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Sunday, October 26, 2008

~Fleamarket and Trick or Treat~

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday...my day was started off with saying goodbye to Stush , his daughter and boyfriend, they were off to the Steeler game today. Me? I was off to the fleamarket, I'd rather go there.LOL It turned out to be a beautiful day for both, a little breezy but sunny:)
This is what I got and as you can see it's a start of a new collection of Pfallzgraff and I'm excited!
I've always wanted this set ever since I saw
Linda's at Behind My Red Door! I got the cup, saucer and dessert dish for $7.00. The lady who was selling these plus the barnwood birdhouse was so nice, I stood there trying to make up my mind which one to purchase, the birdhouse was $8.00 both fair prices I thought. She had more birdhouses there and also two more sets of the Pfallzgraff but couldn't afford both... so she gave me both for $12.00, I got the birdhouse for $5.00:) What a nice person she was, I always like to meet people like that. I also found a hogscraper for $3.00 couldn't beat the price:) Saturday was the Halloween parade...this is the start of it with my old highschool band:) They had raincoats on but it had stopped raining.
Samantha as a ballarina:)

Sydney as Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz:)

There first house.

We are all wondering if Sydney will ever get teeth:) Chris said he can't remember her with them:) Poor thing she has such a time chewing.

The End

I wanted to show you these trees, I bet they are close to 100 years old, they are on a corner and to the right of them used to be my grade school, torn down, a house sits there now. I remember getting off the school bus right by the trees and hearing the scrunching of the leaves as you walked to school. I went there from kindergarden to 6th grade alot of good memories...just wanted to share:)
Well, the kids just called they want me to come down, they are carving pumpkins:)


  1. Love your flea market finds. The bird house is really a great find!
    The girls are so cute in their costumes.
    Wish I would have gone to my county flea market today. Just couldn't get motivated to go out into the cold:o(
    Sounds like you had a good day!

  2. I love your flea market finds, Rondell. I can't ever find any hogscrapers around here & they are so cool for makedos. Your granddaughters are so adorable in their costumes. I'm glad you had a nice relaxing day.


  3. You really got some good ys at the fleamarket! I have Folk Art, too. I really like it. I also have Yorktowne, I like it, too. The girls look sweet in there outfits! Those trees are just beautiful! ~Beth~

  4. Hi Rondell~
    Great finds at the flea market! That would be where I'd rather go too. Flea markets, GW and local junk shops are my favorite places to go.
    The pictures of your little trick or treaters are just adorable! I love the toothless smile.
    Hugs to you~

  5. I've always loved that Pfaltzgraff pattern too, Rondell. I hope you enjoy your "new" dishes and flea market finds.

    And your granddaughters are just too cute! Have fun with them this week!

  6. Your flea market finds are great!!! I love the bird house its so prim!!
    And the girls are so adorable!!! Have a fun time carving pumpkins!~Wendy

  7. Love your blog and your finds! Love fleamarkets. Well, we have some things in common. My husband watched the Steelers game today. ha! And I have a Nick and Michael, too. :) Not to mention the love of prims.

  8. I love your flea market finds. You have a nice start to your dishes. I think that cup is a perfect size. Also a perfect day to take the girls out trick or treating. The trees are beautiful, I can remember scuffing my shoes through the leaves too.

  9. I'd rather go to the Flea Market or Goodwill over a ballgame myself! It sure paid off for you today---GREAT finds. I love this pattern also. Those two granddaughters are just beautiful. It's so nice to live close enough to enjoy their daily activities. I have that pleasure with my grandsons but not my granddaughters...it's tough!

  10. Great finds! Looks like the parade was fun too...the girls look adorable in the costumes. I remember I dressed in both of those costumes growing up:) Have a great night! <3Lauren

  11. Nothing better than a good find and a good bargain!!

  12. I am with you about going to the flea market- I don't do football! I love the dishes! What great deals you got!!

  13. Looks like you found a lot of great treasures today! The girls are so cute in their costumes! Have a happy week...

  14. I too would rather hit the flea markets than go to a football game, good choice! Great finds!

  15. You made out well, girl!! ;)
    I love your dish set! My Gram used to have that entire set...everytime I see it...i think of her.....
    how sweet- your lil' ballerina and Dorothy w/no teeth! They are both so cute!
    sounds like everyone in your family enjoyed their Sunday!!


  16. Rondell - Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Love you flea market finds; I have some Pfaltzgraff Folk Art somewhere in my inventory and I've been meaning to bring it out because it looks so great with the prim look...I just don't know which box it's in! LOL

  17. What great finds!! My daughter wants my Pfaltzgraff set of dishes so they are packed up now for her.

    The girls are so cute in their costumes. How was pumpkin carving??!

  18. great finds at the flea market! Such cute pics, too!

  19. Going to a flea market is one of my favorite things to do! I kind of get overwhelmed with all the items/booths. :)

    The Halloween parade looked like so much fun! Your grand-daughters are so cute!

  20. A day at the fleamarket sounds perfect to me and good vendors make it so much sweeter. I love your new birdhouse.
    The girls look adorable all decked out in their costumes.
    Take care,

  21. Love your flea market finds, especially the Pfaltzgraff Folk Art dishes! I'm collecting them too and love them so much! Now I look for them everywhere I go, but have only found one salt shaker so far. The pieces I have gotten are from ebay. There are some great bargains to be found on ebay if you are patient. But then you have the shipping and insurance to deal with too. I am slowly, but surely filling up my cupboard.
    I'm excited that we have something else in common too! :)
    The girls look adorable in their costumes. My grandaughter is going to be Dorothy too.
    You have a great day!

  22. Rondell,
    Great finds at the flea market. I really do love that pattern, too. I never saw it until I started blogging and it's just wonderful. I think it's the blue that gets me because that's my fav color :)

    I chuckled when I read your comment about Sidney and her teeth. I swear Shane went a good year without his front teeth. The bottom two popped right back in but the top four in the front...just took forever. He's really still just getting the one eye tooth, so it's been like two years for that one! LOL It's been so slow!

    I'm sure you had a great time Trick-Or-Treating with the grandkids :) They both look adorable. My little Af decided to skip on the beautiful costumes and go with something that she thinks will scare others! LOL What a kid...next year we'll probably be back to being a Princess again.

    Thanks for your kind words and thoughts yesterday :) It really means a lot!

    Have a great day!


  23. Your finds are fabulous. Cute costumes--hope you had fun carving the pumpkins. Have agreat day. Julie

  24. I love all your treasures from the flea market..you did real good!:)
    Oh.. the girls dressed up so cute..just love seeing them and also the beautiful trees. It is so nice that you have those wonderful memories and can share them with not only your kids but now your grandchildren too. How special is that?!


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