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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

♥ Just a Quick Note ♥

I've not forgot about you, I couldn't if I wanted too.lol I've just been working and even an hour over time!!! I doubt I'll have anything for Whatcha Working on Wednesday...I do have something that I gave Stush to do while I was working but I just haven't had the time to buy the paint or sand them so maybe I can show you Thursday or Friday:)
This is Buster...now he can't fit under the tree so he lays on the rug in front of it with his paws crossed...like he's praying♥Here is another ornament my mom bought for me...why did she buy this paticular one and why did she want me to have it? If only I had asked:(

I've been working and I'm off Friday and hopefully Saturday because I do have to Christmas shop, I have everything for the 8 stockings that I have to fill, that's one good thing about working at the Dollar Tree.lol
I hope everyone is having alot of fun baking and decorating♥


  1. Hi Rondell,
    First off I want to say thank you so much for leaving the comments you have about my daughter Ronnie and the birth of her baby...It means so much to me that you took time out of your VERY busy schedule to stop by my blog!
    I think Buster is just darling! My other daughter Brenda has a dog named Buster.
    I think the ornament your Mom got you is very cute. My Mom buys me things that remind her of me that she thinks are cute and that I would like. I cherish everything she buys me because she puts so much thought into them.
    Have a great two days off getting ready for Christmas~

  2. I love your doggie and your ornament is sweet too!!! Good job on getting everything for your stockings....that's an accomplishment! Take care...

  3. Geez girl, you sure are working alot! Buster is too cute with crossed paws:)

  4. Awh, Buster is so darn sweet!!

    Have a wonderful day-


  5. buster is a good handsome boy!!

  6. Morning girl...love that fur baby! lol It has been so busy around here I can't even look at the computer these last few days...I still haven't baked my cakes or made my cookies or my dressing...we have alot of birthdays in Dec and the whole month just flies by! Hope all is well with you & yours....and that you are having a great week!

  7. Buster looks very happy in his spot! He looks like he is waiting for Santa to show up!

  8. Rondell-Buster is sweet. We have a black lab from the rescue pound. I just love him. He was somewhat neglected so we have been working on his social skills. He is a loner to say the least. My kids encourage him to hang with them otherwise he would stay upstairs all day by himself. Gotta love them, I couldn't have picked a sweeter big guy. Don't work to hard you don't want to show the young kids up. They don't expect to work hard for a living.LOL
    Have a good one.

  9. I can imagine that it's hard to find time to get to the computer while working and trying to prepare for Christmas! You're right though...Dollar Tree is the best place to fill stockings...that's a perk for you! :)

    I love the ornament you have from your mom...how special!

    Buster is adorable! My mom's little dog lies like that too with paws crossed! It's so cute!

    I hope you get alot accomplished and find just what you need Friday and Saturday!


  10. Hi Rondell ~ Buster looks so adorable with his paws crossed...like he wants Santa to know he's bein good!


  11. Rondell,
    Just in for a quick visit...I, too am working so many hours, but ya know, we will be okie-dokie won't we girl:)
    Enjoy the time you have...I know you will, and have a very Joyous Christ-mas.

  12. Don't work too hard, Rondell! Have fun filling those stockings :)

  13. AWWW, Buster is so cute!
    I've been enjoying all the little stories about your ornaments. Isn't it wonderful when you unpack memories along with your decorations?
    Hugs & blessings, Birgit

  14. Buster sure is a cutie!! Is he praying Santa is indeed coming?

  15. You've been tagged! Pop over to my blog to see!

  16. Hi Rondell,
    Buster looks too cute laying in front of the tree with his paws crossed!!
    Thanks for the great comment about the sheep I made. I do plan to make some to sell at my shows next year and maybe on-line. Now I can't wait to make me one.
    Have a wonderful time on your days off.

  17. What a cute pic of Buster! He seems like such a good doggie! Pepper has been really good too. She has not touched the Christmas tree or the presents. Whew! LOL!
    Enjoy yout time off and I hope you get everything done that you need to.

  18. Hi Rondell,
    Buster is sooooo cute. Would love to know what he's thinking!!!

    I think the ornament 'mom' gave you was something she wanted to do...maybe no particular reason....just LOVE. How very special


  19. Love the picture of Buster. I could just hug his little doggie neck!



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