after I got home today and they said the higher terrains could see a dusting of snow. Where did fall go??!!

  13. What I would do for that first pic stitchery. I love, LOVE that!!! I really should try doing one sometime. Come visit I'm having a giveaway...

  14. Rondell,
    Love all your signs. Think I will have to go around my home and see how many I have.

  15. Hi Rondelle - I just looked at your stitchery - its just wonderful and your home is a prim dream delight! thanks for showing your work too! I do like to see how others do and present theirs so that I can get it right. cheers Krissie

  16. Your stitchery is so pretty, Rondell. I love the willow trees too. I just got a little pattern with a willow & a sheep. I'd like to stitch that up soon for some little corner.

    Everything looks so pretty. Love your old jars & jug.


  17. Hi Rondell!
    Loved lookin at all your "words". Your stitchery is so nice! ;)
    Funny, ya don't realize just how many "words" ya have hangin around, until someone mentions it! I have quite a few, and I'm in the process of adding more. My stencils arrived, so I started makin my own signs!

    ...speaking of "cold", I woke up this a.m. and IT's SNOWING! not sticking...but still, it's snowing!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful day.


  18. Rondell, if you think you have a lot of "words", you should see my shop! It's crazy! And I have another shipment of signs coming in...ay yi yi...where will I put them all? LOL

  19. I always enjoy viewing your home. Love the signs and the stitchery is great.

  20. Love your signs, but love your stitcheries more. LOL. Your home is just awesome Rondell.


  21. I love signs! Your place looks great with all the signs and I love your stitchery!

  22. Wow, that is alot! Lovin it all, esp. the stitchery! Your home looks so cozy!

  23. Rondell,
    Wonderful pics of everything. Always enjoyable to read your blog. If you stop by mine, I've left you a little something!

  24. I love all your signs...they look great!!!

  25. gosh I enjoyed the tour! you have so many little gatherings in your home. LOVE IT!

  26. I love all of your signs...I have many in my home, too. I'm looking for one that says "Ye Olde Farmhouse". Hopefully I'll find one some day.

  27. I recognize a few things here Rondell. :) Everything looks great.


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