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Sunday, October 5, 2008

~Craft Show Finds~

Hi everyone!
I wanted to show you my finds from the worst craft show I've ever been to! There were like no sellers...so now I know not to go to the fall one that they have, now the one they have on December 6th is always crowded with sellers and customers, maybe I got mixed up about them.lol All the sellers had nice things but just not much to look at if you know what I mean, I got the first two things there then we left and went to the Crafters Showcase where I got the rest.
As I said in my last post Michael was home and knew that I was leaving to go to Michele's to go to the craft show, he gave me money and said "get Corrie some things" so I had alot of fun doing that:) I thought she would like this light because you could use it anywhere, excuse the table Sam and Syd were here playing with my stuff:) If it fit you could use it on your kitchen counter, or in the bathroom, away from water of course,or bedroom or livingroom. Next I found her a small bushel basket that she might use for her Country Sampler magazines (Corrie stayed in Maryland because Michael wanted to get here in time for Nick's game and Corrie doesn't get home from work until later) or whatever she wanted to do with it. The towel I bought her at the Crafters Showcase it was handmade. One lady there I always buy from because she hand does everything:)
I bought this from the same lady for my bathroom to put on something that I'm painting for in there:)

I thought he was cute to maybe put with my other black cats or maybe put somewhere different and I also needed the little country tablet so bad.

This was a neat find for $5.00, she only had two left and I said to her "that I bet she sold alot of them" and she said with a smile"yes I only have two left", she had them stuck in a bale of hay!

So that's where I have him...I thought it was a neat idea and for a crafter a guaranteed sale, don't you think? I just remembered that I forgot to take a picture of something else I bought, I'll include it in tomorrows post:)

When I saw Beth's at My "Prim" Cottage, terra cotta pumpkins I remembered that I had bought some at yardsales in the spring so I found them and put them in their places:)

Of course Stush brings down from the attic a plastic pumpkin that lights up,lol, but I guess you have to compromise even on Halloween decorating.

Here is a corner in my diningroom, I moved the shutter from by the computer to next to my dry sink and hung some black ticking (which I still have to grunge) and a neat tin pumpkin! I don't know why there are marks on the lens but maybe it is just dirty and needs cleaned...or it could be GHOSTS?

I hope you are having a great Sunday night with family, friends or just you and your DH which will be me:)


  1. I like the shutter on the wall, what a great idea. I see them for sale often and never had an idea on what to do with one!!
    Your outdoor decorations are really cute too :)

  2. love all the goodies!!

    when you are done decorating at your house, will you come finish mine?? :)

  3. Great finds! I love the crow! Mind if I file that idea and make some next year? (I'm totally into Christmas at this point!)

    Blessings, Kimberly

  4. Oh what fun you must had picking out all the goodies. I loved everything as usual :)

    You shutter looks great and love the sneak peak of the area. Everything looks so prim.

    We had a nice relaxing weekend here but it went so fast as usual.


  5. YOu always find the neatest things! I love that crow, and can picture it on a bale of hay! You have a wonderful knack for displaying things! :-)


  6. Looks like you are set for enjoying Fall at your house. Looks very cozy. It's my fav season.

  7. Love all the goodies and as always everything looks great:)

  8. at least youre lucky that you have a craft show like this to go looking for goodies...we dont have anything like that over here :(
    ps - love reading your blog!

  9. Love that corner of the room. You know I have a pottery jank o lantern pumpkin. I normally don't do them but maybe I'll haul it out.


  10. I'm so glad that you got some nice things, even though the place didnlt turn out like you hoped.
    I think that is so spooky about the "ghost" in your photo! LOL! I bet your grandkids will think that is awesome! :)
    Have a great week!

  11. Your Fall decorating is adorable! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I love the ladder in your dining room too!

  12. I have the same plastic pumpkin..and I pull him out every year..he adds nostalgia as he reminds me of the decorations we had as kids...:) I am asking hubby to get me a haybale so I can decorate like you have yours..:)

  13. Hi I just got your message on my blog. I love your blog and glad you have enjoyed mine too. I had to take my daughter back to Denver for a week!!! She has some complications from her surgery so back we went. We left on Mon and just got home on Sun, so it was a long week and we are so glad to be home. I have a lot of blogging to do!!!
    Come on over anytime.
    Blessings, Joleen

  14. I love the things you bought and really enjoyed seeing the corner of your dining room....just beautiful!! I really like that black crow in the hay.

  15. Spending someone else's money must have been so much fun. I love the crow for the hay!!

  16. Lovin' all your prim fall decorating! Your place looks so welcoming!
    Happy Trails...Ginger

  17. Everything looks great, Rondell. I would love to spend someone else's money for a change. LOL!

    I enjoyed the sneek peak into your home. I hope you post more pictures of it.

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog today too. I guess I was feeling a bit melancholy (sp?) today. Feeling better now though.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  18. I love to shop for someone else with someone else's money---how fun!! Your finds were great. I really like the crow, too. What a great idea. Have a great day. Julie

  19. Love all the goodies! That crow is soooo cute in the hay!

  20. Love all the goodies you found! The crow is awesome! Your decorating is just beautiful! Love all your fall goodies! :)
    Smiles & hugs,

  21. It's so much fun when someone else gives you money to spend and shop for, isn't it?

    I do love that crow you got especially! It looks great there!

    Everything looks great at your house...fall is evident there! :)

    Thanks for entering the giveaway!

  22. I made it Rondell! Just started over! :)
    Everything is looking great! I love the crow in the hay..what a great idea...and I love the shutter on the wall very much.
    How did Corrie like what you picked out for her? How sweet of Michael to even think to ask you! Yes, you raised them right. :)
    Hugs, Lori

  23. Wonderful Finds! I really love the crow!

  24. Okay, I'm back...How in the world did you get the photos by your blogroll of each blog? That is the coolest thing ever! Love it!
    Now if this is something everyone knows about and I'm just clueless please forgive me-I tend to be a little slow on some computer things! :)
    But I do love it!

  25. Hi Rondell, I love your finds! I had a booth in 2 craft fairs back to back this weekend! Whew was I tired yesterday, but it was fun! Thanks for entering my jewelry giveaway at my Wood n' Whimsy Blog. Good luck and God Bless, Celene

  26. Hi Rondell, I love that SHUTTER...oh my it looks great. I had to laugh when I read your post...I went to a huge craft show once, I drove 1 1/2 hours to get there...looked at all the booths...and realized I was at a CHURCH CONVENTION...I was at the wrong convention center!! Hahaha, I love church but I wanted a CRAFTS SHOW!!!!
    I finally did make it!

  27. It doesn't look like a total waste of a show, you did get some nice things! I love the shutter, I've got 2 black ones that I put on each side a living room window, looks good and prim to me! :)

  28. Everything just looks so cozy and inviting! Thanks for mentioning me in your blog....glad you remembered your pumpkins! ~Beth~

  29. Everything just looks so cozy and inviting! Thanks for mentioning me in your blog....glad you remembered your pumpkins! ~Beth~

  30. you have no idea how much I enjoyed looking at your cosy gorgeous home!! thank you so much for sharing it with us here.

    I do have a silly Q re stitching....
    1. how do you get the pattern onto the material?
    2. do you use 2 strands or three strands or more of dmc floss when embroidering/stitching on the pattern?

    sorry to bother you about this but your stitches are just out of this world!


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