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Friday, October 31, 2008

~Happy Halloween~

Hi everyone...I just wanted to stop in for a bit to wish you all a safe Halloween and a good time with friends and family:0 Stush and I are going to a Halloween party tonight and tomorrow night so we will be busy!
Yesterday I went, with Michele, to Samantha's preschool party and I promised her that I would put pictures of her on Grammy's blog...so here they are:) See Linda and Wendy, this is what you will be doing soon, I bet you can't wait.:)
Here's Sam playing the game of pass the pumpkin...notice the tongue, such concentration!!!

The parade outside of the school and Sam walking with the teacher because she started to cry because she thought we had left, we were there the whole time.lol

Today I've been painting something for the bedroom, I'll show it this Wednesday coming, because it was 60 here today so I'm trying to get it done before it turns really cold again. Plus still working on my Christmas things:) Oh, I did buy my first roll of Christmas wrapping paper today at the Dollar Tree I also dropped off my application for a job there...so we will see!


  1. What a sweet lil doll baby! I'm sure she loved having you there to share that with her.


  2. Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

    Harvest Blessings,


  3. I love her costume! Can't wait to see what you have been working on. Have fun at your parties!

  4. Connor does the exact same thing with his tongue, Rondell! So do my husband and FIL.

    Enjoy all of the Halloween fun ... and good luck with the job application.

  5. Happy Halloween!! Have fun at your parties. Julie

  6. She's a little doll. Have fun at your party & Happy Halloween. Simon laughs at me when I'm stitching or sewing, he says I make funny faces when I concentrate, my tongue is probably like that, too.


  7. She is the perfect little princess!
    Have fun at your party, and good luck with the application.

  8. Awww she is precious Rondell! I can't wait to do those things with my grandbaby!!
    Have fun this weekend~

  9. Hope you had fun at your party. Sweet pictures. Hope you get good news on the job.

  10. What a sweetie! Cant wait to see what u are working on. Have fun at your parties!!

  11. What sweet pictures...she looked precious:) Hope your parties were/are fun and that you had a happy Halloween! <3Lauren

  12. SO cute!! I"m so glad your joining in the month of Thanksgiving, I'll be reading each day! Love the new look outside and inside and on the blog! You've been busy!


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