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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

♥ My Christmas Tree ♥

Hello friends,
I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday morning...I work today 11 to 4:30 so I'm glad I finished the tree yesterday, I still have to look for my punched tin star for the top:) I went really simple this year as far as decorating it, just lights and not as many as I usually put on, the garland I made years ago it's blue chambry torn in strips, knotted and material or homespun bows tied on every so many inches. I used fabric from my dad's pj's, fabric my mom gave me, and Nick's 9th grade shirt...so you can understand the memories from it:) Every year I think I'm going to get a new type of garland but when I pull it out of the box I just can't and use it anyway:) The ornaments are all from years ago...my grandmother's (who I was named after) red, tear drop ornaments, the kids that they made, what my mom had bought me, she bought me one every year. It's so pretty lit at night♥
I thought I'd show you the mantel lit after I added berry pics to the swag, the brown brick to me just makes everything on it look drab and to me it needed some color.

Well, here is the fire...DH is having such a ball with it, it still hasn't completely won me over yet but I have to admit it does give off heat alot better than a regular fireplace and is wonderful at night.

Buster just doesn't know what to make of it, when it started crackling and popping he ran around the coffee table to watch it...he is such a baby!

Hours later he is still thinking it over, he makes a wide berth around it when he goes to another room:)

I had Samantha yesterday and here she is on my computer...still amazes me watching a 3 year old working a mouse. She loves disneyplayhouse.com also Sprout.com and love to play the games. Sam also helped me decorate the tree, I just let her go and have fun with it of course every ornament was at the bottom:)

I wanted to let all of you know that I've finally figured out, by accident I might say, why some comments were not getting posted to my blog...here I have to go to my dashboard on blogger and retrieve them. I was so happy when I found them and it took me almost a half hour to publish them all.lol I felt so bad because there were questions from some of you and I do hope you know that I wasn't be rude I just didn't get them. Thanks goodness it's all fixed now and I'll know where to go to get your comments. Here are answers to some questions that I can remember:
My tree is artifical, I bought it when Aims was going out of business, it was a 250.000 tree for 100.00 I just didn't realize it was so big but I love it.
I don't use any backing when I do my stitcheries...I do it like they would have years ago, I like to use old feedsack or linen if I have it on hand.
That's all I can remember right now I should have wrote them down...I have to get ready for work...thanks for stopping by for a visit and have a wonderful Tuesday. I'll be back tomorrow for Whatcha Working on Wednesday:)


  1. I knew that fireplace insert would grow on you. I have my doubts it will ever grow on the dog, though. I hope his vote doesn't count when you have the poll on keeping the insert or getting rid of it!

    The Texas Woman

  2. Rondell~ Your tree looks so nice!
    I like the fireplace, I bet it is so warm and cozy in your house!
    I have to ask one question...Why do children always have to put their hands in the back of their pants? My little ones do it all the time! Check out Sam's picture to see what I am talking about!
    Have a good day at work!!

  3. Rondell, I love your tree and mantel ~ it's just beautiful and your dog is to cute !Have a great day !
    Janae :-)

  4. rondell, everything looks wonderful!!
    i am loving the fireplace decor. i so wish we had a house with a fireplace.
    have a wonderful holiday!

  5. I love your tree--great memories. I think your fireplace looks very nice. That's too funny about the dog. Our dog is barking like crazy right now because we have utility people in the back yard. It's interesting what makes them nervous. have a great day. Julie

  6. Hi Rondell,
    Your tree looks great!!...and the mantel and fireplace too. I'm watching Josie later today and she is going to help me decorate our tree.
    Isn't it funny how dogs know when something is different! If he gets use to the fireplace insert...I bet he will love the heat coming from it.

  7. Another gorgeous and simply prim creation, Rondell! Your home is all set for Christmas! And I hope you're enjoying the added warmth these days because it sure is cold!!!

    I hope you're feeling better, too...

  8. Rondell, love your tree and your mantle. Everything looks wonderful. You will enjoy the heat from that & maybe cut down on your heating bill. Have a great day.


  9. I love your tree its so pretty!! And I would love to have a fireplace to cozy up to on these cold New England days and nights!! Hope your having a great day!~Wendy

  10. We are thinking of getting an insert because of how much heat it puts out too. Just haven't gotten around to it yet! Love the tree and the memories behind that garland are priceless!

  11. Hey Rondell,
    I love the new fireplace insert..love all of your decor too.I love your old fashioned tree..they are the best and that is a nice tree too...:)

  12. Love your tree, and the sentimental memories of each ornament is what makes them special.
    I think your fireplace insert is a nice one. I have seen very UGLY ones, so be happy that your's is a nice black iron one! LOL! I bet it is really making your room all cozy and warm!
    Cute doggy too!
    Have a wonderful day!

  13. Rondell
    I'm so glad you figured it out. I was beginning to think You were mad or weren't getting my comments or something.
    I would love a fireplace insert. My DH painted last year so no burning this year. I miss that glow from the fireplace.
    I love your mantel. It looks nice.


  14. Love your tree, Rondell. It's very pretty!

  15. YOur tree is lovely, Rondell!
    That Buster is a cutie--our doggies would love him, I'm sure! :)

  16. Your tree and mantel lokk very nice. We haven't got our tree yet. We are going to get it this weekend. I can't wait to get it up.

  17. Hi Rondell...I left you an award..come and get it..:)

  18. Rondell, your mantle looks wonderful. So prim and cozy!

  19. I t does look beautiful there and that fire looks so cosy and warm. We used to have a wood fire in our old house but since moved have a faux gas one... I do miss the real logs - they were lovely!

  20. You have a memory tree. It is beautiful Rondell.
    Your mantle looks great.
    I wuv your doggie! He's so cute!


  21. Love your tree..it looks beautiful:) And so does your mantle! I think the fireplace looks lovely too...nice and cozy:) Kids amaze me with their computer knowledge too...I can't imagine what Noah will be able to do someday! Have a great night! <3Lauren

  22. Hey guys - thanks for always checking in with me - I truly do appreciate it. Looks like you all have been busy and your home looks beautiful. Merry Christmas to you both - many blessings for a joyous season. Cathy

  23. Hi Rondell!
    I love your tree :)
    ....and your fireplace!
    Your home looks so warm and cozy! Love your mantle!!! You decorate so beautifully...for the holidays and year-round!
    Oh.....and Buster looks like a big ole' huggable bundle of love! :)
    Steve saw his pic on your side bar and fell in love w/buster ;)
    He looks like our Issak!!

    Have a wonderful day, girl!

    holiday hugs-Kath

  24. Youre fireplace mantel looks awesome!!

  25. It looks so cozy and warm in your place! And I really love everything you have placed on your fireplace mantle!

  26. Ew have an isert and it almost heats the whole house...we stopped buying gas.Your decorating is wonderful! Beth

  27. I love your tree and fire place. I have to admit your star santa is my favorite. Your wood stove looks so inviting.


  28. Rondell,

    Your tree is so pretty and I don't blame you one bit for using that garland...I would too! It is so special and besides that, I think it looks great and prim too!

    All your decor is great! Thanks for sharing! And Samantha does look so grown up there on the computer. It's amazing how quick they can learn it!



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