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Saturday, October 25, 2008

~Tagged, Two Giveaways, Awards and My Friday Night~

Hi everyone, I hope your having a great weekend:) It's a bleak, gray day here in PA but it did turn out a little better for my daughter's town's Halloween parade and trick or treating!
Now as you know for the past couple days I was in a funk and just didn't feel like doing anything and during those days I was tagged and given awards plus the fabulous giveaways were being posted and I just didn't get to post them, I also want you to know that I hate when I get that way...thanks you all for helping me get out of that mood.lol So now I want to get everything posted and thank you so here goes!
This award was given to me by two of the sweetest bloggers
Ginger from Primitives By the Light of the Moon and Kathy from Rugs of Mine...In Time. Thank you so much for thinking of me I truley appreciate it. You must pass it on to 6 more but as you can see I'd be here till midnight trying especially with the tagging too, so I want YOU to have this award...you are all special in my books:) Ginger and Kathy...I'll add your names to the award picture at the bottom left of my blog.
Now on to these wonderful giveaways!!!
Look at this toaster cover, I love it and it would look so neat and prim on my kitchen counter. ;) Stop by for a visit at
Char at the Pickled Pepper Patch her daughter is turning 21 and will be pulling the winner's name on November 1st!!!
Everything in this giveaway says FALL doesn't it? Just love it and the pumpkin would look great on my mantel...I can dream can't I? lol Lisa at Cranberry Flats is pulling this one tonight so hurry on over ladies!

I have been tagged by Sue at Country Pleasures, I haven't been tagged for a while so here goes, I hope I don't repeat myself, if I do forgive me! I have to list 7 random things about myself:

1. I love Italian food and garlic bread, especially spaghetti!
2. I used to hate to go into a fabric store when I was a teenager (mom sewed my clothes):)
3. I wear socks all winter long either white or black never patterned.
4. Went back to my original hair color last month but now I have the highlights again...found out
that the gray growing in shows up really bad and with highlights it doesn't.
5. My ex and I don't speak and I don't want to!!!
6. I drive a red Hyundi with sun roof.
7. I picked up an application for the Dollar Tree yesterday:)
I hope I didn't bore you to death:) I'm supposed to pick 6, I think, but I'm letting this go for anyone who wants to join in!

Stush's daughter and boyfriend came in yesterday from Winston-Salem, NC and we went out to dinner, this is Jennifer and Jeremy...I think he's the one ladies:)

Stush and I...if you have ever wonderd about his name...he is Polish and Stush is Polish for the name Stanley he was born in West Germany and came to the US when he was 18 months old, so glad he did:)

We met our friends while there and this is me and my friend Betty I've know her since 7th grade, such a wonderful person and so laid back! Her and her husband Todd have went together since 7th grade a great marriage.

Notice I have my turtleneck on...I live in these in the winter:)
I hope I got all names right, if I didn't forgive me...I'll post tomorrow about the kids I have to get ready to go eat Italian tonight at LeEda's:)


  1. Tags are so fun..I love learning new things about everyone! And I'm glad your back and out of your "funk" :) Looks like you had a fun Friday..hope your weekend is going great too! <3Lauren

  2. Awww, youre such a cutie Rondell, but I think I already told you that:) Glad to hear youre feeling better. Its been nice sitting home since my accident, before that I worked 80 hrs a week. I am looking forward to going back but at the same time its nice just to be home.

  3. Glad you're doing better Rondell.

    I did wonder about Stush's name thanks for clearing that up. LOL.

    Ahhh yes turtlenecks I wear them all the time, but I have a hard time finding ones I like. They have to have good and tight necks not floppy.


  4. I'm glad you are feeling better! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Hugs! ~Beth~

  5. You and your husband make an adorable couple.
    It is rainy, windy, cold, and dreary here in Ohio too. A nice day for a bowl of hot soup, a comfy, cozy quilt, and a good book!
    I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. Everyone gets in those moods once in awhile. It's good to have friends who support you and lift your spirits during those bad times.
    Have a warm weekend.

  6. rondell, i think its chars daughters birthday- giveaway..lol
    hey, i did the same thing a week ago.teehee

  7. Rondell,

    I always enjoy reading the random things that people write when tagged and I loved yours too! And I have always wondered about the name Stush...so I'm so glad you shared that! I feel smarter now...I know the Polish name for Stanley! :)

    You have such a pleasant, kind, face! Thanks for sharing yourself with us! I have to say you look great in a turtleneck..but I can't hardly wear them..I feel like I'm smothering when I do! I can wear a mock turtleneck though!

    I'm glad you're feeling better too!


  8. I always enjoy reading about everyone...I love spaghetti too! You are so cute---look too young to have grandchildren! Glad you are feeling better about the job situation.

  9. Enjoyed learning new things about you, and the pics are great!
    My oldest daughter just started a new job at the Dollar Tree yesterday! LOL
    Glad to hear you are feeling alittle better, i have been in a funk too, so i totally relate!

  10. I knew Stush was Stanley. I am from a polish/hungarian/ukranian family. That's my mom's side. My fathers side is completely different. My brothers and I say we are mutts lol.
    Great giveaways! And glad you are out of your little funk. Sometimes we just have to ride them through. Glad your back!

  11. Hi Rondell I was quite suprised to see that Stush is polish, as I was wondering about his name... does he speak any polish? I am from a polish background too and my inlaws were both taken to germany during the war, and now my BIL was also born there as similar to your Dh.

    love your latest finds and I dontblame you for doing your won thing when they do something else! that way everyone has fun doing their own thing!

  12. ps my FIL was stanley - but we called him Stas or staszek.

  13. That was fun, thanks for playing along! So happy to hear your out of your funk, and I love the photo of you and hubby, what a cute couple! Good luck at the dollar tree, that would be a fun job!


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