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Thursday, December 18, 2008

♥ Finally Found the Star ♥

I finally found time this morning to hunt for the star for my tree and found it way down in a box, I didn't use it last year so that's why it was so hard to locate! Like I said I finally had some time to putze around before I had to be at work at noon...I sprayed some Sinkerdoodle room spray all over, I had won it from Sandy from For the Love of Prims, and it smells so good:) I couldn't resist the snowmen salt and pepper shakers from Dollar General, I know they are a little cute but they made me smile:)
While I was looking for the star I found this wooden gingerbread man and I don't really know where he came from...needless to say he needed new raisin eyes and buttons so I did that plus he had a red and green ribbon around his neck which I replaced with some homespun.

I also did the top of the frig!

Well, I'm off tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday...today was payday so it sure will help when I go Christmas shopping tomorrow and Saturday. I'm glad now that I did do this job it will help out at least a little bit:) I work next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday...10 to 3:30 so I sure hope I get everything done by Wednesday!
Have a great weekend everyone...I just can't believe Christmas is next week♥


  1. Hi Rondell - glad things are going good for you and that work is going good too.
    I have a star tree topper like yours only it's tin colored.
    Cute little Gingerbread guy...you'll have to make a point of adding him to your decorating every year now! You know like the Gnome that shows up everywhere - he can too!

  2. Love your decor.....your santa riding a bear is adorable. cherry

  3. Love the top of your fridge! Cute gingerbread man too!

  4. I am so glad that you love your room spray...I find at times when I spray them they make me crave something sweet...LOL

    I am so glad that your job is working out for you and helping out during Christmas time.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family :)


  5. Whatever you do always looks GREAT! I love the top of your refrigerator....too cute!

  6. Rondell, I'm glad you found your star, amazing how things get away from us. Little things like the sowman shakers make the season fun and they sure are cute. The little gingerbread man is looking good with his new raisin eyes, buttons and bow!!! He is a keeper!
    Enjoy your time off from work, have a good weekend!

  7. My tree topper is the same but tin as well. I love the color of yours!! The ginger man is adorable too!!

  8. Hello! I don't usually comment...self-confessed lurker..lol! But I just had to say how much I enjoy your blog and your decoration's for Christmas are lovely...love your wooden ginger! Have a wonderful holiday. With love Wendy x

  9. I'm glad you found your star, Rondell, and everything looks wonderful. I'm glad your job is working out for you.


  10. The star looks great up there:)
    Love the lil gingerbread guy. Dont you just love finding new things each yr and wondering where they came from?

  11. Hi Rondell, I was just coming on to comment on Santa on the polar bear too! I love it! Hope you have a great weekend.
    Jen :)

  12. That is a great star, Rondell!

    Enjoy your days off.

  13. Hi Rondell-
    Glad ya found your star! :)
    Your little salt/pepper snowmen look like they found a happy home ;)
    Everything looks wonderful. I'm happy that ya have a couple of days off to get things done....it's all gonna come together for ya!!
    I so can't wait to see what Stush has been working on for the girls!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, girl!

    Merry Christmas to ya!


    Oh...LOL@Buster not liking the reindeer antlers! I think ya should try the hat--maybe he's like Issak...and will want to wear it all the time!! :)

  14. Rondell~Enjoy your time off!
    And have a great weekend!

  15. You found it! Hooray! Everything's looking very festive and I sure hope you're enjoying the season, my friend. Have a good weekend...

  16. Oh, how nice to be off for the entire weekend! I bet you are having fun shopping! Good for you!

    I see you Santa riding the polar bear. You're right, it's just like mine! LOL!

    Have a very special, blessed Christmas, Rondell!


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